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  1. i remake all missions, but something going wrong, server stopped again, but this time pause will be not so long, i hope
  2. i would like to join as a tank driver/gunner for any side.
  3. How this is work, i have a some questions: 1. Intercom - you will hear only people in you tank/airplaine? 2. When Coalition Security is ON - you will hear only people what join same side that you choose and it not matter in what channel that players? f.e. if in channel 1 2 RED players, 1 BLUE and 2 SPECTACORS - that mean, reds can talk and all over will not hear them, is it right? But if yes, for what channels 2-5?
  4. Some slowpokes like me - not use that thing before, not other not different I hope some guide will be with release?
  5. I would like to see some collector tanks, f.e.: StuGIII and SU-76, and SPAAA what was announced but removed from list: ZiS-5 72K and SdKfz10 flak 38. T-70 as a collector tank - would be nice. It was in Prokhorovka battle and we can made early war scenarios in missions(T-70 vs PzIII)
  6. Server updated to 4.007, missions remastered and some new added, injectors is off in server settings.
  7. Server updated to 4.006 and restart. First post in this thread updated(picture with current server options added)
  8. I hope some day grass distance will be server option too, or zero distance will be prohibited in cfg file.
  9. Looks nice😋 What about tanks, new graphic affects to their interior?
  10. This is the same thing. You be happy die then you see that you killed by AI that in 1 second detect that range to you and easy kill you then you think about "what distance to that tank 750 or 800 meters?" AI with low level fire better than any human. And it can miss only one time. AI with level Ace - give you 0 chance to win.
  11. But they don't. They much better than any human player. Then i see target - i need time to designate it, time to detect range, aim and fire. AI gunner have 0 time to do it - it is fire and can one-shot moving target! Better move AI to server options, until devs teach AI make mistakes like human do.
  12. Yes, i agree with it. But AI gunners much better than human gunners, even with "Low" level. Make AI smart(er) as human - possible. Make AI stupid like human - never We must understand - devs work with AI, they do best they can, but it is work for years honestly. Players want solution now, in the next update, as far as possible.
  13. With "Low" level AI gunner sometime misses (1 of 3 shots average), but still can see through forest and buildings - it is not solution.
  14. Server updated and restarted, small fixes in the missions - heavy AI tanks removed from supply columns. I don't know fixed in 4.005(not tested yet) RRR disability for spawned objects, but i leaved RRR vehicles in supply columns.
  15. Do 10 players max quantity - and you got server full for 300% Such a commy logic😂 If we see to other games, mostly players prefer arcade mode, and only 5-10% choose hardcore mode. Whats why online not born to be dead - only 100 players online it is nothing. Well, when i ask about add to server settings technical chat on russian forum, whines community says me "don't use it if you don't like it"🙃 This is my personal opinion. On our planet we respect fair-play...
  16. It is game bug(or feature?), not mine. There is a steps for durability for blocks in game 0, 500, 1000 ... 100000. I set it to 0 - for easy kill them by 7.62 mg's, but noted that in this case impossible kill them by cannon. Well i leave it as is - use mg's to kill animals. I long time not play cause manually put destructable houses on my maps in editor, so i have only that horses, but not all small object on all map like on other server(s) But it is now feature that can be selected-unselected by the any player. If you don't like it - not use it. It is simple.
  17. It works now on all tanks(TC) always by the player order from 4.005 - read patch-note Yes, i don't play on ARCADE servers like EFront. Well, it is my personal opinion, action server anyway always be only with warmed up engine, so if devs decide move it to server settings - i turn that off. But i play without technical chat against players with it, so it would be nice to have this option in server settings too.
  18. Both - he recognize targets and open fire. @Han said it is a feature, but remark "think about" Well, if one player want play only as a driver - why not? And if it MUST be in server settings, like russian community whines - why technical chat don't be in that settings? I try it, and find it is funny, but do not think it is a big problem. 1. You can not use it if you think that it is not fair. Gunner do that only by player order. Like technical chat. 2. Server admins can adjust AI level for tanks, from low to ace(4 levels). Will be you gunner with level
  19. Well it is like technical chat - you can not use it if you don't want And now we can play for driver or commander, maybe someone want be a driver and don't like be a gunner - game give them possibility to their own gameplay. You think it is cheat? Don't use it.
  20. 1.I want to correct my opinion - only then you open hatches it must be disabled and it must not enlarge image only view angle. We can move head inside the tank close to visor, to change angle bit with no magnification. 2.Magnification of gunsights and binoculars must be authentic like it was in real gunsight.
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