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  1. That was definitely move in the right direction. Congrats and thanks to your effort Oyster.
  2. Lucky you. I'm not even able to launch it. Black screen and than guess what ? Nothing. I'm seek and tired of troubleshooting. Plain ridiculous.
  3. I have to bump this bug again. Giro gunsight filter is not functioning at all. Any plans for this?
  4. These cockpits are so beautiful in VR. Thank you so much for your effort.😃
  5. Hi, I have noticed P-38J-25 Magnetic compass gauge is semi transparent. Basically one can look through it when the view is positioned against the side window.
  6. I have no further photos of Bianco 6 but only from Bianco 1 upper wing insignia. It doesn't seem clear on picture. Spinner cone is I believe from Bianco 1 as well .
  7. Great work Oyster_KAI ! I have noticed a minor detail that is missing. There is reinforcement triangular plate on the angle of the front wall behind pedals that is missing in Bf 109 cockpits on either sides. It is quite visible in VR. Are you able add this small part?
  8. Hello, just check the photo for the reply I have posted in thread :Graphics, models and maps. If you can't put the bolts in then just leave it as it is I guess.
  9. I have noticed the Fw 190D-9 Dora giro gunsight reticle filter is not functioning. By applying filter the crosshair should turn on red. I'm not sure if this is a bug or not yet modeled feature.
  10. It took some time to review all this 4k cockpits and here are my observations. I can see difference on my 1920x1080 hd monitor and in HP Reverb HMD. This mod is removing obvious pixelation on instruments , markings and chipping paint surfaces on panels, seat pans, gun sights etc .It is easy to see when you zoom in. Furthermore it increases contrast and make cockpit overall image crispier. This benefits specially in VR having impression of bumping to higher super sampling resolution without cost on performance. I have noticed though some textures are very outdated and can b
  11. There we go. Let´s see artistic and historical comparison. Giuseppe Pacini himself on 5th of November 1944 marking his victory over B26 Martin Marauder. Five days later he will meet his destiny on Bianco due correct ?
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