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  1. COMMUNICATION TO ALL PILOTS ! TOBRUK 1940 AIR WAR - ITALIANWING Returns ITALIANWING TEAM VS TEAM AIR BATTLES (BOB 1940 & TOBRUK) Saturday 23 January at 21:00 Rome Time We will fly Tobruk 1940 AIR WAR This will be a Test Mission, part of the future "Operation Compass" (on working) ITALIANWING TEAM SPEAK: (ask for Password) RESERVE YOUR SEAT! SIGN HEREINAFTER: Desert Wings 1940.xlsx - Microsoft Excel Online (live.com) _____________________________________________________________________ TOBRUK - SATURDAY h 21:00 Rome Time ( 20:00 GMT) ____________
  2. COMMUNICATION TO ALL PILOTS ! Hi Pilots and Gentlemen, Happy Holidays. Meanwhile you feast, the indefatigable Masters of ITALIANWING Team are working for you. New Missions of TOBRUK AIR WAR are in commissioning. For this reason we need a TEST run , the next Monday in order to check if all works fine... Therefore TOBRUK TEST MISSION next Monday 28 december 2020. Italianwing Server & TS - h 21:15. NOTE:The reference Team Speak is ITALIANWING: pass: (pikass) With the Occasion, Happy New Year!!! ITALIANWING Team
  3. With this wonderful Scenes... HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL PILOTS!!!! FROM ITALIANWING TEAM ..."The missions continue !!" (At January 2021)
  4. Yes the Calendar is quite tight. Monday BOS, Wednesday CLIFF, Saturday Tobruk, after we have DCS in program , therefore for the moment I would prefer to avoid experiments with the risk to lose the current Pilots Team. I would like very much if JG-4 will join us, but I would ask them a little sacrifice in meeting us on Wednesday... 😇
  5. Difficult to say. Pilots have just chosen Wednesday and it's not a good politic change a consolidated Day. More easy for JG4 to participate to the Mission considering this a nice Training than move all remaining Pilots...
  6. Supermarine Factory under fire Target destroyed! Escaping Southampton The long way for home Exhausted Great Combat as usual... Breathless until the end. Congratulation to Red & Blue Pilots. Great Job... ..."The missions continue !!" (At January 2021) THE ITALIANWING TEAM
  7. MISSION 9 - WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 16th, 2020 (h 21:00 Rome Time (20:00 GMT)) Historical Date: 11 September 1940 - h 10:00 FOOTAGE: Die Adler Tag British Defenders Achtung Spitfires! Escort Hilfe! Hard Attack! First Blood Target in Sight
  8. MISSION 9 - WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 16th, 2020 (h 21:00 Rome Time (20:00 GMT)) Historical Date: 11 September 1940 - h 10:00 SITUATION: "In the recent days Germans have hit hard London . Heavy losses for Luftwaffe forces due to strong RAF reaction. Goering announces tough attack against British Aircraft Factories."Germans have destroyed Supermarine factory in Southampton . Now also Supermarine Factory in Cunliffe Owen, Southampton Airport could be the next target of Luftwaffe." COMMUNICATION : "DETAILED BRIEFING will be at ITALIANWING DISCORD SQN PRIVATE BRIEFING ROOMS" BOARDING SHEET NEXT MISSION HERE: Subscribe here (Mark only an "X" near your name or add a New Pilot) https://onedrive.live.com/view.aspx?resid=1EC7CE167357D819!990&ithint=file%2Cxlsx&authkey=!ANaAJxiY7XpG7Rc NEWS: Herald Tribune - September 11th, 1940: "Due to Goering "Propaganda", British Intelligence suppose Supermarine Factory at Cunliffe Owen, Southampton airport, will be the next target of Luftwaffe. RAF Tangmere, and RAF Southampton airports alerted, as far as the close airfields. Pilots warm your engines!". Supermarine Factory at Cunliffe Owen, Southampton airport Supermarine Factory at Cunliffe Owen, Southampton airport Southampton airport in the north of the town ..."The missions continue !!" THE ITALIANWING TEAM
  9. Escaping Southampton The sport car of Mr. Mitchell is still intact😃 Opening the way for home
  10. This is the History . August 1940. Supermarine Factory in Woolston destroyed by a Luftwaffe Raid. And the Simulation
  11. MISSION 8 - WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 9nd, 2020 Historical Date: 23 August 1940 - h 15:00 FOOTAGE (post your material hereinafter) The HUNS come Ordes Turning for Target Target in Sight "Bomben Weg !" The thin Blu Line Supermarine Factory under fire The sport Car of Mr. Mitchell is intact "Achtung Spitfire!" Again bombs Southampton in trouble... Great Mission yesterday . Great Air Combat over Southampton. Target destroied but the Thin Blue Line has defended with determination. Congratulation to all Pilots... "The missions continue !!" THE ITALIANWING TEAM
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