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  1. Thanks man! @GCF again, great fun!
  2. Yes, Prime95 is really hard on the CPU. I still use it though, as when a CPU runs some hours with that, it can take about any load without issues. But as you say I also remain considerably (100 - 200 MHz) below of what I can get with other tests. I never really care for the last 5% or so, as for media creation, this is not really relevant. But these tasks are often brutal on the CPU, so I rather be safe than sorry. I can crank my 7900X to 4.8GHz and run most benchmarks. BoX runs up to 5 GHz. But as soon as you start for instance Handbrake at these clocks, it doesn‘t take long for things to come to an end. It really is getting a problem with many cores, as there is a point of diminishing return where all those worker threads load the main fibre thread, and at some point the worker threads are just queued by the main thread. In BoX this seems to happen sooner (you max out the main core befor worker threads can max out other cores), in P3D later, as you can max 10c/20t. But even there, turning off HT is often the way to go, as it keeps temps lower, allowing higher clocks on all cores (and most importantly higher clock on the core running the main thread). The loss of the 10 virtual cores is lower than the gain through added clocks to the core running the fibre thread. Ideally, we had one core running at 6+ GHz with the main thread exclusively assigned to it and 20 other cores running at half that. You could scale performance way better over many cores. If you have 200 Watts thermal budget, it would be better to run one core at 50 Watts and 15 cores running at 10 Watts than pushing all cores to 12.5 Watts.
  3. ZachariasX

    The Game Screenshot Thread

    Looks nice. I wish they made "true earth" also for P3D.
  4. I did. This plume is what‘s happening if you are setting a lot of fuel on fire. These are indeed gases that go up in flames, and because combustion is so fast (still overly rich mixture, hence not a detonation) the fireball gets lifted up by it‘s own thermal. But it is nothing like an explosion you get when mixture is „correct“. But it is still impressive. I well rembember when near where we lived a couple of railroad gasoline cars derailed and 5 of them broke up and caught fire. Was many times the fire of that unfortunate accident you posted. And there, there were explosions, clear enough to be differentiated by any layman from the huge fireball. A lot of that fuel spilled in the drains and filled the entire drainage sytem with fuel vapors and gasoline. It gave the bystanders the creep of their lives when suddenly with a kaboom the entire sewage system over hundreds of meters seemed to explode at once, shooting those large, heavy iron manhole covers high up in the sky simultanously, smashing cars and structure. That kaboom had very little fire. But it convinced a huge crowd „to move on, as there is absolutely nothing to see“, as opposed to the large fire.
  5. @307_Tomcat This is a fuel fire, not an explosion. No, this is when you should worry about 700 tons of Sodiumcyanide (that we know of) that went up as well. About the 1300 tons of sodiom-, ammonium-, and potassiumnitrate (that we know of), there is not too much to worry about. You were either bown top bits (no time to worry) or not (worry abput the poison that's gonna rain down on you. Tianjin, 2015. Chinese have a special relationship with firework, indeed. But the gold standard for blowing up your harbor is still Canadian.
  6. ZachariasX

    10km aircraft render range and why it is unacceptable.

    Never count on the other seeing you and you'll live.
  7. ZachariasX

    10km aircraft render range and why it is unacceptable.

    Here, almost all first hand accounts of combat pilots disagree with you. If they share one line, then it is the line that cobat pilots suddendly would find themselves in an empty sky during combat once they lost initial track of their adversary. It is easy to maintain situational awareness (that is what it comes down to) for steady moving objects. If they are on a changing trajectory, things change. Spotting is an aquired ability. Sharp eyed people can be blind as bats when it comes to looking out of a cockpit, especially when öoad them with a task other than just spoting. If it comes to spoting alone, I remember well how different a hundred sharp eved MANPAD soldiers can be in that department and how much training helps them to not literally get run over by a chopper before they can use their thingy. Also, combat is not tracking one aircraft. It is tracking many aircraft. I can tell you just being in the same thermal with ten other gliders, it is very hard to see all ten of them, even though they are seemingly at arms lenght. Seeing only nine might seem like many but nr.10 can still kill you. Spoting has less to with eyesight or distace as such. Eyesight is just a prerequisite. Sames as good weather. And the background. And contrast. If you‘re harping about how far you could do that. But I know few people that can see other GA sized aircraft over 10 km. They sit next to you on the cockpit, you tell them to keep a sharp look out. Keeps them busy as well. And they are usually blind as bats. Seeing one, two... but not the others. There‘s a glint, they see, they turn the other way, then agian... now no sun... lost sight. But yes, the sim should render AC further, but spoting is and remains hard. EDIT: Your theoretcal maximum is roughly 40 km distance for a full 10 meter object to match "1 Pixel" of your eyes sweet spot in the center. This is a very small area. Right next to it is an area of cmparable size where you are absolutely blind. In the rest, you have a fraction of the reslution in the center area. It brings the upside that combining pixels do much enhance "framerate" at which you are seeing. this helps detecting moving things provided they are large enough to be detected by the impaired resolution. This means, should you be lucky to see a 10 m object 20 km away, and you look away while that one moves, changing bearing, you will have a hard time finding it again, as your peripheral vision cannot detect it and the part that can is as small as a keyhole. Absolute distance is no real argument, I can see much farther than all of you, judging from your examples. I can see the moon. This means I can see 384'000 km. Too big, so doesn't count? Well I can see the Polar Star as well. That is 4'000'000'000'000'0000 km. And much smaller than a 10 m object 40 km away. Did someone say contrast? (darn, I just LOVE that RoF glare )
  8. ZachariasX

