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  1. Hi, just received a further update from Christer regarding Black Cross Red Star, Volumes 5 and 1. (Crowdfunder details have been removed from the mail). "Hi, dear friends, I have been working very intensely the past weeks & months to get Black Cross Red Star Vol. 5 as good as possible and completed as soon as possible. Since last month, I have been working on the photo selection and photo captions to the book. That work turned out to take much more time than I had anticipated, because I have many more photos than I thought I have. I am very keen on making the best selection of photos, having them placed in the most relevant context in the book, and with a small story to most photo captions. However, I will finish this work this week. The graphic designer has laid out each chapter at the same pace as I have finished the work on photos and photo captions. So layout won't take much more time now. The book must be printed and shipped to everyone who has ordered it in July. I will return on that issue later this week or next week. I am now checking the names of the crowdfunders for Black Cross Red Star Vol. 5, because they will have their names in the book and they will also receive a special numbered edition of the book. The list is at the end of this email. If you are a crowdfunded for Black Cross Red Star Vol. 5, please check if your name is there. If not, please email me about it and I will correct it. The new edition of Black Cross Red Star Vol. 1 - which in essence is a completely new book - will be published asap, but I need to visit some archives first, and corona has so far prevented that. So my next book will be STALINGRAD – AN EPIC BATTLE REVISITED. All research for this book has been made, and what remains is just to finish the manuscript, so it will be published later this year: Large format, hardcover. Based on decades of research work in both German and Russian archives, as well as interviews with a large number of key figures and veterans, Stalingrad – An Epic Battle Revisited brings our knowledge on this turning point of World War II several big steps forward. It brings forward many hitherto unknown facts and dispels many myths and misconceptions of the battle. In order to bring about a quick release of my Stalingrad book, I consider a crowdfunding-solution. I propose a crowdfunding with $100. The crowdfunders will receive a personally signed copy of a special, numbered edition, and have their names printed as an acknowledgment in the book. Otherwise, the ordinary price is USD$60. Please transfer the payment to my Paypal account: vaktelforlag@gmail.com Read more about the book here: https://vaktelforlag.se/produkt/stalingrad-epic-battle-revisited/ This work on the ground war during the Battle of Stalingrad is the continuation of my previous book Operation Barbarossa 1941 : Hitler against Stalin and supplements his Black Cross/Red Star series about the air war on the Eastern Front. See: https://vaktelforlag.se/produkt/operation-barbarossa-1941/ and https://vaktelforlag.se/produkt-kategori/english/ You are welcome to order personally signed copies of those books too, USD$ 60 each. Postage: 1 book = USD 25 2 books = USD 50 3 or more books = USD 60 All the best, Christer Bergström Vaktel Förlag Box 3027 S-630 03 Eskilstuna Sweden vaktelforlag.se"
  2. Doh! Couldn’t help myself..... both bought!!
  3. Hi, A new update from Christer regarding Black Cross Red Star, Volume 5. Again It is primarily intended exclusively for crowdfunders, but i’m sure he is happy for you to understand how his projects are progressing. In accordance with Christers wishes - the maps and index are not attached. “Hello, dear valuable crowdfunders, Here is my next email uniquely for you who are crowdfunding Black Cross Red Star, Volume 5. I finished the 19th and last chapter of Black Cross Red Star, Volume 5 the day before yesterday. Now I am working on the photos and expect to send everything to the graphic designer next week. The aircraft color profiles by Jim Laurier are all completed, and so are the maps. I attach some of the maps for Volume 5 especially for you. Please keep them between you and me. I also attach the index for Volume 4. If you continue to spread the word about the Black Cross Red Star books and my forthcoming book on Stalingrad book on the Internet, I am most grateful for that too! I can assure you that many, many have heard about my books through your channels on the Internet! People can find more information about the books here: https://vaktelforlag.se/produkt/black-cross-red-star-air-war-eastern-front-volume-5-great-air-battles-kuban-kursk-april-july-1943/ https://vaktelforlag.se/produkt/black-cross-red-star-air-war-eastern-front-volume-1-operation-barbarossa/ https://vaktelforlag.se/produkt/stalingrad-epic-battle-revisited/ Anyone interested in information about these books is welcome to email me at vaktelforlag@gmail.com Please don't hesitate to put my email address on the Internet, in emails to your friends etc. Your great support is not only valuable because of the resource that it gives me to produce these books in high quality, but it also has a very valuable effect in that it encourages me to work hard to finish these books for you. Thank you so very much! 👏 All the best, Christer Bergström Vaktel Förlag Box 3027 S-630 03 Eskilstuna Sweden“
