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  1. Hi I have the tank crew and I was thinking about getting Battle Of Bodenplatte but is it worth it for tanks
  2. After the latest patch I cannot access any of the dlc tanks when playing firing range or missions only the defult tank is available
  3. Great mission really enjoyed it well done Thad great job
  4. Thanks Thad time to get back on the Tiger and get more practice in
  5. Hi is there any clans or groups that play Tank Crew with Discord or TeamSpeak as when playing in multiplayer its a bit unorganized
  6. How good is the Kuban maps for Tank Crew is it worth buying
  7. Sound good to me look foward to try your mission good job
  8. Hi thanks for the info hope we get tank multiplayer battles soon
  9. Hi is there any servers to play tank crew as I could not find any in the game and if so how do you add them
  10. Scalpay


    will Tank Crew be avalible on steam soon to buy
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