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  1. My solution for quick flights over a sensitive battlefield : much smoke, low clouds, mist.... Another problem is Flak , never enough tracers or smokey puffs to illustrate actions like books or real footage ( just read Clostermann descriptions on low level attacks...) =more guns firing _less lethal result !
  2. That is totally true for me -although I designed scens elsewhere- 👴 ....and I'm afraid to watch a BoN over the garden of Eden -but this don't prohibit me to subscribe soon !
  3. Thanks, unfortunately I never managed to master the editor enough to create workable mission........ So, I play maps : Stalingrad or Kuban mostly
  4. Yes, one can only be admirative of the artwork, true to the models and gorgeous , BUT.... Look at the towns , airfield, bridges etc... on the pictures taken 1944 /45. None from your list above was probably indemn, 3 yaers of bombing, before ground combat, let most at least 50% destroyed, when not 80%.... Should it be possible to have two versions of the maps - the way you differentiate seasons ( ? )_ one like your terrible Stalingrad, the other the one you present them ? Smoke and fog could perhaps hide details at low cost ? Just suggestions , you did a fantastic j
  5. There is much to say about the Art Covers of boardgames in this era.... Ace of Aces and many other attempted to create Flight Sims before the computer era, B17 was a fine SOLO game. I also remember of "hermaphrodits" wich mixed monochrom computer input and cardboards or miniatures on maps ....the same for tanks or battleships probably _ i forgot ...
  6. A long, long way, many friends were lost en route............ I remember attempts to play-by-mail : writing a letter, stamps, postage, waiting answer !!!! Time ran a different speed...maybe it allowed us to grow older ???
  7. Looks i'm from a preceding generation 👨‍🦳 In 71 I played Miniatures wargames and fly on cardboard counters with Luftwaffe or Richtoffen ( Avalon Hill ??? ) Are there many gamers in this time capsule ???
  8. Hi Primus, I also started with a Sinclair....but I was still not so young at this time...... So, probably you're not the Youngest, but are you in the Oldest ( a fading bunch of grand-fathers being coached by grandsons on new technologies ) Maybe this can open a question ?
  9. First essay use as you wish, free for all Tempest on Kuban map sorry there was a problem of size........(never tried this before)
  10. Diable d'Homme ! Le Grand Cirque est -je crois- le premier livre acheté avec mon argent de poche.....jeune potache à la sortie du film une certaine homonymie m'a valu qq temps le surnom de CloClo ( pas facile avec des lunettes ) et pas toujours amical ............ Ensuite j'ai acheté tous ses livres en Français, le temps a passé, les polémiques, la presse, Hemingway : le Grand Cirque s'éloignait dans le temps et la "vraie vie"... Quand je m'y suis replongé il y avait les nouvelles éditions, le Clostermann d' Aprés la Guerre et sa vie que j'ai trouvé aussi passionante !
  11. If you are interested the solutions will probably arise from different ways ??? I don't know your techs for realizing your films but from what I saw, I think of many possibilities _not specially for AFN.... Clostermann's own voice on your "Big Show" vids for instance, but do you understand french ? Hope to help
  12. THE BIG SHOW is considered by many as ( one of ) the best video here... So I do , and I watched them many time. Being a fan of CLOCLO since my early years, I always hope to see more and that you receive what your works deserves ! The enclosed pictures may perhaps help you to extend to another period _with help from ARMA III_ This time : North Africa 1955-56 where Closterman, retired and Member of Parliament served one year voluntarily with 4 stripes (Commandant) under orders of Colonels who where junior to him and much less decorated... The cover of the book is
  13. WOOF ! even for solo player, 1946 offered opportunities of real groups actions, spectacular and frightening 👴
  14. Hope you are above the NSW flooding now ! Can't wait either to watch FitS and how you got the best from ARMA 3.... If a French touch can help , let me know 👍
  15. Ah, the SWOTL wheel , I used it so often ......and SWOTL hooked me so much I discarded Apple IIe for PC ! Another favorite was European Air War, probably best graphism of the period ? Red Baron etc... until IL2 and RoF; I still have almost all -more or less- good, but keep specially manuals like Red Baron II_ a true History book, or Lucas. I was mostly a wargamer and played almost always solo ( creating scens ), I have regrets now when reading all yours memories ...Nostalgia !
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