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  1. @Venturi the P51 is a project requested by the RAF. North American was suppose to build the P40 but promised better airplane in short time. It is an airplane from 1940. Romantic areal dogfighting was never really a thing. It was propaganda to make pilots look like gods during ww1. Oswald Boelcke has written how to engage the enemy. Is the attack from the sun and behind, from blind spots romantic?
  2. Either way, these issues need to be adressed: 1.You write how P-51 just met "untrained pilots", while you say that it "produced the most aces". You know where those aces were mostly "born"? During early days of technologically and numerically inferior Poland (P.11c vs Bf109E), during battle of France, where Luftwaffe had numerical superiority, during BoB where many Hurricane and Spitfire pilots had 7h of flight training on their aircraft, during invasion of Soviet Union, which had not resolved any of its problems concerning fighter pilot training untill the last months of the war! 1941-45 most soviet pilots had few hours of flight training and 0 combat training. During early 1942 some were even flying two training flights and had to go to war and die, without radios, without radar, without training on inferior aircraft (at least speed wise). And I am not even going into different doctrines where allied airplanes flew in close 3-ship formations in V leaving no ability to maneuver or maintain SA. So, why "did the 109 produce so many aces?". Lets see, by attacking/invading everyone and having the initiative for a very long time, beeing the bigest modern airforce in Europe and fighting mostly untrained or badly trained, illequiped units that had bad tactics and strategy? 2. Numbers game. Bf109 is the most produced fighter aircraft of the world in history. Second overall to the IL2. 33.300 109s. In comparisson 15.586 Mustangs were built. Secondly, it is normal during offensive operations that you concentrate forces for an attack. Therfore, when attacker makes his move, he usually has the numerical superiority. So did Luftwaffe when they attacked Poland, Belgium, Holand, France, Britian, Norway, Soviet Union and many other countries. It is the tactical numerical superiority that counts. Yes, on many accounts over strategic view the Luftwaffe was "smaller" than combined allied airforces. But as long as III Reich was on the move, it had the initative and was active and not reactive, therfore it could consolidate units for an attack and they did. Plus, they were the only country ready for this war in 1939 therfore taking everyone by suprise and having experienced Condor Legion pilots. 3. Pilots wanted to stay with the 109 even though other planes were avialable. The reason is the same as with P-40 pilots not wanting to change to P-47 and P-47 pilots not wanting to convert to P-51 and F-14 pilots not wanting to convert to F-18 etc. Pilot's like their machines and they learned to operate them and feel a bond to them, especially after many combat sorties. As long as they were successful they do not want to leave the airplane. 4. The "better" fighter. You know why 109 has such a low regard by history? a) cramped, small cockpit with poor visbility to the back b) short range c) small bomb load d) very hard to land and take off properly (steep learning curve) e) heavy stick forces at high speeds All of those problems were adressed by the Fw190 (well maybe except the short range). 5. Every sim depicts 109 as "bad". That argument I do not understand. In every sim that I have played, the 109 was a formidable airplane. Jane's AS, IL2 (46), CloD, BoS, DCS. In all of them 109s are very dangerous. I flew 109's for a very long time in Il2 especially. They are an easy plane to do good in combat. But they have big flaws, which after years of experience started to make me look for something "better" and P-51D to me is better than the 109 because of two crucial qualities 1. Higher speed at all altitudes. 2 Better high speed maneuvrability. (And please do not try to bring the argument of the P-51D at 67'hg vs Bf109K4, compare it to a 72'hg or 75'hg one) As long as you are faster and more maneuvrable at that high speed. You dictate the fight and if you feel that the guy next to you is "better", you just break away to go home and say "that was close" and go to your base drink a beer. Disclamer. I am not saying that 109 is a bad fighter. Not at all. That would be a disservice to those that fell victim to it's guns. It had it's time of glory, but it was never a "super plane". It was good, better than some other in comparisson. Each version up to 1943 was better than the previous. It was a formidable foe till the end, but there are some designs that are objectively better and even Gunther Rall who was a great ace on the 109 was able to criticize it. The airplane is just as important as the pilot. And strategic and tactical situation is just as important as both airplane and its pilot.
  3. Many guncams end with the pilot bailing out beeing it a few times with nothing on the airplane. There is even a recording of a 190 pilot bailing before the Mustang pilot was even able to hit him. If you shoot off the wing it will go down without an oil leak Radiator damage is the main reason for inline engine fighters to go down. That is why P-51 is said to be so fragile. It is the same for Bf109, Spitfire, Yak, LaGG etc. Every plane cooled by liquid cooling system is going to go down very quickly when that system gets damaged.
  4. Clickable pits are interesting for a while. You have that sense of "I am doing it" but, that disapears quickly and you start wondering. Maybe if they weren't clickable it would take shorter to make them and would be cheaper? :/ So, no. I am not oposing, but I am not for it either.
