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  1. I try open ports, but probably it not working, dunno what can i do more...
  2. Is server available for players? I change router and not sure ports open or it is just last players leave the server
  3. Thats amazing, within evere update game become better and better😋 Innovations and new content - this is really important for players, keep going devs!
  4. I see new page Overall in stats, maybe add tankmans on it? So long i not work with stats where i must add new class top_tankman alike top_pilot?
  5. It's because tanks appear in mission "INAIR", to get status "LANDED" they must get status "TAKEOFF" before - this mean it must be higher from airfield for 50m, as i understand how game logs and statistics works. I see no solution without game developers help... This is the line from Vaal's parser: # взлет (скорость больше чего то и высота больше 50 м) # T:16960 AType:5 PID:109572 POS(23800.740, 116.003, 28128.986) atype_5 = re.compile(r'^T:(?P<tik>\d+) AType:5 PID:(?P<aircraft_id>\d+) POS\((?P<pos>.+)\)$') translate comment: #takeoff(speed higher th
  6. But i see no differences in the stats after this update...
  7. Something going wrong... [2021.03.27 10:13:45] missionReport(2021-03-26_16-55-51)[0] - processing new report [2021.03.27 10:13:46] unexpected error Traceback (most recent call last): File "D:\il2_stats\src\stats\management\commands\stats_whore.py", line 16, in handle stats_whore.main() File "D:\il2_stats\src\stats\stats_whore.py", line 62, in main stats_whore(m_report_file=m_report_file) File "C:\Users\pimpochka96\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python35-32\lib\contextlib.py", line 30, in inner return func(*args, **kwds) File "D:\il2_stats\src\stats\stats_whore.py", line
  8. vluki map removed - too many invisible trees😥 T-34STZ and Pz-IIIL added to setups.
  9. I hope no one can see my photo Is it right, if someone join in my tank, they can't see what picture i use!?
  10. It is posiible also with check zone and complex triggers.
  11. Occasionally i choose wrong side(red), and can't find where it can be chnged, could admins switch my profile to another side(blue)?
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