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  1. I made a mission (I dont remember how many updates ago maybe 2) and when I try to load it in ME crashes without any error messages? There are some triggers that will play audio... Could that be the problem? Anyway I cant fix it because ME crashes when I load it in??
  2. Sorry for these stupid questions... We had LAN meeting and we couldn't host any mission (those that are available here in this forum) except that what came with the game? (there was no prob with ingame test coops) When I started one of those missions it things few secs and then Im back to choose coop/dogfight again?
  3. Hi all! Years ago I made those rotary hall sensor by my self (attachement pic) and now I like to buy those ready made packages (too lazy to build those again). Do You guys have any info where to get "cheap" rotary hall sensor package or product number or something? HoneyWell type would cost like 50€ and that is too much for my projects.
  4. Nice! BUT I thing that MP is what keeps these sims alive and now BOS MP experience isn't that good. Its now dogfight or SP. I know that we can do COOP missions (truly its anyway dogfight ). I loved that true COOP style where You got lots of info when mission ends etc... Anyway I have to admit that if BOS MP experience is enhanced even a little bit more I'm the first of us "thinking this more" to buy BOM and other sequels to come! Good work! and I hope Well get better MP someday!
  5. Thanks Coconut (and sorry for Your typo) I'm trying to do mission where fail comes when 2 of 3 (or any number) buildings have damage. I tried it with counter so that if counter gets 2 damage "signals" from those buildings then mission fail comes but those signals comes every time it gets damaged (one or two buildings sends signal every time it is damaged). Tried to higher building report to 60 but it didn't work. EDIT: I thing I got it working...
  6. I'm trying to do mission where building damage controls if that mission was successful or not. But what are these settings and how to use them? I got everything work with info about damage but I'm just wondering what are those and how can I use them?
  7. Is it possible if You record that session? That would be fantastic for us who cant be there (time zone's or our commanders )
  8. Emil that's true those PE:s doesn't trigger ?! Could someone explain what are we doing wrong? Here is my tryout and planes will spawn in the air (so I can test this mission with my laptop.. no hotas) http://www.lentolaivue26.org/ozz/bos/tutorialmission.zip
  9. OK. Im building that mission now but when I got It build I will check that. I made some test few days ago and I left that complex trigger out and ordered PE:s go to waypoint and then do attack run. When those PE:s got to waypoint and should start attack run they got crazy. They decend to about 10m and level flight until some trees got on they way... I put 2s timer and everything goes almost fine. So Im wondering if Your problem is that PE was enabled but pilot get grazy (!) and get crash? Have You look outside view after trigger zone? (cntrl+F2 if I remember right?)
  10. Im building that mission again to test some stuff but should that tick "Object entered area" be cklicked? I dont know but it might make sense?
  11. Hi! I have to say that I'm just starting to learn this but Emil I had that same problem. I did exactly like in that video and couldn't select airfield. I found that You have to do that "Create Linked Entity" to that spawn point and select Your side etc. Anyway these videos are so good for learning these things and THANK YOU Ian for these videos! BTW I made (for testing) timer from mission start to activate that plane so I could see if all work as wanted but how can I see that plane? Do I have to make some camera or something?
  12. And once again update will sound really great! For me the most wanted is that topographic map for FMB. White text against snowy ground...
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