  5. For dogfighting at low altitude Yak3. But long range escort/fighter sweep/CAS/CAP. P-51D all the way. Overall P-51D, but it is not unfounded. Why? P-51D -is faster at all altitudes -has longer range -has bigger payload -has a bit better visibility -has less time consuming engine managment with most of it beeing automatic -has better handling at high speed -has better dive -has better energy retention And it's .50cals are enough for everything that Axis had during the war as most their bombers were quite fragile (He111, Ju88 etc.) and soviets are no different, they mostly had tactical bombers, so no problems there.
  6. So... except for the offtopic. Has anything moved with the transcription? Will it be public on some site? Or are you going to post it in this topic? Thx again.
  7. It is from here right? http://www.goldengatewing.org/proptalk/speaker.cfm?ID=131
  8. Thank you Emil. I need to work on my timing o7
  9. I'm sorry I am late to the party. Hope I can ask a few questions too: 1. What are the main differences in flight dynamics between P-51 and P-40? 2. Which plane felt more responsive and were there any quirks to how they flew? 3. What was the stalling characteristic of the P-51 compared to more traditional airplane desings (laminar flow wing) and was it a problem during dogfights? 4. Did they knew what their enemy was capable of (reports, training etc.)? 5. What did he feel that his P-51 has an advantage in compared to his adversaries? 6. What is his favourie airplane to fly and why? Thank you for this oportunity. o7 S!
  10. You talk as if you realy read japanese balistic tests of those 20mm. Can we see those balistic tests? How "poor" are they compared to things like Hispano or MG151/20?
  11. I have the same issue, but not only with YAW, with every single plain. If you pull the elevator, you will get stuck at 30% deflection (the value is random and changes each time) even though your stick is already centered. The same happens for yaw, roll and pitch. I have T. Flight HOTAS X Thrustmaster.
  12. I wish it was that simple. Look at how the P-40's WEP is modeled. @Lucas Spitfire is interesting, but that would mean sacrificing at least one of the plane's from the plane's set, if we take into consideration how each of those content packages are made (2xFighters, 1xBomber, 1xAttacker and 1x Premium). I would never sacrifice P-51D and I feel like P-47 is very important too. P-38 is very underplayed in simulation. I have yet to see a very good FM for one. Tempest is very rare as well. While Spitfire has it's focus in CLOD. Yes it is the old Mk1 and 2 but still a Spit. While those USAAF planes are condemned as lame and for once need to be heros. That's just what I feel. I do not say NO. I am just saying that I wouldn't realy want to sacrifice any of those planes for the Spitfire. Even if do not particularly like P-38. I would much rather see a Birtish focused expansion next, rather than just pushing the Spit. I just propose my thing, they will do (if they want ) what they want with it.
  13. G14 is the most produced 109 model for the period. G10 was very limited. K4 was also quite limited in 1944 and early 45. G14 seems like the most natural plane to put here. I would be ok if we took Bf109K4 as a premium plane instead of Ta152, but not as a standard plane. Especially that I have a feeling that P-51D would have 67'hg as this is the easiest to model. If US gets 44-1 fuel and ratings then I am kinda ok for the K4. Without that? No way. I know a thing about that matchup and it hurts. You are right about P-38L.
  14. I just think that we had enough early WW2 fighting. Both BOM and BOS are from period of 1941-1942. I would love to see some 1944-45 fights, and Battle of Bulge is good as Ardennes are very interesting terrain with hills and mountains everywhere and forests and small villages. Yet another place where the amazing snow that BOS has can be showcased to the fullest, but unlike the fields of Stalingrad, the theatre has very varied terain. There are plenty of airplanes that would be for multiple roles, leaving a space for flexibility. Flyable planes for Allies: P-47D30 P-51D20 P-38L B25 Premium Tempest MkV Flyable planes for Axis Bf109G14 Fw190D9 Fw190A8 Me410 Premium Ta152H1
  15. Just because Germans didn't win doesn't make it a "stupid" operation. It had potential to ground the allied airforces and make Operation Wacht am Rhein way easier. It failed, because lots of German airplanes were shot down by their own AAA and the fact that Allied pilots were well trained and experienced. The Legend of Y29 is one of the most interesting air battles of the war. You can change the history yourself. Just as you can in BOS :D
  16. BATTLE OF BULGE!!!! Operation Bodenplatte! Both sides have airbases close and it is in the mountains, interesting theatre. P-51D, P47D, P-38J vs Bf109G14, Fw190A8, Fw190D9! YEAH! Much fighting, many airplanes!
