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  1. You will not recover it the rudder is "ineffective". Usually the rudder is well in the airstream. It is certainly not as effective as if in normal flight, but it does the trick. In benign airctaft, the empenage is dimensioned such that releasing controls will make the plane exit a spin. No. The inner wing is stalled out, while the outer wing might well be "flying". When you are steering into the turn with the ailerons means that on the inner wing, the control surface is lifted, it decreases the overall AoA of the wing, making it sooner regain proper airflow. If yo
  2. I wouldn't call 250 mph winds immersive, but very painful. Also, don't forget a catapult for bugs at lower levels.
  3. Maybe animal glue. Who thought that the SPAD was a two trick pony?
  4. Thanks for more details on all of that! I did know that wood is a very particular material, but then again, you still limit the loads on "oldtimer aircraft" to preserve them longer, this inludes the airframe. A Bücker 131 (from what I know) can tolerate up to 12 g theoretially before it would break up. It is a very aerobatic aircraft and it is built for that. Then again, I wouldn't know of anyone flying such an aircrat today in excess of 4.5g. Wood does also have a significant downside as a material, you cannot tell exactly if it is damaged. The crack has to be large to see it, but
  5. I think it is problematic taking the best of all cases as reference to the whole. AFAIK, any structure exposed to dynamic load is on a timer, be it a ship (where, if you are a great naval engeneer, you know how many waves it can sail before it WILL break apart) or an aircraft. I would argue, that if, say, you had a collapse of the structure at 9 g, then repeatedly doing 8 g will make it break at 8 g at some point (or even less than that). And I understand this is why aircraft are operated way below their crush loads, just to ensure that they stay inact over within specified loads over the spec
  6. It happened to me that when I set a large deadzone to compensate the imprecise ministick on the throttle, that other axis was influeced as well, even the mouse panning was affected. I don‘t know if such is still possible, it was some patches ago. If you can see that yout throttle axis is linear in response when looking in the windows system, then I would backup my keybind settings and then reset them all. Then check if the problem persists.
  7. Mir reicht für's erste der World Update von MSFS. So 22 + 5 GB. Das hat mir gleich aufs erste die installation zerschossend und ich musste den XBox-Kram neu installieren, damit das Mutterschiff wieder erkannt worden ist. Weitere Experimente zu späterem Zeitpunkt...
  8. It's what you did. Elaborate, but nevertheless. Good someone shows the J5 guys how that is done properly.
  9. Still looks great how it comes along. I really like the way you airbrushed it. The tedious work doing the marbeling really paid off. I find this technique to be really difficult to make, as in the end the color variation you achive is more like a purely optical bump map to sheet metal not making a perfect surface between the ribs. It gives the impression of a 3D structure, where the mould does not have it. It is easily overdone. This looks gorgeous.
  10. You have any other photo of an alleged Mk.XIVe with the cannons on the inboard bay? Johnnie Johnsons Mk.XIVE MV268 (bubble top canpoy) had the guns in typical E wing arrangement for instance. RB140 is the first production E, but that mainly means it has no outer wing machine guns, yet it has the inner twin housing that can accept either Hispanos or 20 mm. What if RB140 was just armed with twin 20 mm and no BMG? I don‘t see patches on the outer wing leading edges. It can be an E wing, but what if they just put in the Hispanos as they did on the C wing? It is a bastard a
  11. Probably the Merlin 45 as it more closely mimics the 50M/55M prevalent in remaining frontline Spitfire V in that theater.
  12. Some more Blériot flying. Now I used the supposedly difficult to fly Channel Flight "RIP" edition. While it is drastically underpowered and weighting more than 40 kg creats overweight should you consider bringing along an engine. Never mind fuel in reasonable quantity. While it is true that the aircraft is handicapped in controls, it is actually simple to fly as such if you can make your peace with the fact that the only control you can use is the rudder. If you think of that aircraft as the very, very beginner type of RC model with only rudder control, then it becomes
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