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  1. I hope no one can see my photo Is it right, if someone join in my tank, they can't see what picture i use!?
  2. It is posiible also with check zone and complex triggers.
  3. Occasionally i choose wrong side(red), and can't find where it can be chnged, could admins switch my profile to another side(blue)?
  4. Thx! Another question, I have installed python with il2stats from Vaal (not anaconda) how to use you script with it?
  5. I bought it, and i'm sad. Only for support developers, but i want to buy addons for tankmans...
  6. Possible it was with objects.csv problem i forget to add hurri and C-47. Now i just use orginal file from 1.2.45 with modificated views.py and models.py files If someone need it, tankmod 2.6 for 1.2.45 i attached here tankstatsmodv2.6 for 1.2.45.zip
  7. of course it will be released tomorrow when i'll be on duty😥
  8. Server reup now new haze parameter added to weather presets it will be random from 0.2 to 1.0 return planes and tanks turned off - you must repair you airplane or tank or them will be lost when you rejoin
  9. i'm sorry statistic backup lost when i restore server os from cloud server will be up in several days
  10. Very nice news😋 But... 1)Why old and hard 8xMSAA but not modern and faster TXAA? 2) Axis control for turret that's good but why we still not have normal axis management in game interface? For me that turret control will be useless, i suppose. Must be good axis management in the game for good gameplay. Active/inactive axe, relative or straight control, etc.
  11. This is a great work! You must add on front page button with donate, like Vaal do it. I spend many hours to understand how Vaal's stats works to modify it for my tanks server, but you do it much better, a specially with count for not damaged tanks solution I talk about tanks stats with Vaal, he said that tanks count but not shown. I think it's about turrets - they have another ID's not same as players that's why difficult correctly show stats without change game logs by the developers. He said that he think about tank stats only if get paid money for it cause he interesting about plan
  12. i remake all missions, but something going wrong, server stopped again, but this time pause will be not so long, i hope
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