  17. Luftwaffe had lots of unit types that were used for different tasks. Fighters flew to shoot down bombers/ground pounders and win air-superiority over the battlefield (that last was hard with 1:30h of fuel time, so not realy effective). JABO and Dive Bombers attacked ground forces and their supply lines. Bombers destroyed infrastrurcture. You cannot demand from a fighter to do those tasks as well. There will be no one to protect the ground pounders then. And everyone will get killed. Only if there is complete air superiority like 1944/45 USAAF had, fighters started to go on mssions to attack ground forces, because there were enough fighters to be the top cover. Luftwaffe didn't have that ability, because they had relatively not many fighters compared to how many ground pounders they had. Even at the end they were building bombers and wanting Me262 to be a bomber. It is not that Fighters did nothing. They did their job, that is killing other planes, primarly bombers and ground pounders. But when escort was spotted, you have to dispach of the escort first. So those that are realy good went after enemy escort, because their skill could disrupt the enemy and those that were average/poor went for ground pounders. And because it was mostly aces that got the kills, for every air force (I remember USAAF estimating that 3% of aces is responsible for 50% of air kills of the UAAF in Europe, please correct me if those numbers are wrong).
  18. Amen brother! :D Realy though, I don't want to treat anyone like I am treated. I am a P-51 fan and I love my plane for what it is. A fast and maneuvrable airplane that can fly 8h of a mission and do variety of tasks. After many years of virtual flying, I can say with 100% of certainty that the most hate towards me and other fans of USAAF equipment came from 109 guys. I liked the plane, now I don't want to touch it, because of the hate and arogance that I associate with those people. I won't lie, there are P-51 fans who claim that "is da best fighta of WW2, because MURICA" But they usually don't know much about the airplane, and are ignorant, never read a single article about its performace. While all 109 guys are devoted to their one true love and are willing to mock others for finding other planes superior in any area. P-51 is a capable dogfighter if flown right. ----------------- Thefore I would rather see 1943-44 period of Western Front. With P-51B and D same P47C and D variants, some Spitfires and some 109G6-G14 and Fw190A6-8
  19. Stick forces are realy important to the pilot. Especially if we give the pilot a G-suit. As Grape Jam said. If the force that the pilot has to use is lower, therefore the plane reacts quicker to movment and it is easier to dodge incoming fire, start your maneuver or do few maneuvers one after another. A body is strained by G forces, so high stick forces become realy problematic when you are struggling to pull the stick to begin with. That is why generally Fw190 was seen as the superior aircraft to the 109, even though disparity between them in level acceleration and max speed was very small. But the stick forces for the 190 were so much easier to handle than the 109's which made the plane easy to control at high speed and therfore a more effective combat aircraft. So what that 109 can turn tighter at low speeds? It is not realy a factor when you are fighting many vs many. You want to get some good hits in an instantenous turn and roll out check six and help your friends while keeping the speed. If there is someone behind you, maneuver and present him as a target to your wingman. As pilots use to say. Speed is life and altitude is insurence. The faster the plane the better... but what if you are fast... but can't use that speed to shoot anyone down in a dogfight and therfore you can't help your friends, and they can't help you. So each of you dive to "safety" but the plane behind you is keeping up with you and you can't roll out of his fire... so you either die or you bail out... or wait for a miracle xD.
  20. Hahahahah. I am sorry. I type very little on these forums, as I mostly do not fly BOS, I like my western planes (P51 and P47 mainly) way more than early German and Russian. But this just cranks me up :D You were defending them in any possible way. Even when the Fw190 had 29m/s ROC and K4 had NO sitfness, you were there to say that it is the best sim and that BOS and other "games" are not even close to the DCS' level of fidelity xD. You were actively fighting against bug fixing even xD You've got burned in your own game of mockery and false claims. There you go. ------- Anyway, I think that what Leatherneck is doing might be realy interesting. I wish for a good adversary to the Corsair, maybe A6M5? Who knows. To me the worst one can do is praise one dev and only criticise the other. I have BOS, DCS and WT installed right now on my PC and I enjoy them as much as I can. I won't lie that I don't like some parts in ALL of those games. But there are things I like about all of them. There is no "BEST SIM" Right now. They all have flaws and they were always still faaaaar away from reality. But this is what we get... unless someone owns a LaGG-3 or P-51D20NA :D
  21. Very good read and great research. War is hell o7
  22. Yes? What about Wielun 1st of Spetember 1939, a completely non military target bombed by the Luftwaffe. Warsaw (1939 and 1944) which was the most destroyed city in Europe, and many other Polish cities. Towns and cities in Holand like Eindhoven, Belgium, France, Norway, London and many other cities of UK, Stalingrad, Leningrad, Sevastopol and many other cities of Soviet Union. Germany was bombing cities as first and you are telling me that Allies were responisble for civilian casualties? Hahaah Japan was bombing Chinese civilian population too, so they were not angels you are trying to portray. Face it, thats the war Axis wanted, thats the war that was brought to them. End of (hi)story
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