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  1. I bought my game from a store, a physical copy that required Steam.
  2. Except the fact that any axis cannot transfer how hard it is to move the wheel at different speeds and how many rotations does it need.
  3. It's Josef František, not "Franciszek". He was a Czechoslovak pilot that flew with Poles, member of the 303 sq. He came to Poland in 1939 right before German invasion of Poland and after Czechoslovakia capitulated. I have read a bit and it seems that his records were destroyed during the war, but he was awarded with Croix de guerre. "The Croix de guerre may either be awarded as an individual or unit award to those soldiers who distinguish themselves by acts of heroism involving combat with the enemy." I don't think that we know everything, but just to assume that there is no immediate proof, that doesn't mean that it was made up. He was highly regarded by the Poles and he had the highest kill count of all pilots in Polish units during Battle of Britain, but his career was cut short by death. You were able to insult the whole Polish nation just based on your assumptions. Do you even have any knowledge regarding Polish history or even the 1939 September campaign? Instead of gathering your data from uneducated people of your level, maybe start reading Polish history books and publications by trusted western authors such as Norman Davis. That might give you any insight before you start spouting accusations against a whole nation. And I just want to remind you that Germany invaded Poland and commited atrocities on day 1, such bombing of Wieluń, which was a purely civilian target and many more later on, such as German concentration camps where Jews, Poles, Romani people, Russians and other slavic peoples were murdered.
  4. Wow! It looks awesome! And the engine sound is damn cool :3
  5. Maybe from La5 but otherwise my experience is that in G2 one can easily leave most adversaries behind fairly easily. Unless you want to start a dive from 1km right after stalling out. Then yes you aren't going to get away.
  6. 109 not good in a dive? You tried to follow the109 in a dive with LaGG or Yak or P40? After a few seconds the 109 is outside engagement range and especially G2 will leave you far behind. Bad at turn fighting? E7 is one of the best turning planes in the game and F4 is still superior to most except yak1 at low alt and Spitfire. 109s are the easiest planes to fly and be good in as well as having least amount of system management.
  7. I flew in IL2 but only started playing multiplayer after 46 came out. I mostly flew on Spit vs 109 and HSFX server. I mostly flew spitfires and 109s. I loved the variety of planes. It was a fun game. I remember how on a winter map I flew 109G and fought against two P38s. I damaged one but the other one got my engine. And that was the first time I've been told "nice flying GF". I felt terrific and that made me want to come back to MP.
  8. We agree to disagree. I think that you are currently focusing more on attacking me than creating any arguments. If you have anything to say that would prove otherwise and show how the 109 wing structure compares with 190,47 and 51 go ahead.
  9. I didn't say they don't but I do not like the velocity and whenever I hit I seem to do very little. Its just my preference I do not like the Shvak.
  10. Same question as always right Kurfy? Thats like your main thing, asking people about their money and what they own right? I do and I prefer P-40E to every plane in the game. At least those .50cals do something compared to the other game :3 There were a lot of people saying that MG151 was too weak from the begining and Pe2 is actually a bit easier to kill than before. I today shot down a Yak with a burst into his wing and with 2 hits broke his wing. I don't find the MG151 any weaker than Shvak. I can't say much about Hispano in this game as I do not have the Spit. But I would say with confidence that MG151 does much better damage than Shvak.
  11. First of all, thats an insult and that goes to reports. Secondly, if you have one wing spar and it falls of, nothing is holding the thing realy. If you have two and loose one another one is still there to hold it, barely, but still. And yes it depends on "how thick you are going to go" and as you can see with the P-40 one can go for more and thick and that creates a very sturdy wing. Do you realy want to tell me that you think that one small 109 spar is just as good at holding the structure together after sustaining damage as the P-47's structure? I am talking only about COMBAT DAMAGE.
  12. I guess my memory is playing tricks on me. Anyway, that doesn't change the fact that 109 is less durable than the 190. Even now in BOX you can definitely feel the difference.
