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  1. Some of my older skins my suffice. It's a skinack containing 4 skins for foreign Ju 52s. Hopefully the link still works: http://www.mediafire.com/file/qjbucscr555t9mz/Ju52_4k_foreign_skinpack.rar
  2. Compared to the Gotha in RoF the Heinkel is a treat to fly. Many good points have been made so I'll skip the general suggestions and expand on what I find usefull: 1. The engine can only sustain takeoff power for 1 min. Its best used to clomb till 200 m above GL and than reduce power back to climb power. That way you can avoid damaging your engines and utilize max power for safe takeoff. 2. Flaps do increase drag but that is no reason not to use them. Instead, accelerate the aircraft without flaps and extend them upon reaching takeoff speed (~180km/h). Depending on load, 20 - 25 ° should be used. Also ypu should leave flaps out until reaching a safety altitude of 200 AGL atleast and retract them gradually instead of instantly to allow the aircraft to pick up speed and compensate lift loss. 3. When slow rudder does only help in combination with a blast of throttle. Give your engines some revs fpr a second and hit rudder hard untill you notice the momentum catching up with your change of direction. Never stay on rudder for long put rather apply it in short, hard tabs. Still brakes are nessecary to corner or to prevent a breackout. 4. Don't be afraid to go slow. The Heinkel will even climb at 220 km/h which is usefull when you have to clear large obstacles (like nasty trees). Once cleared you should increase your airspeed to improve climb performence and cooling. 5. The bomb sight works like in RoF in that upon emtering the bombsight view the aircraft is put into autolevel. Than direction can be adjusted with the autolevel turn keys to perform gentle aileroun turns. It is always adviseable to setup your bombsight before heading over the target to save time (altitude, speed and wind angle adjustment should be part of the flight plan). The englaced nose makes it perfect for spotting targets in the front gunner seat. 6. The Heinkel is an aircraft with manual permitted overloads for certain conditions such as exessive long asphalt runways. Ingame its not sensible to fly it in that condition which can be easily avoided by not chosing full fuel and/or the SC1800. 7. Warm weather is your enemy. When flying in summer conditions adjust for an imcrease of your takeoff run even if it means rolling off the runway.
  3. It's nice to see your project envolving again. There's definetly a good selection of throttles and I'm looking forward to the concepts for some german style units. However, I will try to not put too much hope up as for now. Not because I'm not supportive but because there's great hurdles to overcome from building the first production models to setting up a global buisness for such a wide selection of controllers (thats not to say you can't). For informational purposes only I think yes (GVL does it too for his throttle units). You may not use the forum as a sales platform though.
  4. The work done to the normal map is insane. Very nice job on the Ju 87. Gets me really exited to create some new skins for it. I'm curious how different the P-47 'splitty' will feel compared to the bubbletop one with its more elegant vintage lines.
  5. Not quite true. Check the He 111 for example. It's reflections show the front gunner / bombardir which change when he moves forward to lean against the gunsight. While it's not fully dynamic for sake of performence, it still has some adaptability to the scenery.
  6. It apparently originates from the drive shaft probably due to bearing causing a lot of mechanical noise inside. Here's some footage from the real one.
  7. This has been the issue for losing planes in medium - low distance in the past. Now they shouldn't 'vanish' against the background scene as they used to. The spotting system is constantly being improved so I see no need to continue this perpetual complain. While I haven't encountered this issue since it last has been dealt with, very much work has gone into tackling this issue down which is no easy task to do. If it's still present I'm confident it will be looked at closely and dealt with as soon as a solution comes up. Edit: Was missing the date of the initial post.
  8. Some error in the lableing: Staurohrnog -> Staurohrhzg (abbreviation for Staurohrheizung = pitot tube heater) Verratsmess -> Vorratsmess (Vorrat = supply, Verrat = treason) Kraftstoff Kraftstoff Looking great none the less, keep it up.
  9. Hey Shadow, we do have our own web site, but it frankly a bit dated. Link: http://zg26.freeforums.net/ If you want to contact us directly I propose you join us on our TS server. Check your PM for details. Best time is friday at 20 CET when we have our big squad flights.
  10. It's a dilemma with gun sounds. One party will always complain. Guns used to be quieter and lower tuned in the past leading people to complain. With update 2.003 the devs changed them to their current state (you can read the positive feedback in the linked threat) to make them more 'spectacular' as demanded.
  11. It's based on one the of best recordings availabel (Black 6)
  12. Does your throttle go up to 100% (technochat)? Did you feather props (maybe double binding)?
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