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    I own a 1940 DH-82A Tiger Moth that I restored from a wreck over a 10 year period.
    I am building a full scale Fokker DR-1 from Ron Sands Plans

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  1. I just did a Quick Mission where I was perched just above and behind a very well dressed and animated Pilot - who was in my seat !! Lots of fun to observe but very hard to sight the guns from this position. Can someone please explain how this is controlled ? I have also done Bristol QM's where the rear gunner is a) on board behind me doing a great job and b) just an unmanned gun ( also doing a great job ) Same sort of issue ?? thanks BobMurphy123
  2. Good advice. I think a few scenic cross countries will be better than an 8 ship fur ball thanks again
  3. OK Good to go . VR is fantastic but giving me the whirlies after a short while....not like the real thing n that regard Obvious;y I need to remap my most useful keys to the throttle base An odd observation - when I move over in my seat to look down , the side of the cockpit moves away from me . Any thoughts? Thanks so much. This is a blast !
  4. Good to go now. Fantastic effect. Thanks for your help Now.... any suggestion for air sickness ? I am a pilot and I fly a 1940 DH-82A Tiger Moth for real but this VR is giving me the whirlies
  5. Hi dburne Thank you. I am very close now using Steam VR - but still no prize I am standing in the Il-2 Sturmovik Hangar in VR mode with a screen that says ENTER - but I have no way to move the mouse arrow or any other controller to select it. Any ideas how to move forward would be most appreciated Cheers Bob
  6. Folks I have the software and the hardware and all seems good to go in isolation Flying Circus plays just fine standalone ditto for Oculus Rift S Can anyone list the basic BABY steps to get into VR for Flying Circus ? Where must the game software reside ? Must I use Steam ? many thanks BobMurphy123
  7. Folks Please excuse my pitiful newbie question in this very inspiring thread but I am stuck at Ground Zero for using VR in Flying Circus. I have just bought the download directly from IC Games ( formerly 777 Studios ? ) as they encouraged me to do so - and I wanted to give them the purchase rather than going thru a re-seller like Steam Possible Mistake ? I also just bought Oculus Rift S . It runs just fine when I use their downloaded games so I know that works with my system Flying Circus runs just fine as a standalone game The conundrum is exactly HOW do I get this new hardware and FC software to marry up ? I cannot find any instructions anywhere so you may be my last hope I am truly sorry but I need " VR 101" for new simmers. If it is any consolation, I own a 1940 Tiger Moth that I restored from a wreck and I am building a DR-1 .Full size. From Plans.The Real Deal. I use the Moth to take Vets and other worthy seniors back into the skies for fundraisers and charity flights. https://player.vimeo.com/video/366268072 It is a long winter here in Canada and I need a fix of open cockpit VR to see me thru to next Spring :) Thanks for your consideration BobMurphy123 arobertmurphy@rogers.com
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