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  1. Another error happend Новый текстовый документ (6).txt
  2. Ju 52/3mg4e was a military version with possibility to install 6 ESAC 250/IX bomb cells up to 1500kg bombs. Maybe developers add this unlock?
  3. Changes: 1) 4 missions now in rotation: autumn, winter(morning), summer, winter(evening) 2) Bomb arming removed from AI planes Ju-87 and IL-2. Changed to 37mm guns Bk 3.7 and Sch-37 3) Duel zones removed(to another server) 4) Pilot awards picture changed
  4. Ok, run update. What about tons of logs in txt folder, if i clean up them, and run stats, it will affect on stats at web-page? Or leave it until hdd space enough?
  5. It happend again Logs from last missions in attach Новый текстовый документ.txt 2.zip
  6. Ok, next time i'll backup all logs folder before restart server and stats. Also, would be very good if someday statistics for tank crew will be available in il2stats And who is on server now (like 72AG-DED- Random server stats page)
  7. Did not find it Last log was 14-24-21(in attach). I remove this from log folder and run stats again. 1.zip
  8. [2016.09.03 14:24:47] missionReport(2016-09-03_11-24-13)[0] - processing new rep ort [2016.09.03 14:24:47] unexpected error Sometimes this error happend Новый текстовый документ (2).txt
  9. Statistics http://il2action.ddns.net/en/ Server TeamSpeak Address: il2action.ddns.net Password: 556677
  10. Pilots and tank crews! Fight in the air and on the ground! Victory at any cost! AIRCRAFTS: ★ Taking off from the airfield, limited airplanes - losses influence to win in mission ★ Full real difficulty TANKS: ★ Limited tanks - losses influence to win in mission ★ AT-guns and AAA protect tank spawns(High AI level) ★ Full real difficulty RULES: ★ Allowed to vulch in any form; ★ Allowed to shoot down paratroopers; ★ Allowed to attack tanks by any means available; ★ I
  11. NHK295M

    Video by MK.Mr.X

    I see only non-proffessional schoolboy set of dirty words about =FB= in this video from Mr. X. See no lessons.
  12. For game like BOS, 80$ good price. But, at this time it just investment to the future, no more. Couse in offline - permanent error crush - you have no offline game. And no massive online here, only few fanatics play, so you have no online game.
  13. Sorry, my fault Date of tournament: 6 June 2015 18.00 MST(16.00CET) Draw date: 5 June 2015, 20-21MST If you want to join - write in this thread: 1.you nickname 2.link to you profile And remember, all fights start from 6.06.2015 18.00MST and till the end, try to be free for fight at this time, if you can't - no one will be waiting for you.
  14. Congratulations to the winner of the tournament, "Prince of the hill" Yak-1 =LG=Blakhart Thaks to all participants, arbiters, Team 154, and -DED- for server!
  15. Draw video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wh6HvpRn5ps Bracket http://challonge.com/Prince_of_the_Hill_1 Some players in Round 2 couse the number of participants (http://feedback.challonge.com/knowledgebase/articles/254697-why-some-participants-go-straight-to-round-2)
  16. Draw stream (in russian ) http://www.twitch.tv/2bag_miron
  17. 21. =DA= Ratibobr Sorry 18.00 CET 20.00 MST Result will be posted here, after draw
  18. Player list 1. Zlex 2. El_Babuino 3. djuice 4. WoLos 5. kramol 6. =RP=Zero*12 7. =RP=PaRTiZaN*24 8. Karbon_rus 9. APRISL 10. =IRSS=CV72 11. VaSoK 12. AR_Kudu 13. Bot 14. Kust 15. Latart 16. =LG=Blakhart 17. =LG=Padre 18. Prodigal_Son 19. =SOVA=KVANT 20. =FI=Rambo Remind fights will begin at 16.00 CET(18.00MSK) 11.04.2015 All players must be in TeamSpeak at this time. Draw will be held 10 April 2015, 22.00MST(20.00CET), by 154_Sergus and 2BAG_Miron with tournament software, preferably the presence of competitors(but not necessarily) in official TS with actual tourn
  19. Draw will be held 10 April 2015, 22.00MST(20.00CET), by 154_Sergus and 2BAG_Miron with tournament software, preferably the presence of competitors(but not necessarily) in official TS with actual tournament nicknames. Official Team Speak Server Password: bos2014 Registration deadline: 9 April 2015
  20. Hello fellows! I'm Michael and let me introduce for you online competition: Prince of the Hill tournament Non-official, without prizes, only for fun, to enjoy for a fight, to answear: who the best? Who can throw off the throne of top-pilots of =FB=, FF, Team 154, etc? Participate and I will help you in dealing with the Russian organizers of the tournament, my english is not good, but i try do my best for this Here the rules 2015 Prince of the Hill tournament for beginners 1x1 Yak-1 1x1 duel 16-32 players single elimination tournament(8 players minimal conditional) *For players wh
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