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  1. Does the 16GB ram help with the higher resolutions? What path would you take now that it's 2020 and we're looking at the next gen ryzen and more 2nd gen VR? I'm interested to learn about the liquid cooling you chose because I am noticing some stability issues on my initial boot when I power down the machine. I'm already a big fan, but I know I'm going to upgrade with rudder pedals and a throttle eventually πŸ˜„ My sister's SO built this rig for me in 2018 to learn GIS at an unbelievable price so I'm incredibly happy with the performance I'm getting.
  2. Gladiator arrived in the mail today (wouldn't try it without) and holy smokes this is phenomenal!!!
  3. S! I used to play often hyperlobby 2002-2005 some FB and 1946 to a lesser amount was BadAndy, GWR_BadAndy and JZG_Schmidt mostly flew LW. Was active in VEF for a bit. I was just 18 back then so about double that now πŸ˜€ Just got back into it with quarantine and all--holy smokes game(s) are amazing--plan to fly mostly allied!😁 Definitely recognize some callsigns in the thread! I'd like to know more about the modding community for original IL2 if that is still active?
  4. Thanks for the advice everyone it's very encouraging! I was really hoping to get some mileage out of this rig and probably wait most of the year until I do a radical upgrade. VR seems neat, but also v expensive and I feel like I should wait for the next generation of gear for that. I guess I was concerned because Bodenplatte is relatively recent and feared that my specs would be a bit behind the curve, but it seems that I will be fine to play with 1080p. I'm going to have to do something about my awfully slow internet situation before I can dogfight online so I'll probably be offline for now. Maybe near term I should upgrade ram and get a higher refresh rate monitor? I'm also going to need to upgrade peripherals and get a throttle and rudder pedals eventually as well.
  5. So my understanding is that I can copy my install files and bring them to the new machine when I decide for that? I just really don't wanna have to buy all this content again at full price 😨 Appreciate the help and I hope it's not annoying--I feel like a noob again πŸ˜†
  6. S! all I used to play all the old IL2 versions back in early 2000s and I have been looking at the Great Battles series for some time with envy and so I just took the plunge with the cabin fever codes and bought all of the content (and ordered a VKB Gladiator MKII). Pretty excited to fly again soon! I'm running older gaming hardware so I wanted to check how well it will work for 1080p for the newer games offline and multi: i5-4690K oc 4.38ghz asus Z97-A motherboard Asus Gefore GTX 1060 6GB 8GB DDR3 1600 I am certainly into upgrading some hardware in the near future and perhaps trying VR (seems incredible), but I wanted to see if maybe I should just install the older series for now since my next upgrade will probably be a new motherboard/cpu/ram that I'd bring the GPU over and practically be a new rig. Thoughts?
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