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  1. I will come back with some footages of it don't worry
  2. Don't you see ??? Some shell never get out of the canon ! It seemed to me very clear if you look at the impact on the ground.
  3. I would greatly appreciate a footage from the game as proofs of that ??? Because for me yak 1 is like a stone at high altitude... no speed no manoeuvrability.
  4. I just had a fight against a 109 at 6000 meters and I was higly surprise of the YAK reaction against the 109... I stay stuck at 350 km/h and never achieve to turn more than the 109... Yet I read this about the yak-1 against 109 So what's wrong with this ? Thank you.
  5. I made a post about this. Let me think what you think about it http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/14210-why-people-dont-unlock-and-how-improve-campaign-part/
  6. Add an issue for the replay mod... When you try to rewind, the game crashed.
  7. Hi, Sorry but i get a bit borring by some issues of the game - Severals game crashed usualy in the main menu but sometimes also ingame after one hours of fly. - Impossible to click on the button flight which stay grey during multiplayer mission. (only fix deco\reco) - an other where you can hit flight but you stay locked on the map while you hear your airplane flying (deco/reco) - With FFB2 sometimes for no reason the force feed-back stop to work at the launch of the flight, or doesnt work properly with weird shakings. (only fix disable then enable the forcefeedback, sometimes need to do it severals times) - Bad performance online, while i've a good and clean setup (3770k+gtx680) Hope it will be fixed soon, good luck and thank you.
  8. No I still have this exact same issue... Impossible to connect it's loading and then return to the main menu without any information...
  9. If you have a good internet connection you can use "Twitch" or the new streaming service from steam... But don't we have a spectator mod in this game ? I know you can follow a plane from third point of view, so maybe you should just ask for a first person spectator point of view ? (With an active HUD)
  10. Why not split the difference ? I think people would agree to unlock items if they have one mission to do for it, and if during this mission they have some sort of brief to learn how to use it, rather than ten missions with no real interest. Would you ?
  11. Yes that's exactly the kind of missions I would like to see ! With maybe some sort of leader which could carry you by radio explaining basics stuffs about the plane you just unlock or the new material you mount on it...
  12. Hi guys, Personally i've no problems with the unlock concept but I see and I know lot of people complaining about this part of the game. For myself I think the major problems with this unlock system is not his existance but the way it is presented inside the game and especially inside the campaign. Let me explain myself... Currently for unlocking some additionnal parts of your plane you have to select a plane, play a mission and win points for this plane until you unlock the item you want. But something is missing here ! Actually you don't want to play the campaign for a new item, you want to play a campaign to learn from the game how to use this new item ! Clear example : I want to unlock a new canon for the lagg-3 and I want this cool "37mm Sh37" canons here but "hey" expect if I google it I don't know what it is and what is it for ??? And that's exactly the point here, this game is so intense and he wanted to be so historicaly accurate but when it comes to teach something to the player there is nothing. Of course there is lot of experienced pilotes here which already know everything but there is a lot of new pilotes too like myself and we don't want to be throw in the deep blue sky of stalingrad with nothing. So this is how it should be : The current system with points of experience linear to the historical conflict can be kept it work pretty good but only to unlock skins which are less importants and where no instructions are needed ! But for the planes and their parts it definitly must be some missions dedicated to their unlock, where inside of the mission you learn how to use the new materials you want to unlock and if you complete the mission it means you know how to use this new planes or new canon for example and you earn the right to use it, like some sort of exams ! So to sum up make the work to unlock then usefull it will be less painfull and more enjoyable for everyone and it will make the players experience much more immersive ! PS : I want to learn how to use this
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