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  1. I am making my own missions in the mission editor, I just didn't understand some things. So you are saying that if I make a deatmach mission then I can select my aircraft?
  2. Ok. I don't understand some things. What is ME, MP, AF?
  3. I have single selected. So I can't change the plane like in the quick missions?
  4. Hi everyone! I made a misson and I'm experiencing this really strange issue. From afar it looks like something is wrong with the map. But if you get closer it disappears. (attached images) How could I solve it? Thanks in advance, Spacebomber Attached images: Afar Closer Closest EDIT: I found the reason. I just had to close the editor. The game even warned me for this.
  5. Hello Everyone! Is it possible to select the player's plane before the mission, like in the quick missions? And how? Thanks in advance, Spacebomber
  6. Hi everyone! I tried setting a target to a command: attack area, i could't set it with the cursor, so i set another way, but my cursor is stuck in the target mode. It also happened when I tried to calculate the route at a plane, the cursor got stuck. How can I fix this? I tried pressing every mouse key. The only thing that seems to work is closing the program and restarting it. Oh and I can't select objects from the map and can't create anything. Thanks in advance!
  7. I set the controls manually. Btw I use keyboard and mouse at the moment, in the near future I wil get a normal controller. But the topic of this topic is resolved and there are 0 flickering and other bugs, thank you really much. It looks like I just had to update my driver.
  8. Ok, everything is working fine now, one last question: Do I need to set the controls manually? I can't find any button to auto-set the controls for my controller.
  9. Yes, everything works fine with it, but I have two questions: 1. Is full screen mode buggy or whats up with it? 2. Why did you set the fps cap to 50 and not 60, does that makes something better or just because?
  10. Before I read your comment, I renamed the startup.cfg, so it doesn't work (I read on the internet, that it contains settings) and the game started normally. Then I set the settings, restarted it, it worked, tweaked the settings again and the game didn't run this time. I had to delete the startup.cfg again and it's now running normally. It seems like if you set the settings and the game is in the mood then it won't start. And I can't attach the .cfg files, and how could you open it?
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