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  1. Did some testing and the Spit Mk V can be heard from about 400m away if it's approaching from low 6 at full throttle. And it can be heard from over 1 km away if its diving with 0% throttle and 100% rpm. Explains those random break turns I see all the time lol
  2. Well, I think it's a valid complaint if I can't get within convergence range (100-300m) without being heard. I started suspecting that the bug might have returned as players seemed to randomly pull a break turn almost every time after I got within about 300m from low 6, even when there were no other players around who could have warned them. Just today a 109 pilot told me he had been completely lost and was trying to figure out where he was, when he suddenly heard a Spit behind him when I closed in to about 300m from low 6. Here's an example: https://www.twitch.tv/vide
  3. Any news on a fix? It's practically impossible to sneak up on Axis planes.😒
  4. Happy birthday! Jason, I don't want to discuss the "engine timers" (the fact that engines get damage after exceeding emergency mode for example) other than to ask Could it be a separate difficulty option? At the moment you can only disable it via the "unbreakable" difficulty option, and that means you can crash into the ground without damage. I would just like to be able to turn only the engine timers off, if you see what I mean?
  5. Could you consider making it so that the 262s only become available when the server has a certain number of players, like 50 for example? Currently during low population half the enemy team could be flying 262s which is kinda dumb. And also if the teams are heavily stacked in favor of the Axis the 262 shouldn't be available imo.
  6. Been reading thru some combat reports from P-51, P-47, P-38 and Spit pilots. The same story comes up again and again: someone spots bad guys - everyone jettisons their tanks, goes max boost and max rpm. Only after the fight is over in 10, 15, 20 mins or however long it takes do they finally go back to cruise settings. Imagine Bud and Chuck flying together in a dogfight. 109 gets onto Yeager's tail. He screams into the radio telling Bud to clear his 6. Bud responds: "No can do, I ran out of my emergency and combat timers. I'll RTB and recharge my timers. Cya!" Yeager - "WTF, get bac
  7. Fixed that for you. Amazing how people with a JG tag always only whine about Spits or Yaks or other allied planes, while ignoring the fact that 109s and 190s can pull the same kind of (if not worse) BS maneuvers. Just as an anecdote: My pedals quit working a while ago and I was flying the 190 just fine, doing all kinds of aerobatics, prop hangs, dogfighting etc with no issues. So yeah, don't expect the devs to single out one plane type and model it with brutal torque, while ignoring the rest of the planes.
  8. Can you add 150 grade fuel for Spit IX in planeset 8 where it's facing K4s and D9s? Would help narrow the huge performance gap a bit.
  9. Great gesture. Thanks for your generosity. If it's still available, I would like BON please.
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