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  1. It is not affected to german bases in this mission, only for total win in mission. If not flags - bases "captured" if all that base tanks was killed( and it affect to total win - then one side lose all tanks from all bases - they immediately lose mission). So in aachen one side must kill horses another side must capture flags. And it described in briefing and on game map by icons. And about refuel-rearm-reheal remark: in 4.004 it option not working with objects that spawned, dunno how in 4.005. So in "supply armored column" RRR not work, cause they spawned by the trigger, when any alive players tank damaged. If you want RRR - move to bases or in supply areas(camps), maintenance radius for vehicles 30 meters. I many times spend in war thunder, so when i design mission i use flags, but try not concentrate on this, and do something different, not "fights for surcles" - to win complete mission objective or kill all enemy players and not it all mission it mean capture base. And about flags: they have large radius 300-500m and in this area placed buildings and static artillery, and flag not downed until all vehicles will not killed. This mean in my server capture flag it is not stay couple minutes near flag, players must kill all enemies in village only then capture start. I think it closer to real war - you enter to some area, kill all enemies, after that it is you territory, you complete your objective.
  2. I need to be on duty tonight, so i just update server to 4.005 and run with 4.004 missions. Tomorrow i replace refuel/reheal vehicles to new what appear in 4.005 version. Server will be restarted again.
  3. Can i go sleep or patch today?
  4. What vehicle you use? try gmc/gaz-aa/opel with "Enabled" option on, with objects what appear in mission by spawner - RRR not working
  5. @Han sorry for off-top, i found what when vehicles appear in missions by the spawner - their repair/rearm/reheal option not working. Repair rearm reheal working with vehicles what have enabled options "on" only, so i can't use spawner...
  6. Put static vehicle on airfield with RRR options, airfields not working with it
  7. i'm use both options: rotate by keys + rotate by mouse with right button pushed(with mouse view). It give me several ways to use - when i push right mouse button it rotate with my view when i release button - it stays and can be corrected by keys on KB if i want.
  8. Our Imperator send all people to vacation from 28 march to 5 april, is it influence to 4.005 release?
  9. Action server close to Australia, it is not Euro server cause it in center Evil Empire (Russia)🙃 Anyway today situation is better than was then i play il-2 in 2001 and we play with dial-up I rise ping limit to 750ms cause I remember from that times - high ping is not so bad, all problems start with pocket loss, and this regulate by master server, not game server owners.
  10. As Jason said, about future TC no decision now and it depends of sales what not great at this moment, so just not many players total, not many servers... Not many players in all series imho😥
  11. If all players have that problem it definitely server problem(wrong mission/sds file or firewall features), but another players haven't - you case for game technical support, i do only missions and server uptime... Maybe you use some mods? If not, sometime reinstall vcredist_x64 (or x32, depends on you OS) or entire game maybe help with client crushes.
  12. What exactly mission was when you try to connect? I check kalinin_s, it's OK. Or you can't connect to any map?
  13. СГ - "Старая Граната" (Staraya Granata/Old Grenade) it is for Ф-354(F-354) HE round with 640 m/s muzzle velocity ДГ - Дальнобойная Граната(Dalnoboynaya Granata/High range grenade) - for ОФ-350/350А (OF-350) HE round with 680 m/s ДТ - machine gun Дегтярева Танковый(Degtyareva Tankovy/Degtyarev's for tanks) with 840m/s muzzle velocity. APHE БР-350Б (BR-350B) have 655 m/s velocity. Thats why i don't like T-34 - for that not user friendly gunsight
  14. It can be released like Ju-52 as a collectors plane, no necessary to cut any other planes
  15. I still working, no quarantine here😐
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