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  1. Does anyone here have this high-end FFB joystick or tried it in IL2? Would like to know how compatible it is, since it says on the product page "Direct support for X-Plane, FSX, FSX Steam edition, Prepare-3D with BRUNNER CLS2SIM SW, X-Plane Plugin for Windows, Linux". I wonder what that means for IL2 (or DCS for that matter). Would be interested in this joystick, but only if I can use it's full capability in IL2.
  2. I would love the Battle of France as a scenario, but as others said already, with actual French aircraft and maybe one British as premium, but not more.
  3. I hope by the time of full release, I'll actually have a PC able to run DCS in VR. If there is one aircraft module an absolute must for me, it's this one. Jane's AH-64D Longbow was my first full-price computer game. My parents have been strictly against any types of war/fighting games, but I reveled so much about this game for a loong time, that they actually got it for me for christmas. I ended up never playing it, because my PC (old, discarded PC of dad's office) wasn't able to run it in any way and later on I got a Playstation. But I still spent like at least 50 hours on th
  4. Awesome to hear, is there any timeline on VR? I suppose this will run a lot better then DCS, looking at the performance I am getting on the pancake version. Would love to finally fly jets in VR 🤩
  5. So is there anything the consumer has to do now in order to get better performance in titles like IL2?
  6. Are you pretending to be stupid now only to belittle my reservations and to force your agenda? It should be pretty clear, that there is quite a difference between comparing the G6-late to the G6 or the A5 to the A6 on one side, as opposed to the Typhoon Mk2 to the Tempest Mk5 (completely different aircraft) or the Griffon Spit to the Mk9 (again completely redesigned aircraft with completely different engine type). Know if you tell me that you don't see the difference then sorry, you have no idea about these aircraft in the slightest
  7. Seems like you, as well as the people upvoting your post, didn't really read my posts thoroughly. I am not at all against modeling submodels, quite the opposite. I think up until BoBp, every sub model made sense - bar the G4, which is a copycat of the G2. But with Normandy we entered a territory, where certain submodels just don't make too much sense. By the time of Normandy, Germany already fielded already quite a number of 190 A8s and 109 G14s. The Allies already fielded the P47 with bubble canopy. So modelling the "lesser" models is a waste for the majority (not
  8. Thing is, you can't keep up that plan forever. We are still missing at least a 1944 and a late 1944/1945 scenario on the eastern front, and several possible earlier Western front modules from Battle of France to the channel battles between 1940 and 1943. So would you just follow the path and also include the G10, G14/AS, 190-A9, 190-A7 and all the earlier 109s and 190s? Don't you think this makes the modules a lot less interesting for the seasoned players? I think it is much better to include German modules we haven't seen at all before, which there are quite a few significant one
  9. Agreed, we had this before, but never more then 1 or 2 copycat-aircraft, now we have 4 and that is just too much for me. And obviously, my claim is related to the chronological order of the module releases. I basically agree on all your statements, especially the versatility of the G6-late. But if you already own the G4, G6 and G14, it still does not really feel worthy as a customer. I don't wanna bash this module too much, I just feel that there could have been a lot better / more interesting expansions, which is always subjective to a certain extent. For example, I would ha
  10. Well the IL2 franchise is by far not the only game I am playing in VR (currently i don't play it at all), so that is a rather bad comparison. No one is comparing the price of a Tesla software upgrade to the price of the hardware (the actual car!), that just does not make any sense. I do not only compare it to other AAA titles, I could also compare it to other niche simulation titles - like for example Post Scriptum, which costs around a third of a single IL2 module and also puts massive effort into modeling (maps, gear) historically correct. I also compare it to the other Il2
  11. I think as collectors only vehicles make sense, that have actually been around during the time of the Battle of Kursk (or even better directly involved in the Battle). The one we are mostly missing is the Stug 3, after all it was the most successful tank killer in history. More modern tanks like Königstiger and IS-2 should come along in a whole new theatre like Northern Ukraine or Belarus.
  12. For me it's not only the A6, but also the G6 late, Ju-88 and P-47 Razorback that are preventing me from buying that expansion. All those 4 aircraft are close to be copycats of already existing aircraft. So far with each new module we always had very new, unique aircraft being included, or at least upgrades of existing ones (like A5 over A3). For me there is no sense to fly the A6 or the G6 late, when the A8 and G-14 have been around during Normandy already. Same goes for the razorback. I'd like the Mossie, 410, Typhoon and Arado since they really bring something new to the table b
  13. Many thanks for letting us know @SYN_Luftwaffles. Please post here as soon as this is sorted by the WMR team, I'd like to revisit IL2 and see if I can finally run it properly then.
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