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  1. Too bad there is not more support to these wishes....... Everything is more and more detailed and beautifully crafted to the last rivet, grass, trees, houses, but it is a dead world where nothing move _out of scripted missions_ at last ! So, the idea of a "living airfield "...or village, is just what I expected since IL, 1946, RoF etc...
  2. Very good realistic video on rough terrain.......... ....but even better if the crew is able to jump out of the plane _ better view of new uniforms and more realism !
  3. I think I saw this Sunderland on exterior display at Hendon in 1985 or 89 ???? anyway a long time ago....... So , I Can be wrong but hope no , The Museum was extremely impressive and well done, really worth a full day !
  4. Thanks for informative replies from the pictures and videos I greatly appreciated the details -usual to IL2- but trying the free QM let me dubious ??? So, it looks more as a splendid Collector piece than as a wargamer software. So, maybe a bit later.............if the Chinese Verola don't crush me before 😷
  5. Exactly the same interrogations ... What is really playable now , mostly in solo _like the quick flights_ ? an updated picture will be very welcome. Thanks !
  6. Now with the prospect of 3 months constraint at least ( if I survive to the end... ) , I'll extend my hobby .... But the choice is difficult : from what I read and I see, TC is a superb child, but how long to grow up it will take ? My question is : what is actually available now ? the films and pictures look splendid but what is really playable or where is it possible to watch TC in action ? ( I use Mouse and most multi look closed to this or to spectate only . From what I saw the country looks empty (from any form of life) and is just annoy
  7. Bonnot

    B-25 or B-26

    I think that something missing is a heavy with a real 360° turret and maybe a ball turret below.....?
  8. What about a cam-ship launching Hurricane to intercept the spy over convoy -black sea until we get open seas ?
  9. Thank you, I'll go flying there. I much enjoy watching this old, often despised JU52 in action. I hope to have an opportunity for supply drops, commandos, beach landings/TO, medics, etc.... The brave mule faithfully served up to Indochina and North African wars as Toucan, in sand or White Grey coats, for French airforce and aéronavale. Hope today life is clever in Australia, take care, we'll need artists more than ever !
  10. Splendid images ! Please, from where is the montainous landscape coming - I mean the one we see here ....
  11. Wonderful Images of black powder era for a change... By the way, I was looking for a place to post this message for historical wargamers and specially " GROGNARDS" from the sleeping HISTWAR game, hope not to be too intrusive here or displace it as you see fit -this forum has so many corridors, doors etc... I never know where to go
  12. Nice drawings, but small audience here : probably poetic and nonsensic writings are more Anglo-saxon -Like Alice...we're more cartesian ! But I remember my son greatly appreciated it in the 80's re edition. le GRAND CIRQUE, probably the first book I purshased on Pocket money aged about 12 ? This one hooked me to Aviation for ever, linked to toy soldiers, military history and wargames, books and movies addictions...... the comics and film can be forgotten, never reached the level of the book, but the lesser known " une sacrée guerre" is extremely interesting for
  13. Merci, Mais on devrait au moins pouvoir se barrer comme les artilleurs secoués.... Encore une question : le même paysage (?) en solo n'a pas l'aspect du multi - moins contrasté ou détaillé- j'essaie de retrouver par photo. est-ce normal ou un mauvais réglage chez moi ?
  14. j'espere ne pas être encore à coté..... J'ai taté du multi prudemment,, c'est vrai que c'est chouette ! Mon premier atterrissage après straffing ( un Ak dans la musette , Youpi!!!), une passoire qui pisse l'essence...Et on fait comment pour sauter sur le tarmac, allumer la clope et boire la bière ????????? sérieusement, comment sortir de l'avion au sol (si on n'a pas utilisé le piège..) avant que ça explose ?
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