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  1. That is how it goes against the AI. Different story against an human pilot.
  2. Seems interesting tbh, more pvp between tanks could be great
  3. Campaign will end once one side complete their objectives. Stats resets all quarters, so 1st january. Stats do not reset with new campaigns.
  4. Never had much problem reaching the front in time when playing with tanks. If you make sure the front still has a lot of units you are usually fine. (Even have time to ambush 1 or 2 enemy tanks sometimes.) Maybe you were unlucky and some squadron did a big raid on the target.
  5. I can confirm those invulnerable tanks. It happens on both sides btw. It might not be server related tho.
  6. Thanks for bringing this up; I will definetely check this one!
  7. A bad weather map out of 8 or 10 missions would be interesting. As long as it's not every single mission. It brings more challenge and authenticity.
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