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  1. Im not saying you shouldnt use the elevator im telling you to pull less Gs/ be carefull. Be gentle with your stick ; use your throttle dilligently; work on your trajectory, BFM... You dont win a fight by pulling more than your opponent, it's not how it works. Spit's maneuvrability aint affected at all by the phisiology. Doesn't make sense.
  2. I couldn't disagree more. The Spits are dogfight beasts. The Spit Mk.IX especially is one hell of a good plane. All planes use the same G/phisiology model (with some differences because of G-suits and seat-positions) you just got to be careful with the Spits because of their super-effective elevator. People complaining about blacking-out are most of the time just not flying efficiently and are pulling too much in their maneuvers. With such an effective elevator you gotta think about your maneuvers and be gentle with your stick. Pilot is the limit i
  3. P-38 is fun to fly and can be super-effective if you fly with discipline.
  4. Thanks for the lovely skin @co199 ! I had a nice 4 victories sortie with it on FVP tonight. Even tho I came back earlier than expected for some reason...
  5. He didnt have a firing solution at the moment I suggested you could go vertical.. It's not only about tactics its about flying efficiently so your pilot aint exhausted too quickly. Anyway Im done with you, Im loosing my time. Everyone is trying to help but you just don't want to face reality.
  6. Watched your track. You are turning wayyyyyy too much. You literaly kept turning the whole fight. At the moment the G4 passed by you at 35sec you could have gone vertical to get on his tail. (or go straight and reset) The 190 didnt seems to be bothered by you at this moment since he had the yak on his tail and he was too close to turn and get you anyway. You should really use vertical maneuvers, especially in an aircraft that climbs that well. If you go vertical you get an opportunity to reverse or reset the situation there and you give your pilot a bre
  7. As said multiple times the 262 is easy to avoid if you keep your situation awareness high.. And the actual server limitation is ok. Even the K4DC which was a unicorn is as fast as the Tempest at ground level, literally the same TAS. The 109 got a better climbrate but cant turn as well.. About the planesets I would just remove the 109F2 from the first planeset and also the 20mm for the Mc202 and Mig3. Spit with the 150 octane would sure match the G6L/G14 when it comes to speed and climbrate but It would still be a turning beast wit
  8. You gotta be kidding
  9. You never heard about yoyos / lag, pure, lead pursuit / etc? There are many things the guy chasing you can do to stay behind while taking less Gs. I think you need to practice and educate yourself on BFM.
  10. Planesets 1, 2, 7, 8 and 9 are kinda even, while 3 and 4 favors germans and 5 and 6 favors allies. So it's kinda balanced imo.
  11. HSD is actually easier when a skin is updated because as an user you get a notification to update your skin and re-download it
  12. There is this one but it do not show much: https://il2.flying-barans.ru/
  13. The brakes are simply not as effective than they should be; with efficient brakes you could stop your plane when you are starting to spin on the ground while taxiing for example.
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