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  1. I bought it about 6 months ago mainly to use it in DCS. It does the job much better than the original one.
  2. 90fps everywhere or you are one of those who don't use fps meter but feel it's smooth?
  3. You mean to get rid of the propeller. Thanks. If I wanted to play jets I'd play DCS.
  4. Head movement limitations were very small in all other planes but it was fixed some months ago. Flying Bf-109 in VR was a nightmare. Hopefully devs will fix Ju88 too.
  5. What model exactly? I am planning to buy 9700k soon and OC it to 5.0GHz at least.
  6. It's max 30min from Charing Cross to Colindale. Bus 303 (the best number for a bus going to RAF museum) goes to the front door but also visits all the neighbourhoods in 5mil radius before it gets you to the museum. It's literally quicker to walk from the station than taking a bus.
  7. This might be the case. I used to have it set for max perf. in global settings, but read somewhere I should not do it because GPU runs at 100% all the time, even when idle. So I set it to balance and set max perf in program settings only for BoS.
  8. Your GPU is pretty much the same as mine and we both have 6700k, although mine is OC'ed to 4.5GHz. You should be able to get 4.5Ghz from your CPU, even on air cooling. These are mine settings for VR: They won't give me 90fps in every situation but it's enough for less complex missions. PS. Some say you can get smoother experience if you convince yourself that what you see is fine. You even will be able to crank your settings up to ULTRA and still enjoy it. Only that bloody ghosting...
  9. As I said nothing was running in the background. In task manager only il2.exe process was using CPU above 1%.
  10. Every time I open this game I have different fps. Yesterday after the update, I started the game and was surprised to see 90fps in VR on the same graphics settings I always use. It was late already so could not test it longer. Today morning I opened the same mission and fps are sh.t again!!! I checked the system, everything was as yesterday, no extra programs running in the background. I enabled Rivatunner, started the game and I see this https://imgur.com/fqpaRoM. Barely 60-70fps, GPU usage 70-80% and CPU 30-40%. Why this game does not use all resources? A few ours later I started BoX again. The same mission "Patrol over Krymskaya" from BoK. Looked at the fps meter and boom! Stable 90fps and GPU usage 90%, CPU also a bit more than before https://imgur.com/qxFk07I. Why is this happening?
  11. If it was good and smooth as you claim, you wouldn't have the ghosting effect. That's why we need min 90 FPS.
  12. Obviously it's not, buy because other games are sh.t in VR does not mean BoX has to be the same.
  13. I'd be happy with SS 1.0 and medium settings if this can give me stable 90fps :).
  14. Don't we all ask for the same? Ok. some are happy with just personal feelings.
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