    Really hoping the Mustang...

    Look, it is entirely the Americans fault. They assumed living longer than 5 minutes in a real war, hence they came up with regulations spanning timeframes soldier Schwejk referred to as „next Wednesday after the war“. You have to think NOW about how things will look half a century later. Say in 50 years some nerds simulate OSX as well as some Linux kernel for puropse of a death match. The Linux kernel loses out left and right with its „kernel panics“, „crashes“ and „kill messages“. OSX just has „unexpected behavior“.
  9. ZachariasX

    Effects of Inertia on pilots head

    I don't see much purpose in that, other than an artificial way to introduce another difficulty in playing the game. In real aircraft when maneuvering around, you're stuck more and more into the seat and generally, I'd say you move less then initially. Also when you are at the controls yourself, you are instinctively prepared for the occuring accellerations and you work against them. You should move more if you unhooked your shoulder straps, but also that would be little effect as most accellerations will be in the direction of just you being pushed more into the seat. Fatigue will be more clearly shown in your enthusiasm in turning around checking your six. Depending on your belts and your clothes, this can be some work. For the purpose of the dogfight I don't see it of much use in a way other than we have it now. For civilian flight sims, you can slightly overdo this (some publishers do and I am rather find of it), as it gives you another cue about how the aicraft feels in flight.
  10. ZachariasX

    Steam yes or no

    I often get 250+ Mbit/s with website installer. Must be location dependent. You are saying the interests of the Steam comunity are thar same as Valves? Some people think not: https://www.polygon.com/2017/5/16/15622366/valve-gabe-newell-sales-origin-destructive
  11. ZachariasX

    Default Head position and FOV

    Actually, I also like a gunsight centred view that gives me a good view of the instrument panel. A habit probably „ported over“ normal flight sims. Using TrackIR (with Requiems curves and only minor further tweaks), I find it easy to straighten myself up in the chair to raise eye position. Generally I find moving about on the office chair is far easier than in a real cockpit. There with the lower seat belts alone, I find it hard to straighten out further to raise eye position. You‘d definitely needed to raise the chair there. Same goes for releasing or locking shoulder straps. While you just losen them in todays aircraft, you had to unhook them (and not forgeting to link them again in case of... well, problems) in the old ones where you used those seat parachutes that also act as your seat cushion. Different belting system...
  12. ZachariasX

    Default Head position and FOV

    Actually, they coauld raise and lower their seat in many planes depending on what they were doing. For ground operations or just scanning they had the seat in a high position, but once it was time to turn on the gunsight, they lowered the seat to comfortably look through the gunsight. It is not a bad idea to have the gunsight installed alightly low, as it is easier to look over that bulky item for regular flight.
  13. ZachariasX

    Asymmetrical flap damage Me 109

    No need to excuse to me. I do not doubt your intentions. My opinion about you being allowed to reply is also not relevant. All I said that it might be a good idea to listen to the ones whose opinion about you being allowed to teply matters. But this is definitely where I leave this discussion. But I do so on a positive note: You said FFB Joysticks implement trim changes well. Hopefully when patents finally expired, we can have more of these sticks again.
  14. ZachariasX

    color film

    But that is what you get from those reels aparently. Doubtful that you had so much quality loss in the tranfer. I don't think you've overdone the effect. I quiet like it.