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  1. Still few of them compared to french aircrafts.
  2. Battle of Sedan not "The Sedan" Also it would need way more french aircrafts from Morane Saulnier, Potez or Lioré et Olivier.. Spitfire and Blenheim shouldn't be there even tho I would love to see them in the sim.
  3. Indeed, really looking forward for them and the germans Jabos missions towards England!
  4. It was up this afternoon for a few hours then it vanished.
  5. Why not reversing them so you see them well from a short distance and then they kinda disapears.
  6. While I find it ok to straff an unsuspecting aircraft on an airfield to punish a pilot not paying attention to his map or sirens, it's a an other story when you keep circling and straffing around like a mad man. To the point where you crash on their base and loose your aircraft and avatar.. Says a lot about the way you fly.. You are probably the same kind of guys who shoot at parachutes and already burning/crash landed aircrafts. Quite sad to be honest. 🙄
  7. Blue planeset and tankset are perfectly fine. Regards.
  8. Nice vid and great editing 👍
  9. Tom did it: https://www.lockonfiles.com/files/file/3613-il-2-spitfire-mkvb-raf-57-otu-hawarden/
  10. I would be interested in those if you dont mind to share! :)
  11. More content while flying on FVP and CB.
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