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  1. What do you mean? Nope forum search didn't bring up anything on Spitfire XIV with or without Bodenplatte for me.....so would you care to enlighten me? Anyway can't see any valid reason why this superb fighter which outperformed both the Dora 9 and the P-51D should be left out - except perhaps for those very reasons? If it's gen on the plane you could try asking an aviation historian in the UK....
  2. Erm shouldn't there be the Griffon powered, 5 bladed prop Spitfire XIV in this game? The Spitfire IX was a 1942 aircraft!!!!
  3. Would be great and could be expanded into the Channel battles of 1941 and the great air battle of Dieppe in 1942 with the same scenery. The Pacific does little for me but I understand it's some people's preference. Trouble with the Pacific is it was almost exclusively an American show, so obviously Americans want it and they're a powerful voice online, and carry powerful wallet's en masse!! Perhaps they should remember that many free nations, including hard fighting Americans (Eagle Squadron), flew with the RAF, so an awful lot of people would be very happy with some more coverage of RAF history I think, and the Luft boys would be happier too I think as they would be on the other side! One day Malta 1941-42 would be nice, not covered yet by anybody - just to illustrate the significance of that island in 1942 especially, whilst IJN air raids on Guadalcanal consisted of no more than 25 G4M1's (Betty's), the few defenders of Malta faced massed daily air raids of 50-60 Ju-88's, plus Italians, with strong fighter escort by Luftwaffe "experten" who always had height advantage, not to mention massed strikes by German and Italian Ju-87's and carrier ops etc. It would also introduce to the game the Italian Air Force. I think Malta has more pulling power than anything comparable in the Pacific. Just my opinion. I'd be interested to hear from anyone who thinks Malta wouldn't be a valid contender and their reasons anyway. Hopefully Team Fusion will give it some coverage eventually. I don't really understand Midway either... the battle lasted barely over a day, and unlike Bodenplatte nothing else happened involving that map before or after - excepting patrol plane flights! It would need to involve other maps really...
  4. To be fair the Hs.129 wasn't a particularly successful aircraft, and a bit of an emergency gap filler for the Luftwaffe on the Eastern Front, when faced with Stalin's mass production of tanks which rolled off the factory production lines much faster than the Germans could kill them. Like a lot of Germanic planes it's been afforded almost cult status in the recent combat flight sim world, largely because it's German, can carry big guns, and well looks kind of sexy. The Ju-87G was a more successful panzer-knacker with it's dual 3.7cm AT gun, and even that was largely down to Rudel's memoirs, the accuracy of which we can never be 100% certain. Neither could operate successfully without fighter cover. Even allowing for Rudel's score the Luftwaffe hardly scraped the paint off the surface of Stalin war machine compared to the German ground forces. Keep in perspective.
  5. Down to the nitty gritty; there's been a definite improvement in the players plane handling and especially the enemy ai IMO. I've been with this since the very beginning and I can genuinely say that the initial offering was pretty poor - some of the player's aircraft seemed to bounce around in flight like they were on the end of a rope, the P-40E especially being a prime example, but several others too. Whilst in SP it was possible to fly around pretty much carefree in a sky supposedly occupied by hostiles without any of them bothering you unless in a head-on pass, the enemy ai was poor to say the least, almost non existent in fact. But now the plane handling seems much better, also I've been shot down a couple of times from my 6 and on many other occasions have been forced to break off after taking hits from enemy fighters that now no longer just ignore me, in one instance I'm sure the ai pilot was actually seeking me out throughout the dogfight for special treatment! At one time this was unheard of in BoS!! So much, much better and credit to the devs for finally sorting the SP out. One thing though, I preferred the old SP career mode, the new one is fine but I just don't often get the time in one stretch to dawdle around the sky awaiting action. Would be nice if the accelerate time mode could have an automatic cut-out when EA appear in your vicinity? To show how pleased I am with the way this has improved, I no longer fly il-2 1946 which looks very aged by comparison, but until now had the better SP experience. This is the game we all hoped for when it was first launched.
  6. LOL there'll always been "too many 109"'s" in any il-2 games IMO. The devs appear obsessed with them! Would have been much better to include some different aircraft in some of those releases, like a VVS Hurricane and a I-153 etc. But hey it's a lot cheaper in man hours to keep rehashing the same plane with minor modifications, and call it a new plane, than to build an actual new plane! I suppose it's a business and they have to make money...I was hoping against hope that the upcoming 1945 module would include a Griffon engine Spitfire XIV which would go a long way to redressing the national balance in this game, but it seems not. I'm coming to the conclusion that the devs are using the aircraft that appeared in the original il-2 1946 game only. I believe the XIV was one of the first modded planes to go in that game and blew everything else away! I've read Jason is wants to do the Pacific as a labour of love which is fair enough, but he should also remember his paying customers also have dreams as well.
  7. QUOTE "in spite of Soviet plexiglass quality being inferior to German or American materials." UNQUOTE This comment (in the context of winter 1942-43 WWII aviation history) concerns me somewhat regarding the future of any GB content in this series of allegedly historical combat flight sims. Were the RAF flying open cockpit biplanes at that time or something? In actual fact the RAF were operating the most potent allied fighter in the superb Spitfire IX (1942), and yes it had a cockpit! I don't know whether it's accidental, commercial or just pure revisionism or something else, but WWII in the air, for the years 1939-45, seemed somewhat distorted in the original il-2 - both by the original devs and TD since, it was left to the modder's to redress the obvious historical inbalance and actually recreate history as it was - like adding the griffon engine Spitfire XIV that the devs of that game conveniently buried presumably because it was so good? Now after reading this I'm concerned that as a sequel this sad trend may continue... Please remember an awful lot of nationalities flew with the RAF, it wasn't just Brits.
