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  1. G'day all I know this thread is old but i have just joined and have itching to get back into the flight sims ect. Any help with a build would be appreciated as i have been out of the PC loop for years. I have a budget of around $2500 Australian for a build, and if anyone can point me in the right direction for joysticks - rudders - hotas etc. would be great as well I was flying Il2 46 with a squad about 10 years ago and have been out of it for ages Thanks in advance for any help
  2. G'day Everyone Many years ago i used to fly in a squad called III/JG11, most of the the lads were scattered through out Australia and was wondering if there are some still flying today. If you lads are i am pretty keen to get back into it ( just have to build a computer for it ). I still keep in contact with Goggo and i can get in contact with Slippery. Back in the day i was III/JG11_Davo from South Australia. It would be great to hear from you's its been a while.
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