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  1. Thank you, I'll go flying there. I much enjoy watching this old, often despised JU52 in action. I hope to have an opportunity for supply drops, commandos, beach landings/TO, medics, etc.... The brave mule faithfully served up to Indochina and North African wars as Toucan, in sand or White Grey coats, for French airforce and aéronavale. Hope today life is clever in Australia, take care, we'll need artists more than ever !
  2. Splendid images ! Please, from where is the montainous landscape coming - I mean the one we see here ....
  3. Wonderful Images of black powder era for a change... By the way, I was looking for a place to post this message for historical wargamers and specially " GROGNARDS" from the sleeping HISTWAR game, hope not to be too intrusive here or displace it as you see fit -this forum has so many corridors, doors etc... I never know where to go
  4. Nice drawings, but small audience here : probably poetic and nonsensic writings are more Anglo-saxon -Like Alice...we're more cartesian ! But I remember my son greatly appreciated it in the 80's re edition. le GRAND CIRQUE, probably the first book I purshased on Pocket money aged about 12 ? This one hooked me to Aviation for ever, linked to toy soldiers, military history and wargames, books and movies addictions...... the comics and film can be forgotten, never reached the level of the book, but the lesser known " une sacrée guerre" is extremely interesting for us.
  5. Merci, Mais on devrait au moins pouvoir se barrer comme les artilleurs secoués.... Encore une question : le même paysage (?) en solo n'a pas l'aspect du multi - moins contrasté ou détaillé- j'essaie de retrouver par photo. est-ce normal ou un mauvais réglage chez moi ?
  6. j'espere ne pas être encore à coté..... J'ai taté du multi prudemment,, c'est vrai que c'est chouette ! Mon premier atterrissage après straffing ( un Ak dans la musette , Youpi!!!), une passoire qui pisse l'essence...Et on fait comment pour sauter sur le tarmac, allumer la clope et boire la bière ????????? sérieusement, comment sortir de l'avion au sol (si on n'a pas utilisé le piège..) avant que ça explose ?
  7. What we do in sims is very fun often, no paintings, research, broken lances, cats on the tables, space to work, play , store boxes on boxes of unpainted, half mounted, etc....... But : no real partners to cheat on, cheers, and share beers and jokes ! _ although wargamer's beer is certainly different from sports one, as I never (?) saw drunk animals savagely fighting each others or noisy breaking wargamers manifestations ... The problem is to rely on the Black Box, often obscure to understand and capricious like lady's vapour who ruin your best battles plans ???? and sometimes it let you alone in the dark without reason _ (Knocking wood it is now the best friend of millions constraints people ) but I love my own Dark Vador...he is listening . For Battle sounds (in old days) I'd tapes 4hours in magnetoscpe , filled with military music, borrowed war movies , ......The 1949 "MAN in IRON" ( ? un homme de fer -french title) offered exceptional atmosphere of B17 raids and fighters attack , I used them also with SWOtL
  8. Twenty years ago I dreamed to build very large armies on ( apparently ) 1/1 basis but by blocks with layers of distinctive colours - rifles and bayonets era ) This idea came after watching an open market on German/czech border....There were thousands of Garden dwarfs aligned, all size and shape; from a distance it was amazing !!! I crafted some blocks in balsa, clay, plasticine, paper etc..... but it was almost impossible to cast and paint at affordable price for say : Austerlitz, Waterloo or Fontenoy ? The obvious solution is your printer if I understand ......Alas, I'm now really too old to do more than computer game...and in slow machines ! The idea is open to all .... ps the mysterious Russians : size small 15 (thick base), fine enough not exceptionnal, a full army with nice cav. and superb guns, the flags are uniques (I think) one piece cast and turned to the front -Wind coming from behind.........purchased ca 1999 in France Lucky ones who see some dreams come true.... more later G.
  9. more later, free to share !
  10. You are Lucky if you have the original editions , the french ones are now valuable collector items.....specially the hard covers. Also, I think one difference was Franco-Belgian-Dutch editions were longer stories making a book, when US were mostly strips or one page....but Charlie Brown, Alfred Neumann, Little Annie, etc...
  11. This is more euro-continental stuff, I don't know if "la bete est morte" was translated .... I got it postwar - one of my first books- but it started during the war as clandestine black and white drawings and was probably the first comic Book printed in free Paris 1944. Blake and Mortimer -actually Belgian - was translated as well as Buck Danny who gave some of the best aircraft drawings in the 50's. they were in mags Spirou and Tintin ( from 1946 ??? ), Mickey was more childish I think ? Later, were some very good war drawings from Dimitri-Mominoux-Sajer, a novel hero who began his life in GrossDeutschland (as Alsacian franco-german born ), and published a book " the forgotten soldier ", which is one of the most vivid mémorial of those guys ...well, just my opinion..... I Wonder peoples who lived many lives and were multi-talented !
  12. Bonnot

    Wargame mode

    (please forgive my English) Most people ( as myself...) enjoy glamorous Fighters and brilliant carreers, just human beings. In Wargames , Imperial Guard or Winged Hussars were most sought after, in Naval : Victory or Yamato ? True wonders, but in reality they were only the fewer, most expansive and most preserved pieces. So, If you create military operation - with some historical background - everybody has a place and plays his part, from cooks to general. It 'ld be impossible to simulate cooks but JU52 loaded with shoes, bacon and beans, or stolen French Cognac are Top Value for Morale; U2 spies airfield at night and lands sabotage teams, Red Cross Aunt JU saves valuable wounded ...... Spit Strato takes pictures, etc.... All these factors can be counted in Morale or efficiency, supply must be considered , recco is elite unit, , etc... This never diminish Aces merits but add some stuff and may offer opportunities for every player, specially if possible to jump on various places. Give a chance to the forgotten heroes, they were probably just about 90% of any army !!!
  13. Wonderful an amazing : I never expected to meet miniature wargamers here ! When I began , I was the crazy guy who played toy soldiers....then came Featherstone, Chandler, and many" serious" people like general Peter Young, re-edition of HG Wells... then came manufacturers with talented creators like you to offer ready cast army to paint, then seriously researched rules , clubs etc... Then came Boardgames with Greenwood, Dunnigan or John Hill -Squad Leader-.... All florished until about 30 years ago computer games began to Crunch large parts of the market. I followed the move , as I grew older , hands shaking, eyes tired painting was to demanding...and good partners disappeared like "old soldiers who never die..;" As a reminder , I look sometimes at my armies -from 1/35 skirmish to 3mm blocks- but most 1/72; 25 and 15 mm I'll return my mess, but I am pretty sure I painted those Vikings and Saxons for DBA challenges... So, thanks for giving me the pleasure to write this , in memoriam to the many good men playing now in some Walhalla ....certainly with good beers and more !
  14. Other ones ( German WWII ??? ) said something like : " take the best of War , Peace will be terrible "... So, ...que sera, sera...
  15. I saw some free stuff which look interesting but (for my taste ) it is too much EastFront-only, has no real ground opponents and is still missing the quick-battle option.... So true , it is early access and very promising and desserves to receive help, I agree and will certainly move in within weeks. Right now I'm still trying to understand the logic of this Forum, fly all the planes I got in only 2 months and try all the wonderful options i slowly discover ! Thanks for help _ I certainly soon ask for more .
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