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  1. Hell yeah, western front! I did not fly in this sim for months now but you can count me in.
  2. This. You fight the same way in a warbird or a jet when it comes to guns only. Speed & turn-radius are different but the maneuvers are the same.
  3. It doesn't change anything. Trust to weight ratio is not relevant when it comes to BFM.
  4. People saying ACM/BFM are different between ww2 and modern times..
  5. Oh this was versus you guys! Ah ok my bad
  6. We had to protect four Bf-110s when we encoutered enemy fighters and took them away. The 110s did their job and most made it home! For those who just want to see the confirmed victories: Yak-1 at 4:20 MiG-3 at 16:40 Random expert server - Bf-109F4.
  7. The hell did I just watch.. I will never understand why people are using external views to showcase a dogfight or a sortie; pointless. Anyway, idd you can be successfull with the actual 190, but it still doesn't fly as it should.
  8. Loving it when im shooting at someone and he disconnect... http://72ag-ded.ru/fr/sortie/208930/?tour=11 http://72ag-ded.ru/fr/sortie/log/208930/?tour=11 My sortie: http://72ag-ded.ru/fr/sortie/log/208933/?tour=11
  9. Air superiority on 72AG-DED expert server.
  10. Same here, and Im not going to buy anything else from them till they fix those fm problems. Not sure if Jason will be able to do anything about that.
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