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  1. thank you very much for you time it was very kind of you to provide the link.
  2. I had heard there was to be basic manuals or at least start up manuals for the aircraft in Tobruk release but I can't seem to find them under manuals in the game manual. Does anyone know where to find them?
  3. I was wondering if any one else had a reoccurring problem with both the new release Tobruk and the old Dover . I cant seem to get rid of a large gray rectangular message looking box in the upper left hand corner of the flight screen, nothing is ever displayed on it and it covers up the action script words of the game. Also every session the flaps and undercarriage drop on their own off and on with out being prompted my key or hotas commands. then i have to hurry and put them back up. Hope someones else has had these issues and knows how to fix them its driving me nuts. Thanks everyone for the
  4. Jason gave me a reply stating that wobble will be address or somewhat fixed or at least reduced. Good New right.
  5. Kind of hoping this will sow the seeds for tutorials. Folks people new to flight sims need these. Even though I am not one of them. I do suck a dive bombing with the dive bombing aircraft and it would be nice to have someone very skilled in this and many other skills, guide newbies and those of up who are weak on certain skills toward refinement of many and necessary skills. Online squadron really need to think of this as area to train new personal so they can spend less time in the fundamentals and more time honing high end quality combat skill. Somebody wants to join? Put them through the co
  6. I honestly think these type of pilots did and do not get enough recognition even today! Everybody loves the fighter pilots. Yet Recon is probably the most important element in warfare period. Without excellent information YOU ARE BLIND! And dangerously open to enemy exploitation. It would be nice to see just a few RECON missions added to BOS, BOM, BOK. Talk about BRAVE!!! All the way to berlin with no guns, no help, and not even any armor! Bet his navigation skills & pilotage skills are bar none excellent. I am a real pilot and all I got to say is WOW! Let me say that backwards WOW! About
  7. I would love to see a Finnish Campaign. Really probably the most efficient air force of WW2 and the only one to NOT over claim kills.
  8. That wobble is a bigger problem than most think! It is why it is so hard to shoot accurately in a way that the real WW2 pilots wrote about in combat reports. Describing for example Sarvonto' Shoot down of all those Bombers at once over Finland. He first took out many of the gunner by aiming carefully. Something that would be all but Impossible in IL-2 BOS. Folks this need change because I cringe as real pilot at what they are going to do to the Pacific arena aircraft. Ouch!
  9. I also am a real pilot with some stick time in aerobatic aircraft and yes I do agree these aircraft DO NOT behave as they should. I cannot get one of these aircraft to snap roll as they should. They just short of flop over and mush about. The snap roll has always been a favorite defensive maneuver of mine no longer possible in this sim. because of the instability of most of the planes accurate Boom and zoom shooting is quite hard but as describe in countless combat report of ww2 and the books of the pilots in that conflict they describe a no maneuvering plane to be a sitting duck. Here again
  10. If any of you have seen Star Citizen or played it. You will understand the nature of my question. I sure would like to hear more from my wing men, my Squadron Commander BETTER RADIO COMMANDS!. It would be nice to have briefings before missions and have Intelligence Briefings with a Intelligence Officer. Talk over with maps the enemy's Objective and known intentions. But it seem as if many games over the years have changed while Flight Sims have just stayed the same in this regard. But this is not Historical. It would be nice to have Jimmy Thatch give you a lecture on how to do the Thatch weav
  11. So glad for everyone's response. So what I'm seeing is most people, NOT all WOULD, like to see Guadalcanal,( Operation Cartwheel), New Guinea and some strong support from the Common Wealth. Personally I like Guadalcanal, BUT I'd also like to see what you guys think of the RAF, Flying Tigers VS. The Wild Eagles Of japan. BURMA, China & India. Yes folks I'd like to know what you people would think of No. 67sqn, 17sqn. (S/Ldr. Bunny Stone), The A.V.G. against, the 77th Sentai , 50th Sentai, & 64th Sentai. Plus all the bomber groups on both sides. Now that we have a group that would like t
  12. I agree I don't like the Idea of Okinawa just yet either but new guinea does appeal to me we could use the A-20 there & the P-39 too
  13. Do you guys know how we could contact the developers with these concerns? I am pleased to see that other agree with me on the Guadalcanal issue. These sims are around $70 a pop for us & I know the developers are spending WAY more than that on their hard work. Just hate to see it wasted, all on something with so little future development potential. So once again how about us trying to get a petition type letter signed saying we'd rather see something else ( Guadalcanal I hope) sent to the developers. But How do I/ we do this?
  14. FIRST OF ALL I DID PER-ORDER BOK! However,I personally think the Midway campaign will be a bit of a mistake on the developers part, for several reason I will list. 1. the distances will be quite a bit further away than I think most players will want to go. 2.The campaign it self really wasn't that long, only a few days. Which won't lead to a game that can be developed for very long or into any thing else for that matter. It will be a very short game. 3. In the case of the US the objective was very simple, SINK ENEMY CARRIERS! Not much else. It maybe a bit boring. 4.With the flight model on th
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