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  1. If i was to get a better Gpu... what should i look at (that is not outrageously expensive -can’t afford $3000 for the 3090) and what GPU will play well with my system? (Mobo etc?)
  2. Hey All, I’m hoping to run Il2 in VR. I currently have an oculus quest 2 but i may be willing to upgrade to a Reverb G2 if necessary. My main question is can my system handle VR? How well? And importantly what about my system needs to be upgraded and to what?? I’m not great With technology (need some coaching or someone to explain it and lay it out for me). I’d like the end result for my experience to be able to be feel as realistic as possible. I don’t have an unlimited budget (can’t spent $3,000 on a 3090). I play single player but mainly fly with a virtual squadron. Any help
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