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  1. I've been trying to join the server this morning (never joined before/first time) and every time I try to connect it gives me error message "#10017 file transfer error" Any clue what this means? I've never had this problem when joining other servers.
  2. Playing with and without TrackIR is like night and day, seriously. I freaking love this tool so much. I bought the TrackIR5 with the clip. Here's the video by Dslyecxi giving a good breakdown of the product and what it can do. And he also has a link that gives you a coupon discount of $20 off! http://www.naturalpoint.com/trackir/promo/promo_landing.html?promoname=dslyecxi-pro14
  3. I have the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro but I use TrackIR5 for my head movements. I highly recommend buying one. I bought it for playing Arma 2 but now that I've gotten into flying games, I see what it was really meant for!
  4. Thanks dude, I appreciate this. I decided I'm going to start with the Bf 109 first since it's always been my favorite looking airplane! I've been doing lots of missions that have my start on the runway and fly to an area to have a dogfight. You're so right about mastering the airplane first before shooting at anything because when I'm fighting the AI, I'm flying around like an idiot making maneuvers (not like I know any to begin with!) while trying to shoot them. Once I get used to the movement of the plane I'll try enabling the oil/radiator engine options so I can get a true experience!
  5. Great post and great videos. Can you give any general tips to a brand new flight simulator player?
  6. As a new player who has never played many flight simulators, thank you!
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