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  1. Mr. Ronald Reagan called USSR "Evil Empire"🙃
  2. Yes, Russia are not friendly for things like me...🙃 That sometimes embarras me, cause i do help people who hate me.
  3. Sorry Chaintong, it was not evil AI that "see more then humans", it was only me...
  4. Well, then you stream every time then you play - youtube can help count time that you played, it just several hours in week... Then i was younger i play more and was much more happy😐
  5. even my boyfriend not so close friend for me😥 it's so hard for me, live for nothing at all...😐
  6. left(gunner) sight rotatable too I tested that and find, on close range 0-500m HEAT better, from 700-800m and higher - HE rounds hit to the top and usually destroy tiger. Anyway it is not tank killer and best way use SU-122 in team play with over tanks.
  7. my opinion m4a2 stronger than t34 and better weapon against tiger, and m4 have anti-air .50, best tank on red side.
  8. i add command that change AI level for AT-cannons in mission at night, but really don't know it is work or not(how check it?) but i do and if it works (sunset trigger -> command behavior -> ai level low) that cannons will be low AI level at night. AAA still with high level all time. also some icons added that show mission objectives and disappear from map then objective complete.
  9. In october 1941 in 21st tank brigade was not T-34-57 then they attack Kalinin?
  10. Slow moving target🙃 Long time reload and slow velocity - not good idea fight with moving target. But i test - on 1000m HE round hit to the roof - and kill Tiger. Use HE as a main, and HEAT for 0...500m distances against Tigers. As for me - i prefer M4, more effective tank.
  11. If you play full real with technical chat off - you need to switch from from gunsight view to gunner view and watch to gunsight scales: 1. HE rounds. It is left scale from 0 to 1250. 1 segment of this scale = 50 meters. Possible max range is 1250*50=62500m, but it not for SU-122, this sight used not only for this gun. If you need to fire on 1000m use keys "Gunsight range adjustment" and set scale to "20". On 1500m to "30". On 750m to "15". 2. HEAT rounds. Max range 2000m. It is third scale from left "ДГ третий" Use this table where "тыс." this is mils - left scale, you can use it like with HE rounds. For example, by the table for 1000m it 47 thousandths set by left scale slightly less "50" or you can use third scale cause then you change shell to HEAT sight pointer moved to right on scale "ДГ третий" For 1000m by the table you must set by third scale to "22" - a bit more from "20" 3. Gunsight I found only information about horizontal crosshare it have segments with 5 mils size. 20 mils to left and 20 mils to right in total. Vertical marks possible 2-2.5 and 3 mils. Don't know about triangle.
  12. This is really problem that can solve only devs. I set for gun 500m max attack range - you can easy destroy all artillery from 1000m - and they even not open fire on you. In all missions player have advantage, if gun attack range 500m - you can see them from 1000m, if attack range 1000m - you can see them from 2000m. Only not smart players have problem with AI guns at daylight, they see that guns not open fire - move close to them and die then enter to attack area and all 6-8 guns open fire.
  13. Mission start from 4 to 12 hour and mission duration 12 hours. Most mission time - daylight. Again, you must made a bug report to devs "AI see in night" - i can't change AI logic in game, only developers can.
  14. If AI see throw clouds - this is for devs question, not for me. You want to play without any resistance, just drop bombs and reach score? Go to offline quick mission.
  15. I noted that mission objectives hard to complete sometime, and plan do some changes 4 dec 2019. Animals durability will be changed from 1000 to 500. And icons needed to show search area on map. At this moment i can just say that i placed most of them near tank bases in objects "farm" and some in forest(if forest exist close tank base): In Rheinland map they placed around tank bases closer to base as possible They have not absurd range - 1000m max distance for AI guns in missions on open areas. If forest or buildings closer 1000m - i reduce attack area to border of forest or buildings. So if you was killed by AT-guns - it was in direct visibility and you just missed them. But if you talk about AI-tanks - i agree, i noted that they need to be corrected, i do this. We have no playable at-guns - so it can not be changed, sorry...
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