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  1. Just for information: in server difficulty only "Warmed up engine" checkbox On. AI tanks, ships and AT-guns respawn after death time increased to 60 min. On Lapino maps added objectives to Ju-52 - drop paratroopers on airfield with 3rd tank base and it will be captured. Drop to far airfield - will disable it. Bombers: destroy objects on enemy airfield(Yantar and Lapino only)
  2. Very good news, thanks a lot for you great job😋 But i have a couple words about online... It hard to balance missions - not all planes have analog on the other side. Ju-52 can do capture flags or zones with their paratroopers and can do supply missions. Allies have no DC-3 to do similar mission objective. On the over hand Axis have no recon plane like U-2, Fw-189 or something. I would like to use U-2 and Ju-52 on my server but how to balance mission objective in that circumstances? Do you have any plans to add paratrooper/cargo plane for allies and recon plane for axis? Maybe as a collectors planes?
  3. Random mission generation start time period changed from 4...16 to 4...12 hour, to prevent often night mission time.
  4. Server back from maintenance. Unlimited airplanes and random plane(tank) setups - only on Lapino maps leaved. On the over maps - limited planes and tanks, balanced for gameplay. No limits for fuel and ammo loading. Repair option added for airplanes(not tested yet) Anyway - return planes option is on. Mission victory conditions changed, old method (hold the village) works only on Lapino winter and summer maps. To win you must capture all flags or kill all enemy tanks. Mission duration 12 hr. Time for AT-guns respawn after death increased from 15 to 45 min. And they not respawn on captured or inactive(out of tanks) bases. AI planes have no spotter options anymore. And now they not hunt for tanks - only drop bombs over enemy base. For playable airplanes also turned off spotter option. FC airplanes not available on maps: prokh_s and rhein_s
  5. Server is back to online. But, in 3.201c Dserver.exe unstable again and down sometimes Added Arras(with FC planes and Ju-52 and U-2vs only, couse airfields are small) and Rheinland maps. Some changes in old maps. Mission duration - very long🙃 But you can complete mission objectives and next mission will be loaded. Server RAM improved from 24 to 32Gb DDR3
  6. I like it, couse it closer to realistic aim. Previous version was like in arcade WarThunder - fast and precision aim by the mouse. Now better use buttons to fast move turret on target and then precise aim by the mouse.
  7. 1. "Free tanks" removed from server. 2. Added small-caliber AAA to tank bases. 3. AI recon planes changed level from High to Normal. They have bomb loads, maximum bombs size - 50kg. I want to made total full-real server, if game designers give possibility to off technical-chat - i do it. If you dislike "technochat" - support it at this theme Tank setups(from 0 to 4, with 20% probability for each, 0vs0, 1vs1 etc) RED BLUE
  8. I just add DServer.exe as a trust application in win defender. Then i run it first time defender ask permission to access Dserver to network - i give it.
  9. Maybe i run ahead the train and in future all options appear in game, but know i see that problem as a player and dedicated server admin: 1. Technical chat always ON in game and server have no option to turn off this. 2. On the over hand new information panel depends from "Instrument panel" option in server realism settings. I can't use only that panel without instrument panel. If i turn off instrument panel in server and technical chat manually i have that problem: no information about tank damages, and about shells. Yes, i can see inside the tank and control how many shells i have. But if my transmission is damaged - i can't see it and my bot-driver no tell me about it. Then i open canopy and repair start - i must turn on technical chat to check it. OK, i can leave it and just sometime stop and open canopy to start "check for repair". But, without information on right side of screen i don't know then repair end. And if i close canopy - repair stopped and then i open back hatch it start again. So if i not use technical chat i open hatch and wait 3 min for repair, for example. But if it must be 4 min, i broke my repair by the close my hatch and it will be start again for 4 min then i open it. Is it possible to made new information panel turn on by the separate server option, not by the Instrument panel? Is it possible to move also technical chat to server difficult option? But I understand it couse problem with repair information and shell type load information. So, is it possible to teach AI-crew report by the voice to player about tank conditions? I like to play in "full-real" but it impossible now...
  10. "Freeware" tanks (T-34 STZ and PzIIIL) removed from bases I and II. Only on last base III that tanks available.
  11. FC aircrafts included in all missions - as a recon planes(spotter option turned on for them). For players and as AI.
  12. I don't know but i turn back old variant (with not working gunner stuff) this error was happen: [2019.08.07 19:21:16] IL2 stats 1.2.34, Python 3.5.2, Django 1.11.18 [2019.08.07 19:21:16] missionReport(2019-08-06_19-50-14)[0] - processing new report [2019.08.07 19:21:16] tik: 329079 - instead of a bot in an aircraft is not a living entity [2019.08.07 19:21:19] unexpected error Traceback (most recent call last): File "D:\il2_stats\src\stats\management\commands\stats_whore.py", line 16, in handle stats_whore.main() File "D:\il2_stats\src\stats\stats_whore.py", line 62, in main stats_whore(m_report_file=m_report_file) File "C:\Users\pimpo\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python35-32\lib\contextlib.py", line 30, in inner return func(*args, **kwds) File "D:\il2_stats\src\stats\stats_whore.py", line 306, in stats_whore params['act_object_id'] = event['sortie'].sortie_db.aircraft.id AttributeError: 'Sortie' object has no attribute 'sortie_db'
  13. I'm sorry, i broke stats, and it was reset
  14. tank setups changed for dark axis side, for allies same as before Full real for a test
  15. I think bug-report needed, i remove static flakvierling from tank bases after i can't kill them after 10-15 rounds 75mm APHE. With moved flakvierling(sdkfz10) - no problem. It was flaks on airfield? If i missed this on tank bases - let me know that map? On airfields i leave them with only air attack area.
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