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  1. 91a Squadriglia file updated. The horse is in the right direction. I apologize for the inconvenience and thanks to Bigans for the suggestion. If there are any other errors, please tell them and I will try to fix them. Anyone who wants me to help make the skins is welcome. Stay tuned!
  2. I think you are right. I fix the skins. Thank you for the information. Skins of 91a Sq will be ready soon.
  3. The excel table has been updated: Desert Wings 1940.xlsx - Microsoft Excel Online (live.com) I state that it is simply additional content and you do not need to register or fill out to fly the events. If you are not interested in it, join the server and fly, you are always welcome. Signing up is not mandatory. In the future (we are planning to do several event-missions), another page will be added, with a summary of the previous events, the team standing, the pilot standings and the personal scores of each pilot marked on the table. There will be informations, scores and stats to the bombers too. Reading the table the first few times is not easy (I also had difficulties in the past). So I thought I'd give a quick explanation. - The first thing to understand is that the table is huge, really big. So when you open the excel sheet you will only see a small part of the table. To fit almost the entire table you see in the screenshots I had to reduce to 40%. - In the final part of the page there is the flight log, a very interesting space that the pilots "will have" to fill in and where they will mark the kills or other things that happened during their sortie. - At the bottom of the page, you can access other excel sheets with previous missions. - Next to your nick you can put your markings (or a custom skin)* so that you don't have other planes in flight with your same markings. - When you sign, the the boxes alongside show: the type of aircraft, its squadron, its base and the ts sub-channel of your formation. - "The X mark for the presence" was designed to avoid writing down the various nicknames and more every time (since players often participate constantly in events). So to confirm your presence just put an X. *We are preparing some skinpacks. We started with the CR42. Anyone who wants to help us make others is welcome. The default RAFs seem historically accurate, especially considering that the British used standard camouflage. The Italians were a little more confused. Surely the Germans will need some skins, maybe even putting the swastika (for historical reasons of course).
  4. Another Squadriglia here, the 77a! This pack includes 9 aircraft (because initially this squadriglia had only 9 planes). The download link is on the first post.
  5. Now I do a "double-check" at the excel table and try to make it clearer (because not even I have never understood too much). In any case, remember that no registration is necessary, so this is one "plus thing" and at the end of the page it offers you a table for the end of mission report (mark the kills, etc). Soon we will be able to have a log directly from the server.
  6. Open event, you don't have to sign up. In every way, in the excel page there is also the blue side. Don't check the table, it is wrong... Open event, all welcome
  7. A new ITALIANWING event! Saturday 23 January at 21:00 Rome Time This is the mission concerning "the attack on Nibeiwa", an Italian fortified camp, which took place on 9 December 1940. We will all have a chance to try biplanes after the latest patch. -The British must to attack Nibeiwa and maintain the air superiority there, to support the advance of their tanks. -The Italians must to defend the camp from attacks coming from the sky and from the ground. Bases are not a target. Vulching is not allowed! This will be a lightweight mission, created with the purpose of being a fun event (while maintaining historical accuracy of course). A very exciting campaign will follow in the coming weeks. Stay tuned! Nibeiwa camp:
  8. "Spaghetti in Africa" will be back soon, prepare your biplanes. We are also working on several missions, reports tables (if possible also stats), some historical skin-packs, etc etc. Stay tuned! PS: Cipson will tell us more as soon as he gets back.
  9. Hot-fix ONLY for the 91-10 (we missed the white spinner there) All included in the new link.
  10. Barone and I made a historic skin-pack for the CR42 about the 91a Squadriglia present in Libya in 1940. The pack includes 12 aircraft. We hope you enjoy it. Added also the 77a Squadriglia. 91a Sq HERE (new version with horse logo hotfix): https://www.dropbox.com/s/5iz054ok2dju7v2/91 SQ.rar?dl=0 77a Sq HERE: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7ec6e8g6wmm2x4w/77 SQ.rar?dl=0
  11. Skin fixed! Note for Team Fusion / @Buzzsaw: the red cross (and all related piece) is in the wrong place. It should be placed in the next panel. It's a small mistake, it would be nice if you fix it in the future. In any case, the 3d model is really well done, superb! Who wants to make skins for the Macchi keep this in mind, hoping that in the future it will be fixed in the 3d model.
  12. I noticed that the riveted part highlighted in the 3d model is not in the right place. Unfortunately I took this part for the white band (which is now too wide). I'm working on fixing this, I hope to put the correct version of the skin in short.
  13. I am starting to make some desert skins for the Macchi. The first I propose is this: a C.202 of the 90esima Squadriglia, piloted by the tenente (lieutenant) Italo Alessandrini. After a fight he did a belly-landing in enemy territory on 2 July 1942, becoming a prisoner of war. DOWNLOAD HERE: WIP More skins from the 90esima and 75esima Squadriglia will arrive soon...
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