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  1. The Pe-2 s.87 Transport option doesn't appear to work as with the He-111 Transport mentioned above. I've tried with empty ammo Loadout and without any modifications. Everytime it suggests I'm not allowed to use the Pe-2 even though I have 1 Pe-2 Transport available on the record. This is the only other way to gain combat missions and replacement aircraft so it's pretty frustrating that this new implementation appears not to work for many.
  2. I cannot Alt+Tab cleanly out of the game. If I do, I cannot open the BoS window again, and if I open Windows Task Manager then the display locks up and I only have a mouse in the taskbar at the bottom. All I can do at this point is right-click the IL-2 icon and "Close Window". If I exit the game window through the GUI then my screen goes black briefly and flashes, and then I am locked out of Windows and have to log-in again. Windows 10 - 64bit Asus GTX 960 Intel Xeon E3-1241v3 8GB RAM
  3. Hehe. Remember cameras like the Minolta SRT-102? They had a 2 cell CdS light-metering system, and it was eventually simplified to a single, smaller cell in order to save on costs! Now you can buy over 20 of those same cells for a $1 on Ebay!
  4. Let's go do Battle of Britain with a hypothetical operation Sea Lion campaign so we can kill CoD and move the community forward lol.... I bought that PoS but could never play it - so I'd welcome the opportunity to buy a working re-release! Aside from that, I'd be really happy to fly some commercial and sport aircraft in a pre-war/post-war Europe - no other civil aviation sim has the flight dynamics BoS offers along with the graphical and cost/performance fidelity. Bu-181, Me-209, Fi-97/99, Tigermoth, Hughes-H1, FW-200 Condor, DC-3... along with other airliners and 'Blitz' mail-planes... Spanish Civil War anyone?
  5. Nice video showcase of the new update.
  6. Everything is better. It's a matter of facts, not so much opinion.
  7. Maybe it is possible to add an on-death event linked to a deactivate trigger for the tank? If the deactivate trigger works that way...
  8. Wasn't he also talking about armour modelling interpolation before that, too? I'm not sure if that made it into the patch or if that's is what he refers to in your quote as well.
  9. The target was stationary and it was by coincidence that it landed directly next to the track. I am under the impression that the 'improved' armour modelling is already in the game - with the same patch that the tanks were introduced in, hence the problem.
  10. Yes, at the moment I do not think it's accurate at all. Stukas had great success in destroying 10's of enemy tanks in dive-raids. Has anyone meddled with that since the last patch? I think I landed a 250kg right next to a KV-1 from a 109 and it had no effect.
  11. The most obvious difference is the flight-models and ground handling - it's pretty sad that after so long, CoD was using the same interpolated flight and hard-body damage modelling as the original IL-2. For that alone am I glad that we have BoS! The foundation is set for what combat flight simulation should be, and it's only going to get better as the new titles draw a wider player base.
  12. Is there a resource (preferably free) that details frontlines (either as text, maps or illustrations) week-week or month-month for the Battle of Stalingrad period from August to the end of September? Thanks all.
  13. If we don't add the entity to the object, does it have a preset nationality (eg. a Panzer 3 should be German) so that if it was bombed, it could be counted in the score, or used for objectives?
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