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  1. If you are shot down, a flight ban of 1 hour is issued.
  2. If you are connecting locally, close the port to the outside and other people's connections will disappear. If you are also connecting from the outside, allow connection to the port only from certain IP addresses
  3. 1. Radio beacons have been added to all active airfields. 2. "Wind socks" added to all active airfields 3. In the supply column added new trucks with ammunition. Thanks a lot to @I./KG53Riedel for redesigning all airfield groups.
  4. The description of the server is available at the link
  5. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/64189-il-2-expert-server/?do=findComment&comment=1056694
  6. We, on the Il-2 Expert server, also started emulating radio communication with the earth via SRS.But, now it's more of a one-way message from the ground to the pilot. We would like to develop voice recognition to receive requests from pilots. For example, a request for any airfield "bearing", "range". To do this, the pilot's coordinates are not enough in the log files. Please make the output in the log file A Type: 17 (Coordinates of the aircraft).
  7. 1. Dispatchers have been added to all airfields, who will tell the pilot by voice in SRS whether he is allowed to take off and what reasons if take-off is prohibited. In Channel 1, dispatchers speak only English, in Channel 2, they speak Russian.
  8. 1. For your convenience, added the ability to log in using social networks. If you have any difficulties with the usual registration, you can use the quick authorization via the social network that is convenient for you.
  9. 1. Fixed incorrect numbering of airfields when it was impossible to set one of the four, which led to the write-off of aircraft from the wrong airfield from which the take-off was carried out. 2. Fixed an issue where a tank battalion prevented you from closing a target. 3. Now, without registering on the site:https://il2-expert.ru/en take-off is prohibited. Without linked accounts, take-off is prohibited. If no coalition is selected on the site: https://il2-expert.ru/en in your personal account, take-off is prohibited. Take-off on an aircraft of the opposite coalition is prohibited.
  10. Added to the system of debits and replenishment of the aircraft. Now, each lost aircraft will be written off from the take-off airfield, at the same time a request will be created to replenish this aircraft. Until there is a replenishment, the number of aircraft at this airport will be one less. Different planes have different replenishment times. The planes will return to the airfield on two to three missions. That is, the lost LaGG will return to the airfield only after three missions (when generating a fourth). Updated planeset. The number of targets in one locality has been inc
  11. 56RAF Don't want to take control of attacks? If you decide to, please contact me at disord
  12. Dear friends, I sincerely congratulate you on the upcoming New Year 2021 and Merry Christmas! May the coming year bring you happiness, prosperity and financial well-being! Good health to you and your loved ones, success in all your endeavors and continuations, grandiose victories, as well as pleasure from the work done! Reliable, driven, smart and capable of leading, pure heaven! ============================================================== The previous campaign was completed ahead of schedule. I congratulate the red team on their victory. This is the last update in the outgoin
  13. How do I link accounts? Turn on English subtitles.
  14. the fact is that in the future it is planned to make a "garage" in addition, it is planned that there will be a virtual life, during which the pilot will receive titles. Ranks will provide some advantages for acquiring better aircraft. I think it should be interesting, but at the same time, on the part of the enemy, it will require to deprive the pilot of this virtual life, so that he has less advantages.
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