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  1. So thats what the Russians run their planes on,the secrets out ! lol
  2. Hi all, Recently tried a beta shader,which did not install right, so I have reverted to SweetFX 1.5.1 . The problem is I now get the pop-ups on launch about: 'The procedure entry point Direst3DCreate9ex could not be located in the dynamic link library d3d9.dll'. This is what was happening months ago,and I remember a d3d9.dll file was created to stop this happening. Only problem is I can't find it! Could someone please point me in the right direction Thanx Thor
  3. Teenys with mouse and keyboard sometimes grow up! lol
  4. Thanx arthur,missed that one! Thor
  5. You may be relieved to read that this post is not about 'facetracknoir', I have a different problem. SweetFx has stopped working! after this update. So now I have SweetF/A!! Anyone else?
  6. L2A2,much more fun! I once stained a nasty neighbours precious lawn with an orange smoke once, but its a long story.......!
  7. Ditto! (the singer of course, Bucket please)
  8. Installed SweetFX vs 1.5.1,used Fifi's settings, followed all install instructions. First flight fps dropped to 30 (usually in the 40's). Tried Ceejays settings, same result. Played around with Nvidea vs SweetFX smaa/fxaa enabled/disabled ect, no joy! Scroll lock on/off not working, split screen also not working (enabled in SweetFX settings). The jaggies are a sight to behold, believe me! OS is windows 7 64 bit pro, which I read vs1.5.1 is compatable with? Any advice welcome.. Thor
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