  13. It's not wood vs aluminum. It's heavy structure (Fw190) vs weak structure (109). The 109 is not only made from a very thin layer of aluminum (I suspect everybody knows that Messershmit always wanted evething to be as light as possible) and with only one wing spaar that is support for the whole construction of the wing. The Fw190 though has around 4 of thicker spars, so when one is hit, the wing will not be completely compromised. You can definitely expect the P-47 to take a lot of punishment, especially from 6 o'clock and to its wings due to the construction beeing so heavy. P-51D is not on the same level as P-47 but it is still sturdier than the 109. P-47 and Fw190A are going to be hard to kill with just few random hits.
  14. True, but I was pointing at both the game and IRL footage to come up with conclusions. I still think MG151 is great at killing planes, there are always some bugs and ping in the game that create a feedback problem, but overall the 20mm seems to be one of the most effective weapons. DCS comparison was done only to provide a proof that one can shoot accurately at an airplane and not simply spray and pray and further evaluation was done on request read LST 2 pages pls because so far I am repeating my points just for you.
  15. Because I wanted to use it as a reference point for people who claim that it is impossible to shoot accurately into a specific part of the plane, while it is the only way of shooting down a plane with some efficiency in DCS. That was basically my point before Default Face started tackling the subject of DM on its own again.
  16. The name of the recording is called "The devastating effects of 20mm Minengeschoss on a Yak-1".. But you might be right it looks more like a LaGG, especially the wing profile. I didn't pay attention before.
  17. Thats the problem with your reasoning. You think that your every shot from 30mm should kill a P-51 and you get upset because of it. Damage model is realy, realy bad. I agree, but there are more and less egregious planes. I do not need to pay for the 109 to know how much time it takes to shoot it down. Sure there is no difference by getting by Mk108 if it doesn't do full 100 damage (HP doesn't go down to 0) except the fact that your splash damage is so big that you can hit the Mustang into its elevator and the engine goes down. The 109 is just so small and it parts are scaled down that hitting those parts is repeatebly is very hard and that makes the 190 noticibly easier to destroy with .50cals comparably. Which is just plain sad. A short concentrated MG131 burst can easily destroy a Mustang wing because it has HE and that transfers to damage to nearby parts, while AP hits that one single part of the plane and it has to be precise. I want to point out that I have used DCS as a point of reference to people to who claim that MG151 in BOX is bad. Compared to the way that DCS works and compared to real life data, the BOS DM seems to be very close and amazing. I wish there was a bit more detail like hydraulics, it is still 100x better than DCS DM. The claim that Bf109 MG151 is bad at shooting down Soviet planes are overblown and down right ridiculous. It is as if I started saying that everytime I hit a wing with .50cals it should explode because I saw this: Again, one good hit/burst with the proper weapon into a vulrable part can result with the part failing and allowing you to get a kill. Whether it is luck or accuracy if you hit it just right, it can go down quickly. If you just spray and pray everytime, don't be suprised that your target is still flying.
  18. Amazing guncam. German guncams usually do not have this quality. Nice! But it stills proves my point, the Yak gets hit 8 times and small chunks fly away and the pilot probably got hit as he straightened out slowly from that turn, but the plane was continuing (nothing flew of just by hitting the plane) and then the last hit that one proper accurate hit to the fuel tank ignited the Yak.
