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  1. You never heard about yoyos / lag, pure, lead pursuit / etc? There are many things the guy chasing you can do to stay behind while taking less Gs. I think you need to practice and educate yourself on BFM.
  2. Planesets 1, 2, 7, 8 and 9 are kinda even, while 3 and 4 favors germans and 5 and 6 favors allies. So it's kinda balanced imo.
  3. HSD is actually easier when a skin is updated because as an user you get a notification to update your skin and re-download it
  4. There is this one but it do not show much: https://il2.flying-barans.ru/
  5. The brakes are simply not as effective than they should be; with efficient brakes you could stop your plane when you are starting to spin on the ground while taxiing for example.
  6. One big thing to take into account which would change a lot of things: the brakes are simply not as effective than they should be; with efficient brakes you could stop your plane when you are starting to spin for example.
  7. Will we see an other map one day. Of course it's only a practice server but having more variety would be better. Like just a copy/paste and changing map at each mission rotation maybe?
  8. Yep Spits are super-loud now for some reason. (Mk V and IX) Hope the devs will look into it.
  9. Yeah the famous datas.. The sim isnt perfect but aint that far either. Also flying low doesnt means you have to rely on your turning capabilities. But well..
  10. lol no, the F4 would be an overkill. FVP is not a 100% historical server; it's more balanced. To be honest Im not a fan of the F2 in the first planeset. Good old E7 only was fun. Also, there isnt much difference/variety as it is between the first and the second planeset. (Kinda like between planesets 6 and 7 on the red side)
  11. What Denum said. Also it's always easier when you are the guy behind. You dont have to pull Gs as much than your target to get a solution.
  12. So we cant even discuss. I was just pointing out the fact that the video do not show anything about the speed to get the flaps down and yet we cant have a constructive discussion. I would rather see the "octopus" behavior reviewed first as at the moment we can manipulate the stabilizer, the flaps and the throttle at the same time. Im out.
  13. Well, it depends of the initial speed/energy of each aircraft. Those kinds of sentences doesnt means anything. Also, that video do not show much. He is "measuring the amount of turns to fully deploy or retract the manual flaps" not trying to lower the flaps down as fast as possible.
  14. No thanks. There is still so many theaters to cover in ww2.
  15. 262 is not a big deal to avoid.. Maybe you could try to improve your pilot skills and work on your SA?
  16. Still few of them compared to french aircrafts.
  17. Battle of Sedan not "The Sedan" Also it would need way more french aircrafts from Morane Saulnier, Potez or Lioré et Olivier.. Spitfire and Blenheim shouldn't be there even tho I would love to see them in the sim.
  18. Indeed, really looking forward for them and the germans Jabos missions towards England!
  19. It was up this afternoon for a few hours then it vanished.
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