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  1. Would be nice in an early Barbarossa type scenario together with other soviet types of the era. There are many other aircraft still missing from this period as well. However, to really make it shine we need infantry / more soft targets. Than the two 20mm will prove themself as perfectly capable.
  2. Depends on what you expect from it. It's definetly unique in the way that it has a strange cockpit setup (must be fun in VR) and has a small size for a twin engines aircraft. It's stable enough to work as a precise gun platform for aiming at weakspots on tanks. The armoured bathtub actually works quite well and can soak up quite a bit of damage although many times your engines will already be on fire at that point. I guess it's more fun to fly in SP but you can also take it into MP if you have a coordinated squad or to strike rearward targets with less fighter protection. It's actu
  3. Great update. I'm sure the collaborative release of Oyster Kais 4k textures is a very welcome addition and hopefully inspires more creative minded people to commit to improving the sim all together. The Ju 88 A-1 manual (1940) says it to have a hydraulic locking mechanism while the A-4 manual (1941) explicitly mentions a self centering, not lockable mechanism.
  4. Thats the point. It takes more than a pationate modder to accomplish this, namely a sound engineer, who creates samples for each and every component of the aircraft. The easy days of just recording an aircraft inside and out and putting it 1:1 into the game are gone. Now you've got to have multiple samples of many elements and mixing them together to get both an accustically and technically authentic representation. When we still could take a peak into their FMod libary the scale of that was quite apparent. Each engine has different sound events such as exhaust, propell
  5. Easy to chose for me. The Ju 87 D will remain my favourite for long time to come. It doesn't need great performemce, armor, weaponry or looks to bring enjoyment. Flying tacticly in a big formation evading hostile strongpoints to precision bomb the target and returning back home safely is one of the most challenging yet best expirience this sim has to offer to me. If anything could possibly win my favour over it, it would probably be a TBM Avenger or Helldiver when that (hopefully) becomes reality.
  6. The current G-model in my opinion is one of the best representations of human physiology in flight sims. Judging from a MP perspective it really was a game changer in some aspects and put more emphasize on tactical flying. Sure, a well trained, fit and relaxed pilot could probably sustain some more Gs but given the realities of war many pilots were forced to fly tired, unfit and with little expirience of their own body restrictions. Add psychological factors such as depression, fear, panic, tunnel vision ect. and you will probably find out that even intermediate combat pilots had a
  7. Gliders for sure, thats a real disappointment by Microsoft given the vast weather and VFR improvements made, but more euro-ULs? We already have the Virus and CTLS. A couple of real classics (DHC 2 Beaver, DH Tiger Moth, PT-17 Stearman (was in MS Flight!), DC-3, Beechcraft 18 ect.) would have fit very well. Hopefully some 3rd parties will utilise this gap in the planeset to deliver some nice high fidelity aircraft in future.
  8. Have to say it's quite impressive how close vegetation colour matches the real one. I used photographs of mine and turned them b&w to see how capeable the tool is. Sky colour and vegetation works well so do people for the most part. Of course it can not tell the finer differences (for example beige is left white, some mid colours turn greyish). Good guesswork, but unsuited for professional restoration. This one however looks quite nice. Second one is the unedited result of the ai.
  9. Not that blown away by the list of aircraft selected but the scenery makes up for the lack of some nice vintage aircraft (PT 17, DC-3, DH.82) and gliders. Sure, payware will satisfy that need down the road, but it could have been incooperated in exchanged for 1 or 2 of less interesting ultra lights in the pack. My aircraft of interest are: Cessna 208 Caravan Robin Dr. 400 Zlin Savage Cub (I preferr the vintage look over the carbon cub) Since they are all standard I might save the money for premium for buying quality 3rd party content instead. Not
  10. I remember someone quoting a memory of a russian pilot flying victory rolls in his A-20 on regular basis until one time when it ended up badly. The question here is not what you expect the aircrfat to do based on what it is supposed to do, but hy it should not do what you don't expect it to do. If it does have enought roll ratio, lift force, elevator authority, engine power and G tolerance to perform a barrel roll - why should it not be able to do it? As an example of "unbelievable flight chracteristics" this video demonstrates a Boeing 707 performing a nice
  11. The Fw 190 manual makes no mention on canopy usage for normal takeoff and landing but says that incase of an emergency landing (specificly engine failure) the canopy is to be fully opened and that no danger of ripoff is given (this accounts for an airspeed of 300km/h). - Fw 190 A-1 Bedienungsvorschrift-Fl May 1941, p.18 The Henschel manual mentiones that the canopy should stay closed for takeoff and opened only after landing. Incase of an emergency landing the canopy should be opened prior the landing. - Hs 129 B1 und B2 Bedienungsvorschrift-Fl May 1943, p.4
  12. Some of my older skins my suffice. It's a skinack containing 4 skins for foreign Ju 52s. Hopefully the link still works: http://www.mediafire.com/file/qjbucscr555t9mz/Ju52_4k_foreign_skinpack.rar
  13. Compared to the Gotha in RoF the Heinkel is a treat to fly. Many good points have been made so I'll skip the general suggestions and expand on what I find usefull: 1. The engine can only sustain takeoff power for 1 min. Its best used to clomb till 200 m above GL and than reduce power back to climb power. That way you can avoid damaging your engines and utilize max power for safe takeoff. 2. Flaps do increase drag but that is no reason not to use them. Instead, accelerate the aircraft without flaps and extend them upon reaching takeoff speed (~180km/h). Depen
  14. It's nice to see your project envolving again. There's definetly a good selection of throttles and I'm looking forward to the concepts for some german style units. However, I will try to not put too much hope up as for now. Not because I'm not supportive but because there's great hurdles to overcome from building the first production models to setting up a global buisness for such a wide selection of controllers (thats not to say you can't). For informational purposes only I think yes (GVL does it too for his throttle units). You may not use the forum as a sal
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