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  1. Hi there, do you have any mods installed or configs modified? :) It would be great if you send me a track with this bug, captured with mods turned off.
  2. It is still quite messy down there. The problem here is Bodenplatte map alone will take around an hour to load in debug mode because in this mode game runs without any optimization, not to mention this complex logic you have there. There should be a bare minimum of objects on map: no blocks or bridges, smallest map possible (not in this case since there are no railway junctions on Lapino, but in all other cases it's better to use Lapino) and no entities or MCU's other than ones that cause the bug.
  3. So I've looked up this mission, an impressive example of the mission building and demonstration of gameplay mechanics, no doubt. But this is not a working testing case it is a mess of various MCU's for me to find bugs in some of them. And each of these MCU's is a pile of raw code for our programmers to read and debug.
  4. You forgot the .mission file for the mission, can you add it?
  5. Can you send me a generated mission with this bug? There are no generated missions in campaigns, perhaps, you're referring to career mode?
  6. Wow, that's a surprise! Thank you, guys!
  7. So, I've had a little investigation of the matter, the fact is trimming axis and switching trimmers manually up and down is completely separate options, that are used on different planes. And Bf 110 is a plane, which has its trimmers switched only with axes. The buttons are there for other planes, which has fixed trimmer positions instead of movable controllers. But perhaps, we'll do something to make this a little bit less counterintuitive for players.
  8. I'll check it you, it could be an issue with this particular planes.
  9. Hi all! I have already reproduced the case, so don't worry, we'll fix it ASAP. Was it some particular tank or just any tank getting blown with a single shot?
  10. Hello and thank you for your report! There is indeed some problem there, but as you've helped us to find it, we'll fix it. As for now, instead of clicking on «Find Target» and «Find Object» buttons, you can use some hotkeys. By selecting one or several objects, pressing LShift+T and clicking on a target object you will add incoming target links to it from all objects you've previously selected, by pressing LShift+O you can do the same thing for the object links.
  11. Hello, thanks for your report. I'm looking to that issue right now, so I'll see what can be done there
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