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  1. I understood the Mode 1 onlye switched the fire buttons and 2ndary hat. Would;ve been grand if the footkeys were switched too. Thanks!
  2. I soend litterally days to tweak my joystick. Something I hate repeating ever again. I got a decent setup with IL2, as well as Elite Dangerous for the Gladiator mk 2. I made a layout, as I found others messy and lacking and I uploaded not only my layout but the input folders for ED and IL as well. Included in the uploads is a black scheet and a psd file More info in thread
  3. updated version and layouts. Added Layouts for Elite Dangerous Ship/SRV layered PSD file with all gamelayouts to easy edit your own
  4. Hi All, I recently got a VKB Gladiator mk2 and found that the layouts were either incomplete or just very messy for a guy like myself. So I spend some time and came up with a new layout. *please note that the throttler is different. I struggled finding clean, printer friendly pictures online * I love to get some feedback on how to improve this. I added the png on a public dropbox folder which is free to use. Also added my own layout for IL2: Great battles with accompanying Input folder. As well as a .psd layered file for those who want it. I used paintshop pro 2020 and if you need anything dont hessitate to ask. If I dont respond here come find me online on steam discord etc Dropbox public share folder * for some this might be a very simple setup. But hey! I am a simple man! *
  5. Hey, this forum has been very helpful thus far. I got my Gladiator mk2 today thanks to the community here. But I am still with a few questions. Probably even more in coming days so I will reserve myself (and my squad) in this thread for further spamming. I got IL2 Stalingrad from the Steam sale and it really took off from there (ha! planes!) 1. I got the Battle of Stalingrad on steam and understood that the devs make more money by ordering the dlc's from the store. So I did. But now my overview is comeplete gone on "missing" dlc's and collector planes. Is it then possible to use the standalone and have steam dlc's linked there too? 2. Given my "owned" planes are all over the place I wonder how to find an overview of my planes in game. It seems the only time it makes sense to me what I own in an overview is when I go to dogfights online servers. But then its also time/event bound? 3. In mission I run out of fuel, ammo etc. There is conflicting intel on this being possible or not, but i believe a patch or two ago this was finally possible. But only in missions we make ourselves? I mean I actually managed to land at the departing airfield but I wasnt able to restock?
  6. The Gladiator Mk2 arrived today. Took me quite a while to figure out something, After three hours and v4 layout ready I am playing like a charm! This is the best advise I got and anyone reading considering the same, sincerely, Skip the thrustmaster and go for the VKB. Its absolutely worth it as the joystick feels very premium for a budget price. Thank you
  7. 1.Yes, nvidea laptop gt1650. 2. looking forward! 3. thank you for your reply! it clarifies a lot and I have been looking for an answer for days! tavm!
  8. 1. Is anyone able to explain to me when importing video. That the video isnt showing but does play the audio from it in playback from an il2 track? in the youtube tutorial its the same file tye that gets synced, not sure what I am doing wrong even after installing the full codecs 2. Besides that, in my playthroughs my plane is followed by a, somewhat aggresive, red square. I don't have anything against red and although I to vote for the cylindrical party I don't dislike Squares, per sé, but I do like to get rid of it. Anyone know how?
  9. d I was notified by Sokol about the VKB-SIM GLADIATOR MK.II JOYSTICK. Given the price and its reviews I went for that one. Upgrading from hotas X to this one seemed a better option over t16k.
  10. https://flightsimcontrols.com/ Are the guys I got it from. They seem to be shipping over EU as well. never trust anything from alieexpress or wish please.
  11. @sokol thanks for pointing out the VKB Gladiator Mk.II. I have some trouble finding it online however. Not many store have them (in stock or at all) but it sure looks like something I want to wishlist for the future. Any more info would be welcome as i expect it being discontinued or in europe under a different name? I found out its a company not on the main market. They have two different sites US/EU and found a joystick for 100 euros that you can pay with Paypal. This is twice my budget but very very interesting. @Sniperton. Thank you for sharing your experience. It makes a lot of sence. I got the Hotas X for Elite. Worked okay but when playing with friends imagine them being the race cars and me the bumpy cart they towed flying all over the place. But the T16000 holds a lot more buttons than the hotax X and I really need a better keymapping as well. Not planning to dump my hotas for the sake of it. But it would be a burden off my lap having a stick not as bulky. You guys made me rethink some stuff. ta! Edit: I eventually got the EU store of VKB and there is a lot of good stuff online to review. I was sold for 100EU inc shipping. Thansk a lot!
  12. Yes I did tweak a lot of curves to compensate for my hamfisted playstyle. it kinda worked but I still feel like I am wielding a sword over a scalpel.
  13. Hi all, I'm new to the party. I am a casual gamer and have been spending the last two days figuring out how to fly this game on my Hotas T.Flight X (thrustmaster) Its an entry level joystick that never seems to do want I want it to do and am now considering getting a t16000m without the HOTAS. This is the hopes I will fly more acurate and smoothen my experience. I have the feeling constantly battling some delay/overcompensation for the lack of acuracy on the flight X My question/plea for help to you is: Is it a worthy upgrade? I know there are a lot of other products (and budgets) but I really need some help on "should I spend my 60 quid on T16000 if I got flight X" TAVMIA
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