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  1. Exactly. You get combustion to go forwards as well.
  2. Yes, the tumblings are impressive indeed.
  3. Do you honestly think that „bits of blade snapping off“ a running gas turbine do really „tumble inside the engine“?
  4. ZachariasX

    Fokker Dr.I Discussion

    Glad having yo with us here! I think it's amazing what the devs can do regarding FM on planes they *cannot* get a hand on. If thy are rececptive to some real world calibration of their modelling, then making things near perfect should be more straight forward. Besides, I really, really appriaciated the *.air file you made for the original neoqb Dr.I for FSX. That was v2, the last/most recent I found. The only Dr.I I ever liked to fly in ANY sim (till now, actually). And Taking the FC Dr.I as we have it now for a spin, it REALLY gave me the feeling as the one you made, much rather than the original in RoF. You stating that you have contacted the devs is indication to me that the devs did more than "copying" by bringing the Dr.I to FC. I say that because the main differences (the obvious ones) are behaviour of slow flight tight turns plus the loss in speed during a loop. Now, you need to bring some energy to make the cool stunts. But if you do that, you still can do the amazing tricks.
  5. ZachariasX

    Fokker Dr.I Discussion

    I have the same kind of feel as described by unreasonable. I don't think that the plane lost agility. But that it now has more the charm of an actual aeroplane. You stall it out like an aeroplane, you bleed speed in substained tight turns and it if you bleed out the speed, you start to lose altitude. In addition to that you need a good speed to fly a nice loop that also requires considerable rudder to not make a 90* turn when going across the top of the loop. Performance whise, I think it is on the slow side. I get about the same performance as mentioned by Seawolf. I will need some practise with it, but my first impression is reall, as it is now, it wouldn't be a plane that "empties a map" (like the good old RoF variant from old times), but much rather just a very good dogfighter. I do think it is as snappy as before, but you have to have more speed to really do dynamic maneuvering, rather than the dance of kois feeding in a pond. Unfortunately, I will not have too much time for flying, as due to vacations, I will not be near my flight rig. But my first impression is really that further engine mods would make sense on this aircraft. "old Oberursels" from what we have now to freshly stolen Clergets... Without creating combat scenes that are what they absolutely were not. Anyway, it will take some time until I can substanciate my "feelings" here. That is what I read as well. Puzzles me TBH, as I do have a different feel. But it could be due to placebo or just being happy seeing the old crates as new.
  6. ZachariasX

    Things to check out... (differences from RoF)!

    I would say mostly on the SPAD I would say. (& later on Camel etc...) One of the things the flying Dutchman could do is designing ailerons. Not like those barn doors that are put into the wind. I can fly the Dr.I with rudder deflections that sort of match all those videos on real Dr.I.
  7. ZachariasX

    Things to check out... (differences from RoF)!

    This is my impression as well. Even though Jason stated hat the FM was transferred as such, I have a different feel for the Dr.I. It really feels more like the Dr.I that was tweaked by Chill31 (the original neoqb Dr.I for FSX). It feels more like an aircraft and as if it bleed energy more in substained, tight turns. Also, you cannot loop it propperly without having good initial speed. It precisely does the things right that my ramblings about the „excessive lift“ were mainly about. I must admit that I as slightly stunned at how well this „first try“ worked out, especially the Dr.I. (Note: as I didn‘t quantify all that, it might still be all placebo due to unexpectedy soon loading up WWI ac in BoX.)
  8. ZachariasX

    Der Flying Circus Thread

    Und schon ist mein Tag noch besser. Wäre blöd, wenn's nicht so wäre.
  9. ZachariasX

    Bullet proof canvas

    In the beginning, guns fired straight (no drop) and absolutely accurate. Very, very long range sniping was commonplace. You could zap the other at >500 meters. Worse than that, this worked with gunners as well. This turned two seaters and especially the HP400 and the Gotha into veritable death stars. Not having to reload as well worsened that situation considerably. There was a need to introduce a mechanism that required closer distance for shooting as it was the case back then in WWI. The DM was of course a main culpit as well, as in reality only hits on specific smaller part of the aircraft lead to catastrophic damage, whereas the DM has larger hitboxes. Adding big scatter was the makeshift solution for this and it serves the purpose, despite of course having side effects as well.
  10. ZachariasX

    Der Flying Circus Thread

    In RoF einloggen, dort kannst den Promocode sehen und den beim Kauf von FC eingeben. Dann kriegst den Discount. Ich habs aber nicht gemacht. So hatte ich FC 2 min. früher auf dem Compi und Jason & Co haben 15 Piepen mehr.
  11. Ja, wenn den DDU benutzt, dann findest beim Neustart auch raus ob Deine Gaming Maus mit dem Standardtreiber auch funktioniert.
  12. ZachariasX

    Der Flying Circus Thread

    Ist Hammer! Es ist auch am FM geschraubt worden. Ich finde, der Dr.I fliegt jetzt endlich wie ein Flugzeug. Alles in allem finde ich den Fortschritt markant gegenüber RoF. Ein Setting in der Art der „Curves“ wird aber letztlich nötig sein. An normalen, „kurzen“ Joysticks ist der recht steile Winkel (man muss bei hoher Geschwindigkeit recht gedrückt halten) doch recht unangenehm. Der Griff ist nicht eifach „weiter vorne“ sondern unangenehm in der Position zu halten. Bisschen ne Spassbremse da. Aber wird keine Sache sein da was zu machen. Letztlich wird FC aber in VR und mit langem Steuerknüppel wohl die ganze BoX Serie (und andere sims sowieso) was Fluggefühl betrifft die Referenz sein. Ich hätte NIE gedacht, dass die das schon mit dem ersten Versuch so hinkriegen.