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  1. Thanks, that worked. Have to toggle both radiator controls to get it manual in normal mode
  2. There was changes recently? I can't seem to find it in the changelogs.
  3. Those are the exact keybind i'm using. Are we supposed to see the % change in technochat?
  4. Just reinstalled the game and redoing all my keybinding. I remember when moving the radiator a technochat would tell you the % of how much it's open. I've tried every single keybind and somehow it doesn't work. I can switch it manual/automatic at will, but i don't see the knob moving at the bottom right of the cockpit when i try the bf109-110 water radiator: open/close nor do i see the technochat.
  5. You really love making strawmens and destroying them, don't you? Here let me make my point clear enough for you to understand and leave no room for you to twist words : I want a competitive turn fighter. Here's how I define a competitive fighter... it needs to have either the best top speed of the theater OR the best climb speed of the theater OR a package of reasonable climb + reasonable top speed + best turning abilities. NOT the best of all attributes, just one of the three has to be the best. Good turn rate alone is not good enough to be competitive, you need decent climb speed and decent top speed, doesn't have to be the best. Right now there's no competitive turn fighters, it's all about energy fighting and if you don't energy fight, you are dead meat. Is that reasonable and logical for you? I never said I want a plane with perfect attributes, you made that up and ran with it. Here's what i said ealier in the thread : "I enjoy going against 2 or 3 human pilots at once and to do that you need a plane that has either good top speed to run away, good climb speed to keep on top or a combinaison of enough TWR and turn to make proper gun defense against multiple planes" I don't see how that is ambiguous. Why are you trying to start trouble?
  6. I really loved the P-36 in warthunder, but I haven't played it since BoS was released. It had the perfect package altought sometimes the single cowl .50+peashooter mg were inconsistent. If you encountered a better turning plane you were generally a better climber and if you were fighting against a purely BnZ plane you had the turn advantage; so you had to change playstyle depending on the opponent. Was really fun. even made a FRB video back then :
  7. I don't know all the ww2 planes so I don't know what I would really like. it would have been nice to have a decent turn fighter, but for a turn fighter to be competitive it needs to have good enough turn to outweight the lack of engine power. If you can't capitalize on your turns because the opposition can just spiral climb then it's just not competitive. So if there's no competitive turn fighter the only attributes worth it is climb rates and that means bf-109 forever. I like plane with strong attributes because if you are on the lower end, winning a 1v2 is practically impossible. I enjoy going against 2 or 3 human pilots at once and to do that you need a plane that has either good top speed to run away, good climb speed to keep on top or a combinaison of enough TWR and turn to make proper gun defense against multiple planes. Aside from the ishak, it feels like this expansion only has plane that are either non-competitve or the exact same flavor as in BoS. Don't know if russia had spitfires at one point, but that could have been a cool plane to even the odds for russia.
  8. Personnaly there's just one attribute that I look for in propeller planes and it's climb speed; So I'm just gonna end up with a variant of a bf-109 which will be pratically exact gameplay. Regarding the mig-3 i don't think high altitude performance is that great, because if you don't have speed advantage at all altitude the opposition can just avoid you forever.
  9. Ah thanks. Not much reasons to get this expansion then, since I practically only play multiplayer. Kinda disapointing. Would have loved a good turn fighter.
  10. Took a long break from this game, wondering about the new planes... Specifically for the new bf-109s, what are their expected relative performance compared to the F-4? From what I understand the F-2 has the same engine but has a 15mm in the nose instead, which I assume should be lighter. Does that mean better climb, speed and perhap turn rates? Regarding the I-16, does the better turn rates outweight the lack of speed and climb? From my experience in other sims, if you have a better turn fighter you can generally survive boom and zoom forever with proper maneuvering, is that the case in this game? And last question, what is the expected from the mig-3 compared to the yak, especially interested in the ~3000m altitude and climb comparison. Also turn rates in general.
  11. I'd say that this is not completely true. Even if there is an icon and distance indicator, you don't know the exact aspect of the target plane unless you look at it. To be successful you will still need to keep sight of your target's aspect to be able to do productive maneuvering and anticipating. The sun can be taken advantage of when extending away because it's pretty hard to shoot someone who is flying straight into the sun. Also hard to see the aspect of a plane flying with the sun behind it.
  12. I personally think that normal is way harder than expert. At least people defend properly on normal and they don't let themselves get shot on every pass. The large map expert server is basically just looking for someone for 30min and then shooting him down without a fight, kinda boring in my opinion. When fighting outnumbered on normal the enemies are able to group together and prevent you from doing all the maneuvering you want; on expert they all fumble around, chasing each other and making bad turns until you kill them.
  13. I did not? Game physics != Flight physics. You read what you want, antagonize me with irrelevant questions and then talk about how you fly planes in real life. If anything, you are trolling this thread. And yes, end of story. I would have prefered not to hear your story at all.
  14. The problem here is that someone is derailing the thread because he wants to talk about his career.
  15. Oh of course my feelings were completely hurt. haha lol... Have you looked at yourself, all you do on this forum is being condescending and informing people of how knowledgeable you are of things that does not even matter, in a game that you did not even played. Nearly 900 posts on this forum and you don't even own the game... what is your purpose here?
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