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  1. Video of 262 aerobatics, like they did a while ago with other planes?
  2. Friday... so it means, wololo even if it's too late for a DD...
  3. We already had a comm yesterday with the sale, so I guess that will be our "DD" for this week. Also it's too late for a DD...
  4. Not today for a DD, but what about an update?
  5. Flight-Sim Expo is on June 7th-9th, they need to have P51 flying by this time, so 262 should hit us hard this week and P51 in 2 weeks. Or they release both planes next week so that we can fight those jet engines with a poney when they go to land 😄
  6. It's Thursday! So, what will we have in next DD? We know everything on the Me262 (except its release date) Perhaps some P51 skins?
  7. Today is DD day guys! Lets hope for some allies news and why not release schedule of the 51 and why not Yak 9 or 3. Fighting Doras with the 1b is very rewarding when you manage to shoot one down... but it is not happening a lot... wololo?
  8. DD today about BoBp map and 262 + Dora on tuesday. Here is my bet guys!
  9. Lets use all of our summonology! Unless it is already too late...
  10. I follow your wololo with mine and add 3 more wololos!
  11. Thanks for this update! Guys, I'm disappointed, were are the screenies of the jug, the update is live for quite some time now! Please do this favor to your fellow pilots stuck at work S!
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