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  1. Misinformation? When I was talking about limits of the core architecture, then this applies to most things x64 that Intel gets of a wafer to make a product they can do business with. And there are no 5GHz parts to speak of that I can find. Going to the very top bins, then you can see where you really can push the enveloppe until things go south. You're saying the "profesional reviewers" (you think the average punter has the same skill?) can get 4% over stated maximum, that is actually very sobering and I would have expected more. And you really think that those reviewers do have the same sourcing for their parts as the average punter? As such, I agree this is not true. Then again, it is a question of effort required. For a pure gaming box, ludicrus installations are sometimes acceptable. But I have yet to see such a reviever running a 9900K on all cores at that speed and running Prime95 over night, logging temperatures, proving the clocks remaining up there. And you know what ittakes for a reviewer to receive a really, really good bin of a CPU. In the game, a fliped bit might give you a graphic artifact or might not even being noticed. But you sould be aware what it can mean to your Bitcoin wallet. If your rig has to do just one thing, many things get acceptable what otherwise yould disqualify the setup. I do like being wrong, as it generally means good news. Before just waiting for Chlilis spreadsheed getting more entries with that CPU, I want to conclude on the great news that what is a mainboard issue rather than a CPU issue is finally mended, as mainboard manufacturers now obviously build the mainboards such that they easily can supply power significanlty above stated spec power levels. That's awesome. Before they saved every Cent they could on any part. So let's leave it at that and look for scores on Chilis spreadsheet.
  2. ZachariasX

    Ta-152 Collector Plane

    It's just that the Ta-152H did fly missions where it actually used its guns. But most importantly, people would buy it and MAYBE it would not be so hard making it, as there is the D9. So it would just be good money for the sim. But it would noch change anything in the game as the 190D9 is the more suitable aircraft for this game. I'm just thinking in terms of revenue for the game. The ha-152H would IMHO definitely outsell the XP-72 while being cheaper in making it.
  3. ZachariasX

    Ta-152 Collector Plane

    I think the Ta-152H could be for this game, assuming that making it is facilitated by having the D9 already and code/modeling could be used in some way. This for the simple reason that it existed (although in single digit numbers) in winter 1945 and that it would be a great sale. As long as it is a cash cow it helps everybody and it doesn‘t matter if it is a unicorn. You can spice up any campaign by putting one or two of those planes in it. As for the other „props too late“ I‘m less enthusiastic about. Anything beyond the Spit XIV should be a jet if it is not supposed to plow mud. Also the SWOTL type scenario is not a great one for the Luftwaffe, as it means Meteors, Vampires/Spidercrabs and P-80 as well. While the Go-229 may be an impressive design, it is not something to fight a Vampire with. The Go-223 is a very experimental design and the Vampire is a very good and well liked jet. And if you need to plow mud, you would have +15 and +17 lbs boost Tempests, so the 109K4 at any boost would be really meh.
  4. ZachariasX


    It will be interesting how the game will replicate the very particular nature of the Sabre engine, namely that economic cruise setting is producing almost the same airspeed as full power, while not even consuming half the fuel. It should be much faster at partial throttle settings than other planes.
  5. ZachariasX


    Tad below 400 mph.
  6. ZachariasX

    "BERLOGA Duel & Dogfight" server

    You should. Together with one piece windscreen the view is good. It can hit hard. If you can dive on someone turning circles, you have good chances.and if down and slow, you'd be surprised how well it climbs. It's fun. And very rewarding to shoot "better" planes.
  7. ZachariasX


    It was default.
  8. Did you try Handbrake or Prime95 as well?
  9. I'm not surprised that this is the case with the 9900. It is much easier to get reliably higher FPS on fewer cores. You should know that Intel lets the thermal budget exceed for 28 seconds on all cores, but then starts to throttle the clocks. While 28 seconds are just enough to run the posterboy benchmarks, but for IL-2 it is just good enough for me in WoL. The current Intel architecture hits a limit at around 5 GHz, where you just cannot reasonably cool 8 cores anymore. The problem is, even though IL-2 is fine using 4 cores, as soon as Windows spawns new threads, kindly enough on other cores, it will be recognized as load on those cores and throttling will occur. You can only get maximum constant performance on "many core" CPUs when you are disabling all turbowhatever and runn all cores at a fixed, common frequency. If you do that with an 9900K, you might run it at 4.8GHz or so, but your cooker will go at around 250 Watts all the time. And then look again what the TDP says of that processor and then think of what will happen to your parts on the mainboard feeding power to the CPU. The point is, the current Intel "core" architecture has a power runaway at roughly around 4.7 GHz, depending on the bin and stepping. There s literally no change since the 2700K. Now the problem is whether this power runaway happens before you actually reached the maximum clocks that the core in fact could achieve. With 4 cores, you can cool them pretty well to a degree where max. frequency itself caps your OC. 6 cores make it already hard, 8 cores is very difficult and 10+ cores is a mess to cool and you have heat issues long before you have reached theoretical max frequencies on each core. Besides, the more cores you have, the more uneven they are in terms of OC potential, yet they ideally shoudl reach the same clocks. The 9900K will have for sure slightly higher and more consistent FPS if you deactivate 2 cores, deactivate turbowhatever and nail it to the highest frequency you can get it to boot windows and run the game. You cannot expect that to change within the next 2, 3 years. Intels current 10 mn prcoess node they put in the bin now, as it draws the same energy as the 14 mn +/++/++++++++ process node, but at abyssmal yields. So Intel indeed did the right thing by canceling that node while now setting up a more realistic 10 nm that is more like a 12 nm when compared to the competition. But if the arcitecture itself doesn't change, that future process node will not really change things. Besides, when it becomes common practise dishing out an averaged 10% performance penalty with "security fixes" on the CPU, you shouldn't give too much hope in 5% gains for each now CPU stepping.
  10. ZachariasX

    "BERLOGA Duel & Dogfight" server

    I think that would lead to emptying the server as soon as a certain fraction that cannot live without the most powerful variant of their pet ride would quit. There was that problem as well in RoF, where early planeset maps (most notably DH2 voe E.III) would lead to an immediate drop in players. If the server has good attendance, you can alwys ask for duel in the chat and then choose a suitable match. If there's lots of players, you can be very successful even with the P-40 (endless spray time) or especially the I-16.
  11. I can't wait to have those epic fights on the FC sector on Berloga! That should give some life to that corner of the map.
  12. ZachariasX

    Question about AMD RYZEN 7 1700

    Check out this thread: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/29322-measuring-rig-performance-common-baseline-for-il-2-v3005/?tab=comments#comment-472249 As long as you are not doing VR, you should be fine.
  13. ZachariasX

    Ta-152 Collector Plane

    There‘s a couple of Spitfire photos being assembled at Castle Bromwich (even posted in this forum) etc. that show the guns (cannons and machine guns) being installed at the factory. Would actually be silly to do any acceptance flights without them installed, as guns add considerable weight.
  14. ZachariasX

    "BERLOGA Duel & Dogfight" server

    Also hard to find people flying the FC zone. I hope with the arrival of the next two FC planes that will change. But I would really like to see the Bf-110 on the German side. It was used as a fighter so it should have a place on a fighter map.