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  1. I wouldn't need it for gaming at all, but in productivity, it would be a very noticeable step up. I use my rig for more than just this game. Otherwise, I wouldn't have opted for the HEDT platform at all. But for more serious work, socket 2066 is very useful. But now, AMD basically killed off that entire market segment from Intel. I'm just waiting for the prices to crater even more as you'd have to be nuts buying Intel in that market segment. The main upside of socket 2066 systems was that it made nice workstations that ALSO could be used for games. Now it has gone the way of the Dodo.
  2. 1200 rpm. Don‘t rev cold engines too high. Below 1200 IRL lead will foul the sparks as well. But you are right in the sense that it is generally a bad idea warming up an engine at idle. As the engine will not readily warm up, you‘re just running it cold over extended time. In game cruelty. But it should definitely work.
  3. It‘s automatic. You can override certain settings for testing purposes, but in flight you are not supposed to. Throttle and RPM is all you use normally.
  4. Merlin 66, 70 and 266 engines with the late Bendix-Stromberg carburettor have the lever to turn off the engine, it is only on early Stromberg carburettor engines (Merlin 61, 63) that this is done by pulling back on that ring. See Spitfire Pilot's Notes for Spitfire IX, XI & XVI
  5. Thanks! Well, it is not that I'd feel I would no be competitive (I have little hope there anyway), but just that it is my fear getting such gear, seeing what it can do and then being unhappy with the performance. I run an i9-7900X paired with a 1080 that does everything I need for on the 1440p screen. Everything maxed out, I get like 60+ down in the weeds on a full server to 130+ up there. Mind you I'm running a 60 Hz monitor. I'd consider swapping my card once the 3080 is out this summer. But until then, that's gonna be it. From the CPU side, things will only get marginally better if I swap the 7900X with a 10980XE. So I'd just hate spending all that cash ending up with a rig "that's still just not quiet good enough". I like the reviews about the Reverb, but I guess that would be asked to much. As I also would perefer a hassle free setup (if there is such a thing) then the Rift S would be better anyway.
  6. But you say it works without being a flickerfest on these specs?
  7. This is strange. I just mapped both trim mechanisms (button, axis) to the same coolie hat buttons and it worked ever since.
  8. That is a mock-up. But there is occasionally a "live" one in Kjeller.
  9. I have sometimes the case that loading suddenly takes about a minute longer after the red bar is all the way to the right. What feels like endless (usually loading works fast on my system) is maybe one minute if I had to throw a guess. But it happened just a couple of times. So how long is "endless"?
  10. Would there be a point in ever trying the Reverb (or any VR headset for IL2) when running a regular, higher clocked 1080? I'd hate to spend all the money, installing all that crap "driver" (and whatever else it does) software for getting a stutterfest.
  11. Looking at his notes again, could it be that his dates often reflect the day he wrote down the respective passages? It is rather clear that at the time of writing, exact dates and time were of secondary concern to him and the only times he got specific is when being exact was required for the narrative. It would explain for a lot of small factual discrepancies. Also remembering exact mission rosters when you fly up to three missions per day and are a heavy user of (what are now) party drugs is probably asking a lot. I‘m sure most other pilots that wrote a book did so sitting down sober and having their flight log as well as other material at hand.
  12. Not sure how many would get the French "complete" edition of "Le Grand Cirque 2000". In this edition (sadly the Kindle edition is lacking images, how stupid), there are some pictures of Clostermanns notebook pages. Here, an example of where he describes his "meet & greet" with a Do-335, one of the first reports ever: You can see how he writes, he made plenty of drawings as well. The notebooks are in possession of the French Air Force. Every couple of days, when he had time he would sit down and write as it came off his sleeve. In many respects, the poor sod trying to redeem himself toward a (in his perception) larger than life father figure and trying to made up for his country, in many respects made what Melville made of the sinking of the whaler Essex. Instead of being exact (and counting rivets), he wrote something like "The Young Man and the Sky". Everything he wrote in his notebook he did days after the action when the adrenaline was gone. It is of note that while his stated kills (and dates) sometimes don't even hold up to scrutiny, he never makes any pretense about having shot down that many. His current tally ceases to be an issue after the first three times he scored. So I don't think the Clostermann we read about in the book is very much like the obstinate know-it-all he well could be on the ground there at that time. A truly unique book from a very unusual writer.
  13. Yes, this was his second JF-E. It had a black spinner and also probably what was later a Sabre VA or VII engine with a Rotol prop. In his own words, Pierre however considered this also a "Grand Charles". I quote: 27 août 1945. J'ai fait ma demande de démobilisation qui a été acceptée. J'ai été ce matin prendre congé de Broadhurst et de la RAF. Mackie le Néo-Zélandais est confirmé dans le commandement du wing 122. Pour aller au Quartier Général de Schleswig, j'ai voulu prendre le « Grand Charles » et, au retour, je suis monté avec lui très haut dans le ciel d'été sans nuages, car ce n'était que là que je pouvais lui dire adieu. Ensemble, nous avons fusé une dernière fois, droit vers le soleil. Nous avons fait un looping – deux, peut-être – quelques tonneaux bien lents, fignolés, amoureux, pour que je puisse emporter dans les doigts la vibration de ses ailes obéissantes et souples. Et j'ai pleuré, dans son cockpit étroit – comme jamais plus de ma vie je ne pleurerai, je le sais – quand j'ai senti le ciment de la piste effleurer ses roues, et que d'un grand geste du poignet, je l'ai assis au sol comme une fleur que l'on coupe… Clostermann, Pierre. Le Grand Cirque: Mémoires d'un pilote de chasse FFL dans la RAF (Documents (Rso)) (French Edition) . Flammarion. Kindle-Version. Edit: I just saw, only three paragraphs later her writes: Un peu à l'écart, mon « Grand Charles », mon vieux JFE, avec sa casserole rouge, les croix noires de nos victoires sous le cockpit, trapu, volontaire, puissant avec sa grande hélice quadri-pale immobile que je ne démarrerai plus. C'est la page qui tourne, douloureuse. Clostermann, Pierre. Le Grand Cirque: Mémoires d'un pilote de chasse FFL dans la RAF (Documents (Rso)) (French Edition) . Flammarion. Kindle-Version. ... That aircraft had a black spinner. But you can see how much he lived in memories at that very time.
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