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  1. It's a dilemma with gun sounds. One party will always complain. Guns used to be quieter and lower tuned in the past leading people to complain. With update 2.003 the devs changed them to their current state (you can read the positive feedback in the linked threat) to make them more 'spectacular' as demanded.
  2. It's based on one the of best recordings availabel (Black 6)
  3. Does your throttle go up to 100% (technochat)? Did you feather props (maybe double binding)?
  4. Have you tried increasing the sample count to 128 in the startup config file?
  5. Added FHC's August Aircraft Update to the initial post.
  6. Wait for the next update if you are unsatisfied wih the current spotting system.
  7. It's a new feature coming with the next update.
  8. Flying tails (all moving tail surfaces) have much higher controll effectiveness at high mach speeds hence why early korean war jets were fitted with them. For the 109 compressebility was known but the wrong use of trim lead to accidents (if trimed all the way forward the aircraft was hard to pull out, if trim was adjusted at high airspeeds it could lead to overcorrection and structual failure). To minimise the accident rate the forward trim range has been limited on the Bf 109 G series onward so that the aircraft always became slightly tailheavy at high airspeeds and recoverable by stick. If you ever get to fly an aircraft with a flying tail you'll sure notice the great difference it makes across the speedrange.
  9. P-63 Kingcobra. Li-2 (obvious) DB-3/IL-4 Su-2 (although playing a minor role compared to the IL-2, it saw more action in the early phases of war).
  10. Since jets are too debated I'll switch my He 162 wish candidate for a Berlin B9.
  11. He 112 B (used by Romanians in the Battle for Moscow) Fi 156 Hs 123 (iconic for the pre - and early war period) He 162 (unlike historical accounts regarding bad build quality suggest, this is a really nice aircraft and fun to fly) Bü 181 Panzerjäger mit Panzerfaust
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