  8. Of course I'm looking forward to BOK, but I think once we all get used to the variable scenery after flying over it constantly, I reckon some of us are going to miss the Kursk plane set. Personally I'd rather of had a Bf-109G6, La-5FN and a Yak-9 - those aircraft would have been more representative of a technical leap forward than the ones in BOK. IMO there are 2 reasons the devs went for BOK: 1. The game engine simply couldn't handle the sheer numbers of models in the battlefield represented by Kursk. 2. Too many people have become obsessed with scenery only and the devs have listened to them most. Perhaps they have lost the focus slightly that this is an historically based combat flight sim and not a civilian one where it's just nice scenery that matters? To move onto the Pacific without doing some later EF aircraft seems bizarre to me. Would they consider some add-on aircraft at some stage as DLC? Because at the moment the EF is not properly represented in it's key period, but hey it's only Kursk, I mean that was only an unimportant skirmish wasn't it?
  9. I always get the feeling that the ai's behaviour is somehow linked to the pressing of my gun trigger, because it has an uncanny knack of doing something weird to get out of the way, again, just at the right moment, every bloody time. Funny thing is whilst you're sailing along behind this clown, the enemy ai of the other planes involved in the fight (if there are any), don't take any advantage of your vulnerable position or come to his aid? The battle descends into this flying around at 50 ft in ever decreasing circles trying to second guess which way he's bobbing next like a punch drunk fighter, as you continue to miss with almost every burst whilst draining your rounds at an alarming rate, as the war continues above you as if you weren't part of it. Surreal. All I can say is if there going to put a Zero in front of an F4F in this thing then you'd better go to unlimited ammo!
  10. Leyte Gulf was more of a naval battle than an air battle TBH. To represent the Philippines in 1944-45 the devs would be spending the rest of their lives producing one hell of an enormous map! By contrast Okinawa is doable as one map set perhaps even with some of the small island staging posts from Southern Japan included. It was a proper air campaign too - very little ship to ship activity, and like I said brings in the BPF which played a very important role in the final stages of the Pacific War, especially with it's carriers with armoured decks - after a Kamikaze hit (and there were plenty), the deck crew survivors swept the remains of the plane over the side and carried on air ops. Also Okinawa saw the first use of some of Japan's most powerful fighters such as the N1K2-J Shiden-Kai (George) - the improved version with 4x20mm cannon, and the Ki-100 Goshiki-Sen.
  11. I'm just wondering and hoping that the devs give this aircraft an alternative wing armament to the standard 2x20mm cannon and 4x303 cal mg's (with 60 cannon rpg in the "B" wing), namely the "C" wing that gave the Mark V the ability to be armed with a similar armament but with the 20mm cannon now having 120 rpg, or in addition as an alternative the potent 4x20mm cannon and no mg's. These were standard armament options on the Mark V and historical. I believe the Mark V's used by the VVS in the Kuban battle (as far as I know), were reportedly the "B" wing variant, BUT we've already had poetic license in the form of the FW-190 in the Stalingrad campaign and the 20mm cannon wing-pods slung under the Mc.202, which wasn't used anywhere let alone over Russia as far as I can tell! The Spitfire V in 1943 was slowly being phased out of frontline use by the RAF against the Luftwaffe where possible, as the Spitfire IX had began replacing it as early as 1942 to regain it's ability to successfully counter the German fighters of the time that had been lost in 1941 especially against the 190. Consequently it's going to be largely outclassed by the FW-190A5, but adding bit of variety in it's armament options might make it more interesting to fly in what is going to be a difficult environment. The "C" wing also adds the option of 2x250lb bombs - one under each wing too, or a 500 lb bomb slung under the fuselage. If the devs at some stage add a Malta or an Africa map, then we've got a pretty good plane set complete for Malta 1942 (Spitfire V, Mc.202, Ju-88, He.111, Bf-109F/G, Bf-110E, Ju87D etc. Or Africa 1942-43 (Spitfire V, P-40E (Kittyhawk), A20 (Boston), Bf-109 E/F/G, Mc.202, Ju-87D, Ju-88, He-111, Fw-190A, BF110E/G etc. Hell many have even got Med/African skins already....
  12. TBH I'm really hoping they go Okinawa before Midway. 1C were the first people to do Okinawa in a combat flight sim and I reckon it's still fresh enough to do again. This series has been all about early war so far, with Kuban being mid-war. It would be great to have some heavily armed/armoured late war aircraft for a change IMO. Add to that campaigns/carrers for all sides including the BPF with it's Seafires, and that would be one hell of a game that would appeal to everyone I think except of course the Luft fans I guess, but they've had plenty of fresh meat lately! Finally KAMIKAZES!! This would tend to make Midway look a little boring I think..
  13. Okinawa and Kamikazes for me. But I tell you somewhere that REALLY needs doing and that's Burma. The only continuous air campaign against Japan that lasted 1941-45, and the Japs were still on the offensive in 1944 too. Got everything including strategic bombing and tactical strikes against factories, railways, road and river traffic etc. Miles more interesting than New Guinea IMO, and yes it would include the RAF SEAC, along with the AVG/USAAF and of course the IJAAF. So you'd get 3 airforces to play with - just think of the DLC possibilities there.
  14. Yeah Yak-1b for me, even things out a bit in the skies over Stalingrad. I hope they do some more aircraft as DLC in the future, I'm sure the combat aircraft especially will sell well.
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