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  1. Brilliant, many thanks! Really appreciate all the work you do....
  2. Fantastic stuff! Really enjoying it and looking forward to the next episode! Top notch!
  3. Fantastic news,!! Early Xmas present for the WW1 simmers......
  4. So very sad! My sincere condolences to his family and friends...
  5. Guys latest exciting update from Christer ....... "Dear friends and supporters, Very great news: Black Cross Red Star Volume 5 has arrived from the printer! I have hired two people to pack and post the books as quickly as possible for you, so all books have been sent to all of you who have pre-ordered the book! I thank all of you very much! The printer has made an excellent work – the photos are even better than in Volume 5. I was very happy with Volume 4, but I am even happier with Volume 5. For those of you who still have not ordered it, if you w
  6. Hi, just received a further update from Christer regarding Black Cross Red Star, Volumes 5 and 1. (Crowdfunder details have been removed from the mail). "Hi, dear friends, I have been working very intensely the past weeks & months to get Black Cross Red Star Vol. 5 as good as possible and completed as soon as possible. Since last month, I have been working on the photo selection and photo captions to the book. That work turned out to take much more tim
  7. Doh! Couldn’t help myself..... both bought!!
  8. Hi, A new update from Christer regarding Black Cross Red Star, Volume 5. Again It is primarily intended exclusively for crowdfunders, but i’m sure he is happy for you to understand how his projects are progressing. In accordance with Christers wishes - the maps and index are not attached. “Hello, dear valuable crowdfunders, Here is my next email uniquely for you who are crowdfunding Black Cross Red Star, Volume 5. I finished the 19th and last chapter of Black Cross Red Star, Volume 5 the day before yesterday. Now I am working on the photos and expect to
  9. Hi, Although this latest mail is exclusively intended for the crowdfunders of Black Cross Red Star Vol 5, I’m sure Christer will be happy for you to get a better understanding of how work on Vol. 5 is progressing and his future Publishing plans. As this mail is Primarily intended for crowdfunders, I did not think it appropriate to provide the link to the PDF excerpt. “Hi, my dear and important supporters!This email goes exclusively to the crowdfunders of Black Cross Red Star Vol. 5.The book will soon be completed. I hope to be able to deliver it to you next m
  10. Fantastic to watch! A stunning tribute.....
  11. I thought that this mail from Christer might be of interest to some members.... ”INTERACTIVE WEB LECTURES ON THE SECOND WORLD WAR!Hi, My lectures on the Second World War have been very popular and attracted many people. (See pictures below.) I would like to invite you to my one-hour live English-spoken web lectures on the Second World War. These web lecture will be illustrated with images and film clips from the Second World War. The sound will be of the highest quality in the broadcast. The content of the lecture will of course also be of the highest quali
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