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  1. Thanks for this, Samson! I really enjoyed it! Really good work!
  2. I see, It is a litte demanding on specs. I should have that in mind when testing it in store. I have GTX 1070/i7 6700K. Hope it holds up Consider Rift if i go VR as it is alot cheaper than Vive in Norway. Have read alot about the differences between them both, but cant find any significant. Have a small room also, so the Rift is better for seated simming i guess
  3. Thanks for reply everyone! What are your specs on your PC's running VR? Would my GTX 1070 be enough or "just pass"? I guess it is CPU demanding as well, but I think my i7-6700k @ 4Ghz should handle it? Have also 16GB Ram.
  4. Hi! Ultrawide is definitive in my mind But the price right now is way to high here I live. I guess the price will fall in time as it become more common pherhaps. Can't wait to try VR though.
  5. Thanks for fast reply! I hope I can try VR in a store (here in Norway) for som testing. If the "in the game-feeling" is strong, I might forgive a loss in resolution ( I know many have) The Ocolus Rift is also cheaper than a 3 decent monitor setup, and also a cleaner desktop is good as well. I just hope that I`m sold when I try VR (and i thingk I might!) :D Thanks again!
  6. I have an old Logitech Force 3D Pro. It is exelent for the price. It also have Force Feedback. You should check it out!
  7. Greetings! What will you consider the best option for the most realistic experiance for BOS/BOM/BOK? 3 monitor setup or VR (oculus rift or htc vive)? I am used to play MAXED out graphicly @ 2560x1440 with 80 - 110 fps. I heard that i might be disappionted (graphicly) if i go for VR? Anyone tried both setups? Would really like your opinion! Thanks!
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