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  1. Thanks for contacting. Sorry for the long reaction. The service has been restored.
  2. I didn't do this alone. My contribution is small in this. Ask this person to develop other types of missions or offer them help.
  3. On what specific resource can not be registered? forum.il2-expert.ru here? Or il2-expert.ru here? Write to me in PM the Email of the registration. About Hawker Hurricane sorry, I did not understand.
  4. The generator works as before. Missions are generated by workers.
  5. Hello StG2_Raven. No. So far, we do not plan anything new. One person cannot do it, and without him I have nothing new to do. At least, without the development of a completely new generator, nothing will work, and I have no time to develop a generator.
  6. Hello StG2_Raven. The update will be in about two weeks. Regarding tanks now I can not say anything.
  7. I cannot understand. What prevents the use of the generator of cooperative missions, which is already there? There is no lobby? Difficulties with port forwarding? The lobby can be done relatively quickly, but you need to see the expediency of spending time on it. I don't see that yet. Sorry for my English, I use a translator.
  8. MissionStart = 0; // Hit = 1; // Damage = 2; // Kill = 3; // PlayerMissionEnd = 4; // TakeOff = 5; // Landing = 6; // MissionEnd = 7; MissionObjective = 8; // AirfieldInfo = 9; // PlayerPlane = 10; // GroupInit = 11; // ObjectSpawned = 12; // InfluenceAreaHeader = 13; // InfluenceAreaBoundary = 14; // LogVersion = 15; // BotUninit = 16; // PosChanged = 17; // unused BotEjectLeave = 18; // RoundEnd = 19; // Join = 20; // Leave = 21; //
  9. http://forum.il2-expert.ru/ Here you can use the chat to find partners
  10. A small GUIDE to the creation and launch of cooperative missions: http://forum.il2-expert.ru/posts/m57-Help-for-Co-op-mission-generator#post57
  11. this will not work with DServer. You need to create a server through the interface for co-op mode.
  12. Hey, Hund. Now you can play in the mission "Bomb strike" on either side and on any type of aircraft, except attack aircraft. You can generate the mission and implement it as an interceptor as friends against AI, or with friends against real virtual pilots. At the next stage, we planned to make the mission exactly the same as the" Bomb strike " only as strike aircraft attack aircraft will be available (Il-2, BF110, etc.), and as targets will be railway stations, bridges, various static units and columns of troops. P. S. All this is that, on the map Stalingrad. Will continue to watch in which direction to move.
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