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  1. Looks like what happened in China when they blew up Tianjin harbor. An initial explosion followed by fire among the storage site and after a while the whole rest of whatever they stacked up there went up. Doubtful that only fertilizer got stored there (like in Tiajin), there‘s plenty other explosive stuff like sodium cyanide that is extremely poisenous as well. This is why one should keep harbor authorities well funded and don‘t let people just stack everything as they please.
  2. I was always extremely critical of the whole idea in doing further work on CloD after how that turned out. Yet TF delivered. If they didn‘t work on the game itself and the things that never worked, well, that was their chance. I don‘t see much point in adding content when not mending some undelying issues. So I gave them the benefit of the doubt.
  3. Spitfire flaps behaviour was fixed. They do now about what they should do.
  4. We have a niche product. Unless the same customer base buys the same product over and over, no developer can produce content (at that pace) as it is not possible to have some sort of steady revenue, a conditio sine qua non to stay in business. What you get from buying the same over and over is that the same ol’ that you‘re buying in fact gets better and better, as work is done on it over time. If the existing customer base decides to not buy the upcoming release for whatever reason, development stops and programers lose their job as there is not enough cash to remain in business. Or do you think they have enough cash to bridge pay for a dozen noses for a year? The alternative to what we have now is a subscription model a la Adobe. The only difference of that to what we have now is that player base would instantly shrink to the number of players that fly regularly minus the (few) ones that don‘t do subscriptions out of sheer principle. But not only Adobe demonstrates every day that in fact you CAN put an obscene mountain of turd on the customer and still do good business. If we were to not buy the new products „because I don‘t get exactly what I want“, then the publishers decision is between subscription and chapter 11. Which one would you try first? If you like combat sims, then you spend what you can (certainly not more!) and then you have one, two or whatever number of products, starting with the ones you like most. How much you reasonably can spend is only your decision and you don‘t have to give an explanation for how much that is. Any $ is good.
  5. You can most certainly hear the stress on the airframe by pulling g‘s. It depends however on the type of aircraft if and what sound you hear. Wooden aircraft with canvas covered airfoils usually are rather quiet, as the engine noise and the slipstream cancels out much of those lower noises. According to Eric Brown, the A6m Zero however sounds like bending a Pringles box in maneuvers. The all metal glider Pilatus PC12 (B4) makes exactly those sounds, even in the heavily reinforced aerobatic configuration. Pull 3+ g‘s and it goes *blonk blonk blonk* until you reached max. g‘s you intended to pull. Release the stick, same noises as the aluminum skin „unfolds“. A Spitfire flown in careful manner will not produce any audio cues in that way, but if you pull 6+ g‘s you certainly hear the airframe talking. Any metal stressed skin hull will make noises when you bend it. The question is just if you can hear it through the wall of noise produced by engine, prop and slipstream. Often enough, you can hear the slight thundering of turbulences of near stall echoing in the airframe, when you can feel it on the stick as well.
  6. Auf Dauer könnt das Maderl aber etwas anstrengend werden, meinst nicht? Dazu passende Musik zum Multiplayermodus von Combatsims:
  7. No, this was HB-HOT. HB-HOS is (IIRC) the one that will be made flyable again with P&W engines, as Ju Air is not allowed to overhaul the BMW engines anymore.
  8. This is a notebook CPU, performing in games probably about 30% below what you expect from a 7700K on the whole as you will be most likely cooling constrained. The mobile 2060 is also about 30% below the desktop card and about on par with a destop GTX 1660. 1080p resolution is probably the maximum you can ask from these components with medium settings to have a smooth picture. To me it looks like your system is throttling as soon as there is some load on the CPU. Can you run Prime95 and chech for temps and frequencies? Notebook CPUs are usually a scam what concerns frequencies, as they tolerate advertised specs just for some seconds.
  9. If they are not sure of their position, they better use the radio. Better feeling like an idiot than ending up in the trees. If they are bad navigators, taking the map out of the kneeboard clip and rotating until it somehow superimposes with their idea of the geography is of little help.
  10. „At the next Yak, please break right.“
  11. Also, nicht dass ich das so nicht prinzipiell lieber habe. Ich werde es mir ansehen. Bis jetzt hat mich die Bedienung der F-14 und F-18 zu sehr in Beschlag genommen, um mich gross mit dem ME auseinanderzusetzen. Aber ich freu mich drauf da rumzubrettern. Was für ein Jahr. Ein neuer Flightsim nach dem anderen...
  12. So was the real one back then. ? There is no way it could turn like the Camel. The only thing it had going for itself in 1918 was that it was easy to fly, remotely fast in a dive (faster than the Camel) and had effective guns. Thank god. In RoF planes fly as there was no induced drag. Take the Breguet and marvel at outturning most fighters. The Camel got his wings clipped because of reasons and the DVIIf is a great aircraft. There are some quirks in FC FM, but it is far above anything that simulates those old planes.
  13. Flacherdler. (Wie lange noch? Echt.) Aber hübsch. Leider ist es da nicht mehr so putzig. Den aktuellen Zustand abzubilden war wohl nicht geplant?
  14. Thank you so much! If required, If it would be of help, at the museum I could get some fotos of the stencils (along with a scale) of the one that Tom already did. As well as specific details. I figure the military Mustangs received all the same stencils. J-901 might be the exeption here, as it is the paint job of a restoration for civilian operation of the aircraft. It looks polished clean.
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