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  1. Salute to my fellow pilots, this is J2 (JUANT2), formally of the 353rd FG from Jane's and IL2. I have been buying and updating my game as the releases have come out. I currently have BoBP, and have flown the P-47, which of course was always my go to after flying with Col. Monroe Q. Williams who actually flew with the 353rd during WWII. I am trying to get my boys back into flying (Doonda, Hawkeye, BluJay, Snacky, JAGS and a few others. I would like to talk with some of my former pilots and get on comms and chat a bit more in person. Just throwing this out there in hope to catch up with some old flying buddies and getting another crew back into the air soon. <S> my friends, hope to see you in the air soon! J2
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