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  1. G6 - Completely underrated... Very capable when used as a pure dogfighter even in very late war scenarios. Machi - It's got STYLE. A good burst on a fighter will usually do the trick, but good luck bringing down anything heavier. Slightly difficult to handle, but once you get the feel she is VERY agile. Fast for its time period. Po-2 - You have to already like the Po-2... But hey, if you like moving slow and launching some rockets at ground targets at tree-top level, than this is your ride. o7, Cactus
  2. Thanks, that was indeed my issue. I can't believe I hadn't ever seen that after years of playing.
  3. Per title. Tested vs other allied A\C with multiple beacons - all were operating just fine and homing to each station while the P-39's remained inoperative.
  4. I'm confused as to why the Ju-52 isn't in there... Regarding the 262, with the mechanics in TAW, I really don't believe that the 262 should be included. Maybe if it had it's own "special" criteria that needed to be met in order to obtain one, just to make it somewhat less obnoxious. The thing with the 262 is the incredible survivability while still being aggressive in combat. I wouldn't expect to see any Luftwaffe pilot flying anything else as soon as they are available, and they won't be losing it anytime soon. Just my 2 cents.
  5. =SFG=Cactus + BoN Thank you for your generous opportunity!
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