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  1. I'am interesting, how to work on truck in US, how much salary(min/avg)? If someone not resident how difficult to find such a job in US or Canada and get drive license(convert truck drive license from another country to US)?
  2. What about HE rounds with very high damage? And possibility to lock tank weapons(not available in 3.005) in the plan solve that?
  3. In game PzIII with 50mm HE can kill Tiger😂
  4. Yeah this map crashes every ~30min. And yes i drive on this map, and found terrain errors.
  5. In wartunder dev testing 1.81, players go to there on master-server reduce load🙃
  6. I like Alexey Vishnya, DK and other classic music...
  7. Now in the plan add new locations to server, Kuban, Moskow, etc, so in few days possible stops server to add and test locations. And we need a statistic for tanks, i have no learnings to write parser and other, if someone help with it, i and other players will very appreciate for this help...
  8. my crashes are stable: after 16.00 local time server begin crush every ~2 hours🙃
  9. Added auto restart then server crushes (with 1 minute delay, so it restart after 60 seconds then down)
  10. 1)Before 3.005 server works 24/7, new update brings random crushes to servers with tanks, i have no commander to auto restart server, i up it manually then see that is down. Waiting fix crushes from developers. 2)Skins locked on, but setting "available skins" did not work for tanks, like for airplanes - waiting fix from developers. Also this bug known with skins for La-5. 2a) In game files i found that both skins for Tiger have same name: On the over hand KV-1: 3)Fuel and payloads are locked, for difficulty and balance. Developers says that they don't want correct reaction for controls - plane react for you controls, how you move you controls - plane react. But, with this even heavy twin-engine planes with 10...30% of fuel fly like butterflies, it is unrealistic, that's why fuel locked on 100% 4)Yesterday server was disabled manually, i made some changes: 1.Added random wind layers. Wind will be from 1...15(usual) to 50m/s🙃(rare) 2.Mission small changes. After playing on server i would note to players - static tanks(T-34 and PzIII) on tank bases are fake with high durability (15000)🙃 3.Scoring in statistic changes: scores for armor and artillery are upper now(more than airkills score). Couse server crush often then player respawn, time for rejoin in mission are higher now: 30sec for "finish mission" and 5min(300sec) penalty for death. And i recommend then server mission end - don't wait then next mission load, leave and rejoin. Sometimes then you not rejoin then next mission load - you can see bug with fantom objects from previous mission. And possible it couses dserver crushes.
  11. Nothing to talk at this moment. We have a bug in game, where HE more powerful then HEAT. And we have not SU-122.
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