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  1. I can guarantee they would sell at least one extra copy if this game had VR support. Without it however, I would not even buy it for $10.
  2. Replays look better on a monitor in 4K and maxed out graphics. I cannot fly on it anymore.
  3. VR-DriftaholiC is right. I use two cfg files to have different level of details - everything maxed for a monitor and mid-high settings for VR.
  4. I keep two copies of steamapps\common\IL-2 Sturmovik Battle of Stalingrad\data\startup.cfg and swap them with a .bat file.
  5. You should not have bought ultrawide screen for 3D gaming. You will always have a fish eye effect in any game. Only multi-screen setups and a game that supports separate rendering per screen will give you a proper wide view with correct geometry across the whole field of view. AFAIK in flight simulators only X-Plane supports it, maybe DCS too but not sure. Many racing sims support separate rendering.
  6. Turn off cockpit limitations in difficulty settings. Don't remember how this option is called exactly.
  7. Not yet. I only put the hardware together on Monday and overclocked it to 5GHz yesterday. I will leave it for a week or two to check how stable the system is and then I will try to add extra Hz.
  8. Motherboard: ROG MAXIMUS XI HERO CPU: 9700K CPU Freq: 5.0 Ghz L3 cache: 12 MB RAM type: DDR4 RAM size: 32 GB RAM Freq: 3200 MHz RAM Latency: 16 GPU: 2080Ti STMark: 3015 2019-12-17 22:05:16 - Il-2 4.003 Frames: 26487 - Time: 180000ms - Avg: 147.150 - Min: 102 - Max: 239 All settings as per OP. System upgraded yesterday and fresh Windows 10.
  9. But why? This game does not simulate random faults so what's the point of checking temps, pressure, fluids every 10sec? Unless you were damaged by enemy fire or flying with closed radiators nothing wrong will happen to your plane.
  10. Completely useless. I bought Reverb last week and returned it after 3 days mainly because I could not make it working with my 65mm IPD. Also sweet spot was tiny and tracking in dark room was terrible.
  11. I have 6700k@4.5GHz plus 2080 Ti and IL2 was playable in Reverb on balanced settings, you should be fine with Index. You won't have 90fps all the time, though. Don't know if any hardware will allow that. I returned Reverb for other reasons and planning to buy Index now.
  12. Whichever headset to choose you will need to use migoto's zoom mod anyway.
  13. It won't have VR support at the beginning and who knows how long it gonna take to implement it. Devs never planned it and only changed their mind a few months ago. Also I am not fan of 3D objects generated from photos. It looks good from high altitude but on the ground level it won't be much better than Google Earth.
  14. I have completely different experience. DCS looks and works much better in VR. The virtual world in IL2 is lifeless comparing to DCS and its AI traffic. Persian Gulf map is a masterpiece. I love flying there in Huey.
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