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  1. II./JG77_Manu*

    Tactical Air War

    My squadron is. They decided to fly Axis. I hope i can persuade them to go for Allies next time.
  2. II./JG77_Manu*

    Tactical Air War

    Because CAS in a Pe2 is easy mode. In the early maps flying a Pe2 S.37 is the easiest way to rack up points and kills. It's more dangerous then the average enemy fighter. It's suicide to do CAS in everything the Germans have without coordinated fighter cover. Only natural that most people don't wanna commit suicide. In the Pe2, especially in the early maps, it's quite the contrary. Even flying alone you'll survive most of the attack runs, because most Axis pilots won't even attack you, and the ones who do will rarely be able to kill you. It's definitely a lot more rewarding (=easy to be successful) then flying German bombers. If I could choose between all bombers we have, i'd take the Pe2 any time of the day, from start to the end of the campaign, unless I want to carpet bomb and have 5 chaps with me to fly fighter cover. Luckily with the Pe2 S.37 being withdrawn and the German fighters getting more powerful, this huge advantage will shade away (it already started to shade away in map 4)
  3. II./JG77_Manu*

    Over my shoulder view in VR BoX

    This would only be reasonable if there would be a lock for all players and also limiting TrackIR turning abilities at the same time. Otherwise it would be nonsense. But limiting players current view you'll have to fight a lot of resistance. TIR and snapview users will fight very hard to keep their wonder abilities
  4. Agreed..i used to fly with 160% SS (Rift) in Steam but changed to 100% and it made spotting quite a bit easier. Still not nearly as easy as on the monitor though. Shame that we still have to "make the game ugly" for better spotting in 2018, I wish those times would be over
  5. II./JG77_Manu*

    Tactical Air War

    I have seen more Migs flying at that altitude then all Germans together you misread my statement. It was a "what if" statement (map 2 and 3) and not an assessment of the current situation
  6. II./JG77_Manu*

    Tactical Air War

    It's worse with the server overload message appearing, but me and my squadmates also had it happen without the message. Sometimes lag, sometimes other planes warping around (too many for user-related reasons like bad ping)
  7. II./JG77_Manu*

    Tactical Air War

    Ok, then I misunderstood you, sorry. Just don't like the constant whining from some people of the Red side, as soon as things are not going their way. There are more then enough factors giving the Reds an advantage, just as the other way round. This leads to a quite balanced match-up so far (I guess I can already say 2:2). I don't see blues whining constantly, when Reds are on top, like the last two maps (well, maybe apart from being upset about their teammates). That's just annoying. I mistakenly thought you are one of them. You are right, Spit is also an example, there are a lot more on both sides. I for one am quite sad, that the big bombs are blocked for the German bombers, since they are by far their biggest unique selling points when compared to the very fast and very dangerous Russian bomber (Pe2). And it's that they would not have been used in reality as well. But I am not gonna whine about it just because we are currently on the losing side.
  8. II./JG77_Manu*

    Tactical Air War

    109-F4 was available sooner then Mig-3 late 190-A3 was available sooner then Yak1 S.67 and La5 190-A5 was available sooner then La-5F and Yak-1b Could go on like this.... ZZZzzzzz. Nothing to see here 🙄
  9. II./JG77_Manu*

    Tactical Air War

    Noticed the lagging as well, almost everytime the server is full. I hope that all server admins, together with the Devs, will sort out the current network/server problems. The current situation really shouldn't last
  10. II./JG77_Manu*

    Tactical Air War

    At some point there has to be a penalty. If it happens too often (which it does at the moment) you have to introduce a system to prevent it. Simple as that.
  11. II./JG77_Manu*

    Tactical Air War

    I feel you. I was more or less in the area, defending the arty and noticed it. Same 109s (and a few more) didn't give a fuck me alone in a 110 trying to desperately defend the arty against Pe2s and quickly after fighting 5 Russian fighters to death on deck level, while they were hanging out at 5k and watching the stuff from the "box seats". It's a joke at times. VR can't be an excuse, I am flying VR exclusively and I never ever shot a friendly in TaW..there should be really severe punishment for friendly fire, otherwise people just don't care and shoot everything they get in front of their gunsights. I wouldn't know what speaks against severe punishment for friendly fire (at least against player controlled airplane)
  12. Because winning/losing a 1v1 has always been the best way to validate DM claims...ever!
  13. II./JG77_Manu*

    Which DM do you like more - before 3.008 or after?

    +1 and since this effects most aircraft's ammunition, I vote for "it was better before" because HE damage seemed more plausible in overall damage before the update (even if the specific damage was more simplified then it is now)
  14. Of course he was an exceptional fighter pilot, but online we have a lot more pilots capable of aiming in the same manner. Online pilots have a lot lot more experience at shooting and hitting targets then most real WW2 pilots had. In real life pilots rarely hit enemy aircraft and had an abysmal hit ratio. Pretty much every guncam footage shows the same, all aircraft on all sides just spraying and praying, no precise aiming at specific points. That's a valid point. Probably hard to get factual data about that.
  15. Hans Joachim Marseille managed to kill enemy fighters (Spit and P40, we have both in game) with very short bursts of 7mm, in one approach. Now test this in game, is it possible? There were situations (quite a lot) were pilots managed to shoot down 6 or 7 or 8 aircraft in one sortie - confirmed, not claimed (that would have been quite a bit more). Before 3.008 this was surely possible..but try this now, even against rookie AI it will be quite the challenge.