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  1. Winterz

    Winterz's videos

    Episode 8 is here! Some victories from the last month, since I restarted flying. All made on the Finnish virtual pilots server on which Im having a blast flying as a solo or with friends. Hope you will enjoy it! PS: Some parts are in a slightly worse quality because they are taken from my livestream's VODS. It should be better in the next one tho.
  2. Same for me. Im kinda happy with spotting at the moment.
  3. Because Clostermann did publish his books using only the notes he made days after days during the war. He says it in a very known interview in french where as an example he explains than when he said he shot down a Fw-190 D-9 in Normandy he was convinced it was the case because they knew via the british intel those planes were coming even tho he met them later in the war. (Someting similar probably happened with that yellow 190) You have to read his book as the way he was thinking during the war. And he never corrected those things because he did want to keep things as he wrote them during the war. And yes you have to step back when reading because of numerous things like those. But disrespecting those guys like somes are on this forum is quite disgusting. Show some respect.
  4. P-47 is a great airplane when used in group in multiplayer, but quite challenging if you are flying solo. I think people tends to forget than back in the days allies had the air superiority and the P-47 was most of the time operating at very high altitude when doing fighter missions therefore with an energy advantage. Btw from my experience using the .50 cal I dont see anything wrong.. Cant say the same with the .303/Bredas..
  5. Winterz

    Winterz's videos

    Hello everyone, I'm back flying after quite a while. A short flight with 4 victories but it could have been better, I still have to get my gunnery back, im missing a lot. S!
  6. Hell yeah, western front! I did not fly in this sim for months now but you can count me in.
  7. This. You fight the same way in a warbird or a jet when it comes to guns only. Speed & turn-radius are different but the maneuvers are the same.
  8. It doesn't change anything. Trust to weight ratio is not relevant when it comes to BFM.
  9. People saying ACM/BFM are different between ww2 and modern times..
  10. Winterz

    Winterz's videos

    Oh this was versus you guys! Ah ok my bad
  11. Winterz

    Winterz's videos

    We had to protect four Bf-110s when we encoutered enemy fighters and took them away. The 110s did their job and most made it home! For those who just want to see the confirmed victories: Yak-1 at 4:20 MiG-3 at 16:40 Random expert server - Bf-109F4.
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