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  1. No worries, enjoy the holidays! One question I have is will there be any form of update before release? Or are we simply waiting for release? Regardless, thanks for the hard work.
  2. I would appreciate AI B17s. Then maybe in the future a flyable one similar to how the ju52 was handled.
  3. Haha thats kinda' ridiculous but makes sense. Thanks for the info.
  4. Can't wait to take it for a spin. Whats all that room behind the cockpit for?
  5. Dev update looks great, keep up the awesome work guys!
  6. I think it would be cool to just make battle of the pacific, and not fixate on a single battle. I wonder if having to create fewer details on the maps (because of the ocean) would allow for maps/missions to be generated faster. For example instead of battle of midway it would be battle of the pacific 1942, and then 1943 ect. Just a thought, regardless if they stick to the current model of sticking to one specific battle i'm still all in, i love pacific war aircraft.
  7. Does the added weight allow the g4 to dive faster than the g2? Or does the added drag counteract this?
  8. BlackSix, The campaign is too good, how could you spoil us like this? Please make more campaigns PLEASE!
  9. There's an issue with the mig tailwheel? Time to uninstall.
  10. A Night Witch campaign would be rad.
  11. Did I just go from ~40fps/1080p to ~100 fps at 2k? Hot damn my favorite game just got wayy better. Amazing patch!
  12. I just did a few of the missions and its amazing. I'm on my way to becoming a real Ace. The non-combat missions are just as fun as the combat missions in my opinion and the campaign really adds atmosphere. Great work! Very tempting to take tomorrow off of work to keep going
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