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  1. Yes you are reading the chart correctly. I was surprised by that behavior too. There are a number of planes where the water rad also cools the oil temp. This seems to be a Russian thing. They must have run the water cooler around the oil cooler lines as well?
  2. Yes, that is what I saw happen. The Yak 1.69 also performed like the 1b
  3. I find the maximum airspeed I can reach in a plane. Then I test to see what the minimum and maximum mix can be to retain that air speed. I did not use exhaust smoke as a threshold. I probably will in future tests though.
  4. Yak 1 ser 127. lines and numbers show what alt to set mix at, green=summer , blue=winter Yak 7 ser 36
  5. The Bomb and rocket curves are removed, I forgot to clear the legend. For drawing the continuous curve; I plotted the graphs in Excel and the tool joins the data points with a line. I only take readings as per the horizontal axis numbers. The IAS is displayed when you turn on the instrument panel in the game settings.
  6. Was told to set up some fans to blow the welding fumes that the mechanics had created out of the hanger . This was my solution.
  7. Hey Brenda, this is the sunrise I was talking about...
  8. Taco delivery Blue in Red dropping White Tailwheel too
  9. Has this been called in already? I'm assuming these boots are not for catching spent shells.
  10. The technochat hud is definitely an advantage because it pops up when the engine is past its limits, as opposed to the pilot knowing to check his gauges. Trust me it's a HUGE differential. Don't know how many times I've finished an attack, pulling away and I see my engine is overheated.... uh... yes, it definitely increases the responsibilities of the pilot to expert. And on a server it would be like that for everybody so it's not like anybody is being forced into an unequal position. Other than the capabilities of the plane itself. It adds a big dimension, the planes 'feel' different. [ultimately I will always fly with it off anyway] Disagree that the HUD is not a major advantage. But, that's exactly the point, putting in the HUD more equals out aircraft, it ruins their character. The I16 is a monster to read the gauges, That's why there are the holes in the dashboard lip (or whatever that's called).Or looking around the IL2 gunsight to see the compass. Or knowing what ata is safe, for how long and not explicitly knowing the engine is overheated. Knowing where the Ju88 bomb lights are, or the Pe2 bomb counters. All adds to the adventure, the excitement. If we are looking for equality, we would all fly the same plane with same loadout at same altitude. For me that's totally what not the game is about.
  11. I would like to see the ability to turn off techno chat at the server level. +1000. Have always flown with it off, and nav markers off. I only use it when I learn a new plane in quick mission.
  12. Mig 3 Mix: fairly simple in the mig. TAS: The mig is a little confusing for me. With 90% throttle & 90% pitch, 100%mix gives best performance With Rpm 2000 & Hg 950, then 50% mix gives best performance (I have to test with max throttle & adjust mix) With Rpm 2050 throttle 100% then adjust mix to get 1050Hg I got the results with the red line Opening Canopy reduced speed by 29Kh Rad: Pretty straight forward, more radiators, more cooling, less speed. note; legend title include text like 'oil[w]' and 'wtr[w]' read as item[radiator] where item=TAS or temp(oil or water) and [radiator]= which radiator is being changed. If a radiator had no effect on the item, it was left off the graph.
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