  4. Hi, Although this latest mail is exclusively intended for the crowdfunders of Black Cross Red Star Vol 5, I’m sure Christer will be happy for you to get a better understanding of how work on Vol. 5 is progressing and his future Publishing plans. As this mail is Primarily intended for crowdfunders, I did not think it appropriate to provide the link to the PDF excerpt. “Hi, my dear and important supporters!This email goes exclusively to the crowdfunders of Black Cross Red Star Vol. 5.The book will soon be completed. I hope to be able to deliver it to you next month. Naturally, you will, as a crowdfunder, be the first ones to which I will send the book.After Volume 5, I will finish my work on my book ”Stalingrad – An Epic Battle Revisited”. See:https://vaktelforlag.se/produkt/stalingrad-epic-battle-revisited/I have worked on that book for many years, and it will be finished in a couple of months, to be published later this year.I will also finish the new and heavily expanded edition of Black Cross Red Star Vol. 1. See:https://vaktelforlag.se/produkt/black-cross-red-star-air-war-eastern-front-volume-1-operation-barbarossa/There you can see the front cover, with a new artwork by Jerry Boucher.That edition of Volume 1 that is so heavily updated and expanded that it more or less is a completely new book.I attach another excerpt from Black Cross Red Star Volume 5 exclusively for you, my dear crowdfunders. Please note that it is just a pdf made from the word manuscript, and I have added the photos myself only for you. This is not the way the book will look like when it has been laid out by a professional graphic designer.Please continue to spread the word about this book.In great appreciation!All the best, Christer Bergström Vaktel Förlag Box 3027 S-630 03 Eskilstuna Sweden”
  5. Fantastic to watch! A stunning tribute.....
  6. I thought that this mail from Christer might be of interest to some members.... ”INTERACTIVE WEB LECTURES ON THE SECOND WORLD WAR!Hi, My lectures on the Second World War have been very popular and attracted many people. (See pictures below.) I would like to invite you to my one-hour live English-spoken web lectures on the Second World War. These web lecture will be illustrated with images and film clips from the Second World War. The sound will be of the highest quality in the broadcast. The content of the lecture will of course also be of the highest quality. The first interactive web lecture will be: MYTHS ABOUT OPERATION MARKET GARDEN. Next, I plan to hold interactive web lectures about subjects such as: * The Ardennes Offensive in 1944-1945. * Operation Barbarossa. * The Air War on the Eastern Front. * The Battle of Britain. * The Truth About “Dunkirk”. * Luftwaffe Veterans that I have met. You will be able to easily see and hear it on your computer, smart TV, mobile, or iPad. You don't need a specific program. Just log in as on any Internet site. The exact time for this is not determined, but it will be as soon as possible. I will book a time that suits most who are interested. In addition, there will be opportunities to see the replay of that lecture. If you are interested in my English-spoken interactive web lectures on the Second World War – please email me: vaktelforlag@gmail.com Put the header "Interested in web lectures" and just write your name in the email. It happens that I get a code that I mail out to everyone who will participate. Then it is just for you to click on the link you receive by email and you will enter. The computer program I have to send costs 85 EUR / month, but I was going to take 10 EUR/11 USD at the entrance of the participants. (After all, it's part of my livelihood, too.) For those who cannot watch it at the exact time when it will be broadcast, you can see the replay. Although then, of course, you cannot participate in the question time. I will soon be running a first test broadcast so everyone will feel assured that it is working. It will, of course, be free of charge. Everyone who has emailed me about their interest in this will be informed in good time when it will take place. Feel free to forward this to others who might be interested. If there is a great interest, then I will run a whole lecture series. I could also invite foreign experts who lecture in English, possibly also Second World War veterans. Then, of course, I will also offer everyone the opportunity to come up with suggestions on the topics of the lecture. Email me as soon as possible so I can start preparing. You can see some of my English books here: https://vaktelforlag.se/produkt-kategori/english/ All the best, Christer Bergström“
  7. Stunning artwork, a very talented artist indeed!
  8. This boy is 'Tiggy' a lovely lad with Cat-itude!
  9. Guys, just a quick update from Christer regarding “Black Cross/Red Star Volume 5” plus other information - received this evening. “Hi,Hope everyone stays healthy and cool! