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  1. 6./ZG26_5tuka

    4K Bf 109 F-2 Template Download and 4K Skins

    Looking forward to it than and thanks for the work.
  2. 6./ZG26_5tuka

    4K Bf 109 F-2 Template Download and 4K Skins

    Is there a way to convert this to psd for xcf (gimp) format? Unfortunately Gimp can't open psb.
  3. 6./ZG26_5tuka

    Best aircraft for attacking ships

    Edit: Don't even try to argue.
  4. 6./ZG26_5tuka

    FHC Ju 87 R4 Restoration Project

    For those interested here's some of the progress of the Flying Heritage Collection in restoring an original Ju 87 R4 back to flying condition. It's maiden flight is scheduled for 2020. 20.11.18 - Matching the colour of the anodizing 30.11.18 - Interview VS 11 propellor restoration 05.12.18 - Painting the airframe 21.12.18 - Walkaround of the exhibition after painting (many thx to Fight to Fly Photography)
  5. 6./ZG26_5tuka


    Not to mention Korea...
  6. 6./ZG26_5tuka

    Any here know how to fly He-111 on one engine?

    Not true. German bombers were designed to handle single engined flight for extended periods if not overloaded or too damaged.
  7. 6./ZG26_5tuka

    Any here know how to fly He-111 on one engine?

    You dont use rudder trim to younter the left engine pull, that's why your aircraft enters a sideslip creating massive drag. Incase of engine failure you have to do the following: 1. Adjust rudder trim to counter the working engine's pull (watch you bank indicator) 2. Increase engine power to combat. 3. Drop all leftover ordinances. 4. Feather the dead engine's propellor. 5. Close the dead engine's cooling flaps (water, oil, cowling) 6. Fly level and climb only at shallow angles. 7. When required to turn keep the working engine on the inside of the turn and bank at a shallow angle. All german bombers are capeable of single engined flight. In combat heavy damage migh put restrictions on single engined flight.
  8. One more happy U-2 customer (PayPal) 😀 It would be nice to adjust the bombsight simply with the gun range setting key.
  9. 6./ZG26_5tuka

    P-39 grinding sound

    From what I know it's caused by the propellor shaft/gearing. Theres a couple of videos demonstrating that sound.
  10. 6./ZG26_5tuka

    Developer Diary 210 - Discussion

    It's not low resolution (4k) but has a hand painted look to make it more authentic.
  11. 6./ZG26_5tuka

    Real VS IL2 (part 2)

    G sustainanability comes down to training and physical fitness of your body. The fewest of us are likely to be trained fighter pilots and have varying limitation when it comes to G forces. As a glider pilot I don't mind 2G at all. It's not too uncommon to get there in high bank turns while circling thermals. At 4.5G (my max continous so far) it is difficult to freely swivel your head as the muscles harden up to fight G. But still, to my own suprise, I found myself to be quite capeable of dealing with those forces. With training I'm sure it could be even better.
  12. 6./ZG26_5tuka

    Danziger's 4k MiG Condition(Updated 20181031)

    I meant the way you worked in the rivets and panel dents ect. Makes the metal skin look apart from the wooden parts.
  13. 6./ZG26_5tuka

    Danziger's 4k MiG Condition(Updated 20181031)

    Nice work. I like your NM treatment to the metal parts, looks more materialistic.
  14. 6./ZG26_5tuka

    Danziger's 4k MiG Condition(Updated 20181031)

    Not trying to dirve off topic but since the OP asked about it: Why is that? Been using it for all my normals and seen other people doing so too. Since it doesn't need an alpha texture it also saves memory.
  15. 6./ZG26_5tuka

    Danziger's 4k MiG Condition(Updated 20181031)

    DXT1 does the job and makes the file smaller improving loading times.