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  1. Im currently building 3 at the moment for some guys here but can easily add more.. No electronics,all mechanical like the original.Someone used a Saitex as an intermediate linkage in the P51 Mustang Sim Builders on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2686912908050967&set=p.2686912908050967&type=3&theater
  2. Its interesting looking at Aviation company solutions to parts.The P51 used 2 mechanisms,the throttle lever can be tightened by the middle front T knob which pulls the rear splined cylinder against the clutch pack towards the middle.The prop and mixture round knob pushes the front splined cylinder against the clutches against the middle..
  3. Yes I use some thick hardwood to form the curved folds..The straight folds I have a small 3 in 1 sheetmetal folder.Hammerforming is easy once you've tried it. Hammerforming basics
  4. Start of the fabrication..Will layout the parts tomorrow that I have for another pic.
  5. Something like these.? https://www.shapeways.com/shops/spit?section=P51+Mustang&s=0 Knobs are hard to 3D print on a desktop printer..
  6. Got about a 3rd of the parts spare.Give me a couple of weeks to make up the rest
  7. Sure..Ill go through my box of parts and see what I need to make up..
  8. Sure..Mix of aluminium,steel and some 3D printed parts.All mechanical like the original.
  9. If you want a bigger box..For a P51 Pit.
  10. I still have some parts leftover from the batch I built.
  11. Lovely parts I have a lot of Sopwith drawings if you contemplate doing something bigger!
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