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  1. Could someone inform me how to show the fps counter? Thanks in advance.
  2. Reading the first reviews and benchmarks i realised that the difference between the two is 3-5% (maybe even smaller) in 4k resolutions. Do you believe it might be higher in Il-2? As i have understood Il-2 is largely depending οn single core performance.
  3. Hello to everyone, i have been setting up my new pc and i would like opinions on which cpu should i choose. My set up so far is: DELL u2718q 3840*2160 ASUS Prime z390-A Trident Z 16GB (2*8GB) DDR4-4266MHZ GeForce RTX 2080 Super Samsung 970 Plus 500GB EVO BeQuiet 1000w BeQuiet Dark Rock 4 Should i choose i9 9900ks or the i9 9900kf as i plan on 4k gaming? Any opinion would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hello everybody. As I plan to upgrade my PC soon, I would like I ask which configuration would one suggest in order to run Il-2 BoS in 4K smoothly. Thanks in advance for every answer.
  5. Thank you for your replies. I was afraid that rolling back versions could not be done. As for my laptop it is a MacBook Pro 2015 featuring an i7 2,5 GHz, 16 GB 1600Mhz AMD Radeon 370X 2 GB GDDR5. As for the drivers since i am running windows through boot camp I cannot update them. That’s why I was hoping for being able to install a previous and lighter version....
  6. Hello to everybody, I have bought Il-2 BoS and Battle of Kuban. I strongly believe it's the best sim one can have. As I use a laptop, I've been struggling with low fps since I updated to the latest versions. Does anyone know how can I install an older version because a few versions before the game was playable? Any help is greatly appreciated. Kostas Stamboulidis.
  7. I think you might find this video useful.. i5 and rtx 2060 at 4k.
  8. Exceptional description of the situation, my thoughts and feelings.
  9. @SeaQuark: Thanks a lot for testing and posting your results. Really helpful and thorough examination. You own the laptop i am planning to buy. I strongly believe that a slightly faster CPU than yours would have a minimal -if any- impact on fps. I am almost certain that the upcoming nVidia 850m (GTX?) would be sufficient. I will probably wait for a refreshed rMBP. Thanks again.
  10. @SeaQuark What is your GPU? SSD? Is it the retina MacBook Pro? Up to what resolution you manage to get >24fps consantly? I am planning on buying a retina MBP but I am almost convinced that I should wait for rMBP with Broadwell CPU and nVidia 850m GPU.
  11. First of all i would like to thank you all for your replies. @Johnny_Red Which laptop are you using? Your reply is very encouraging! @johncage For reason that have to do with my profession i need a mac. Iam planning on buying a retina macbook pro with the above specs and use it at 1920*1080 for BoS I am troubled with two options: Wait for a year or so and get it with Broadwell and 850m (probably GTX) or buy it now with the above specs. It is getting more and more difficult to use my current gear for my proffesion. On the other hand due to financial restriction i will stick with what i buy for 5-7 years. Johnny_Red what would you do? Thanks again!
  12. I am planning on buying a laptop with i7 and 16GB RAM and 512 SSD and nVIDIA 750M (2 GB). Has anyone tested the above or similar configuration. Thanks in andvance for every reply.
  13. Hello to all, i am planing to buy a retina macbook pro (Intel i7 2,3 to 3,5 GHz, 16MB RAM, 512GB SSD and GeForce GT 750m 2GB). Do you thing the above configuration will be able to run it smoothly at 1920x1080 (all settings max to ultra) ? Does anyone with the same or similar configuration run it smoothly?? I am troubled as to wait for 6-9 months when an update is rumored to include the recently released GeForce 850GTX m. Thank you in advance for every reply.
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