  19. It would definitely make the battles very close when it comes to performance.
  20. Well some jets have lower rate of fire 30mm low ammo count cannons. Like the Rafael with its 30mm cannon 2400 RPM and 125 shells. Which very much depends on gunnery compared to Vulcan 20mm
  21. Sure Vessel. The funny thing is that 190 doesn't have the problems I have written above. I flew 109s and Spits almost exclusively in Il2 46. I have read a lot of Kurfurst-mined propaganda of 109 beening "the best" fighter and how skilled pilot can easily out turn Spitfires and how MG151 is the best weapon and how if it wasn't for numerical superiority allies would have never won and how allies flew high altitude missions because they were cowards who didn't fly where true men fly and how 109 cockpit bars are placed in a way to be specific zones so that the pilot knows how much to pull and how lack of rudder trim was done to keep the pilots focused and how allies were dishonorable by shooting planes with gear down and how .50cal were ineffective against 109 because it was armored etc. There are many more I have experienced from the other side. Don't tell me I am biased while you praise Kurfy. That's just dishonest to yourself. What I said about DCS is true and it is experience talking. What I said about MG151 is backed by the video. If you still claim that it should mostly kill everything in 1-3 shots is your belief and not truth. If you hit well 1shot is enough. Just as you choose to believe that Kurfurst has good intentions when creating a smear campaign against other people providing WW2 aircraft data.
  22. Read again what I said and then ask yourself if your sarcastic and omitting comments are necessary or even useful. I have tackled the crew state in my post.
  23. Especially the last clip is a great example (because its so close and steady). Multiple hits on the B17, some stuff flies off but the plane continues. Crew is probably in a bad shape, but the plane itself doesn't care much, even after over 20 hits. Of course you can destroy a B17 with MG151. Just aim properly at the enignes, fuel tanks, bomb bay (if the bomber hasn't droped bombs yet) an most importantly the cockpit. There is a reason why Luftwaffe prefered frontal attacks and immediately after those Split-S to the ground to run away. P-47 pilot R.S. Johnson also came back from a mission with (if I recall correctly) 21 hits from the 20mm MG151 and with so many MG hits he gave up counting. It is a good cannon, and a very powerful one, but that doesn't mean it can destroy every plane just by hitting it a few times. You have to hit the plane few times into the right spot (wing root, engine etc.).
  24. In DCS the 109 is the toughest plane to destroy, mostly because it is small and due to the way the DM works. What you have to do in DCS is that you have to hit a single part a certain amount of times for its HP to go down. The numbers seem to be simillar for all planes, but the 109 is a smaller plane and those parts have smaller sections that can be damaged. So for example you have to hit the central part of the wing 40 times (approximately) so that the HP goes down to 0 and the wing falls off. You can hit the whole 109 100 times and nothing will happen if you are not focusing your fire. You have to be precise and better yet shoot at the perfect convergence of 1000ft, or your fire will just annoy the 109 driver there. The only thing susceptible to damage (and it is quite random) is the engine govenor that can be even damaged from behind (possibly the DM part is the whole feuselage), but sometimes you can hit the engine directly and it runs smoothly, just the visual damage will show some white or black smoke, but the plane is completely operational, and I mean completely, like nothing happened. The MG131 though has HE rounds and its splash damage allows to deal damage to things like engine even when the hit is far away from it. My friend got hit with a single MG131 HE round to the wing tip (checked on tacview) and it damaged his fuel pump and RPM govenor. So basically one hit on the Mustang can (depending on RNG) completely destroy your engine, or just take HP or kill the pilot etc. ----------------- I do think that people assume that MG151/20 was this amazing super killer that can easily destroy any plane with just 2 hits. It is a good cannon, but even the footage from the war suggests that it was deadly when used precisely. There was a video of a soviet plane (La5?) beeing hit 7 times by MG151 and nothing happened and the video ended, probably the pilot died or bailed or something else happened, but no major external damage outside of that. And people expect that MG151 will destroy a fighter reliably with 2 hits and they are not wrong, but that requires precision. And yes, I know its hard, it cost me much frustration in DCS, but it is the way to do it. Even one 7,62 bullet will end the fight if it hits the pilot's head. :/ PS. By comparison the 109 in DCS is 5xtimes harder to kill than a Yak-1 or LaGG-3 or even P-40E. Those planes are fragile by that standard. And I understand that DM is not perfect, but it is way closer to realistic depiction than in the other simulator.
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