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  1. I tested, with ai level low - guns still see and open fire on player in the dark 🙄
  2. No, it is you made advertise - i just say couple words of truth about this. I don't write in all topics here about my server or anything else - you do it. Well if you advertise something - not be surprised if someone have another opinion about your sweet red server🙃
  3. 😂 you first message in this topic yes, you can advertise server you russian friends as you can and hide on this forum fact that you a russian speaking too, but me too free tell my opinion about this🙃
  4. You screens just confirm my words: red have 80-90% wins, and look to the death's: 10-40 per red player( you got 46 in one screen). And red win. On my server with ~80 tanks per side for mission - red will lose with that death statistic. That's why you guys made you own server - you want win and many players of this server not have TC, they want win and don't want buy TC.
  5. Ten tanks against endless tanks - this kind of masochistic, are not? For both sides One can't win missions, another constantly die🙃
  6. Then, you say another things, about bad weather, night missions, hard AI AT-guns, strong AAA, etc, now you talk about too easy win mission😂 I don't play on Efront cause not equal conditions for win with russian bias and arcade settings on this server.
  7. Oh really?😂 You guys run away from Action server because it "too hard" and "unplayable", where AT-guns and AAA well protect bases with limited tanks and planes for both sides, and now you talk about "more challenging = more fun"? LOL And you run to server where not equal conditions, what made by players who want always win on red side. I agree Tigers have superiority against any russian tank, but in that conditions, limited tanks vs unlimited tanks - they can't realize their technical superiority.
  8. Limited planes on server: you can do it but not many times. I forgot password for ts3 server🙃
  9. Mission changes: 1. Flags radius increased from 30 to 150m 2. Buildings around flag added. 3. Animals durability decreased to 0. Coalition change penalty timer set to 10 min.
  10. In this version of game: If durability = 1500 and lower - object can be destroyed by tank gun. If durability = 2000 and higher - object can be destroyed by bombs. if durability = 1000 or 500 - object can be destroyed by 12.7mm machineguns or long burst from 7mm mg's If durability = 0 - object can be destroyed by 7mm mg's with one-two bullet.
  11. I play without that messages and want to turn off it on my server, cause i choose way to create complete full-real hardcore server for players who want that gameplay. And i hope some day zero grass distance will be removed from startup.cfg No grass and messages - it is cheat against players who don't use it.
  12. @Jason_Williams What about "Ingame messages" - move this option from game settings to realism? It is possible in next updates? For offline players - they can choose own realism options, for online players - they choose server where to play. Technical and tips - it is realism option, not interface, this my opinion.
  13. It is not forbidden really anyway🙃 Only if intentional team-killing - in this cases you can write here or send PM to me. Sometimes you can destroy friendly buildings and this not forbidden by server rules. Night and bad weather is part of life - sometime it happen on server. Every mission start at random time and with random weather. It is just random generator what can i do?
  14. Still not fixed bug with german sdkfz251-szf - today i add this unit in stable working 12 hour mission, for test, and see nothing changes since 4.002, dserver.exe down then this unit appear in mission.
  15. Against Tigers i use M72. And M61 as main weapon.
  16. Same problem was with Tiger - it was bug and fixed, maybe bug-report needed again?
  17. I'ts no great secret and then you get alcohol polyneuropathy, and call 112. I saw this "happiness" many time😐
  18. Not available. Only on/off tacview. Time switching adjustable in Dserver, but for both cases: tank to tank or tank to plane. So it is like penalty for death or side changing - not all players like it
  19. 1)Pz V added to maps: aachen, arden, arras, koln, lapino and stalingrad. 2)To airfields that have navigation beacons added "_NDB" in the name on map. upd something wrong with missions after update, dserver not stable, down every 15-20 mins, so i stop server until find the problem
  20. I don't enable mods but i fave Surface.dat files. Should i delete them?
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