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  1. Old but gold. Gotta love scottish accent😁 Great initiative busdriver, as i see it there are very few people around helping this franchise grow and flourish as much as you do 🙏
  2. Engine timers gone and instead a more realistic approach to engine wear would make me happier then any expansion. I'd also like a map actually looking like Germany (populated)
  3. Is there any "place" where the VVS is organized and some kind of (unofficial) commander/s are giving useful targets/information? I barely have time to fly and if, never more then some 40min or so, so no time to get organized with other people in TS. On those occasions i'd rather do something useful then doing meaningless attack runs or cover assets that don't get attacked anyway.
  4. Have been out of flying for ages and the written rules of TaW on the webpage didn't really seem to change since then.. So i have a question i didn't find an answer on the webpage so far - what can the U2 do in TaW? Asking since i am thinking about buying it, would probably buy it, if it can do interesting stuff in TaW.
  5. I can't set AVX to zero in my BIOS. Only "Auto" or full numbers starting with 1. Do you have any suggestions?
  6. Thanks for the tips guys, it was quite trivial to be honest. When i newly installed the game a couple of weeks ago i copy pasted Fenris' graphic settings into the cfg file and didn't bother with it anymore. When i actually started flying, the latest hotfix had overwritten the graphic settings with quite high presets (most settings on high or max, AA on 2, don't ask my why). Thanks for showing me the right direction @Alonzo, when i checked with TrayTool and saw that the processor is fine, while the graphics card is around 30 ms frametime on average i knew something was amiss and checked the graphic settings again. Dialing down the graphics again and doing a quick online test, i seem to get quite ok (not great but flyable) performance. Thanks In case anyone else with bad performance reads this thread and is interested in settings / set up: Now i use Fenris copy-paste settings, Oculus Tray Tool with 1.1 SS, ASW off, Meltdown and Spectre fix disabled, and OpenComposite in it's latest version. Seem to get 80 FPS now on most occasions
  7. Hey guys, i had a pause from (VR) flying for almost a year and came back now with a little upgrade - Rift S instead of Rift. I used to have quite decent performance in VR, not great, but flyable both in SP and MP (with reprojection). Now i still have the same PC, same specs. Used to run quite some SS back then, so i didn't even change the pixel count. But horrible performance..no matter if SP or MP, i regularly drop below 40fps, which makes flying quite impossible. I even overclocked my processor to 4,8 GhZ and my Graphics card by some margin, but it didn't change a thing. I am quite busy with my job and i don't have time to tinker for hours like i used to, back then when i was a student. Does anyone have an idea, why the performance dropped that significantly on my side? If i don't find a quick fix, i see myself leaving flight sims in general (which would be a shame), since i really wanna utilize my sparse free hours with the VR glasses. Edit: seems my signature with my specs got lost in the last year. Evga GTX 1080, 16gb DDR4 RAM, I7 8700k, game on SSD I also use Open Composite to save performance
  8. I wouldn't mind a Midway scenario at a budget with only 4 aircraft or so and only the Midway islands and the rest being (rather cheap to make) ocean without a campaign mode. With 30-40€ at max, this would be a fair deal. At the same time the devs could monetize their "R&D" in ship and ocean programming technology. But seeing the WW1 module for full price currently, having only a small map and no career mode, not even a complete set of ground assets i wouldn't bet on that. For full price Midway would be too expensive. Then i'd rather have Guadalcanal or the likes folks already proposed
  9. Is there any how-to for Open Composite with IL2? I have never used it before..
  10. If we take Tanks into consideration, the initial statement might be closer to the truth - but still quite a difference to the Yak 9-K. Tiger and Panther weren't "very low production". Taking the total number of German tanks at the respective times into consideration and the "normal" ratio between those heavy tanks and other lighter tanks, it's quite normal. Just as with the aircraft in latter stages of the war, there just weren't that many German tanks around. Just taking total numbers is not very useful.
  11. I wonder what "low production German equipment" you are talking about? So far we only have German mainstay aircraft from all respective theatres (counting the A3 to Kuban). That can't be said about the Allied side though. They already have one aircraft which was not used in any current theatre (La 5-FN) and get two more (Yak 9, Yak 9-T). Adding a further aircraft that doesn't even fit the eastern timeline anywhere close and was never used in any numbers because of huge problems with the airframe should stay War Thunder territory. Otherwise we can next include the Me163, Do335 and Ta152 and throw them into the servers. I like the current approach of the Devs to only use aircraft that have been used in worthy numbers (even though i would prefer only using aircraft that also fit the theatres). There are a lot of important aircraft missing from the eastern front that even fit the scenarios - P39-N, Do-217, early Yak1 and Lagg3 (for Moscow), Su-2, IAR 80/81. Those should be included before including fantasy aircraft from different times.
  12. I heared it's a big problem that when you shoot, the whole screen (=whole world in VR) is shaking which makes it a neauseating and bad experience..can you confirm?
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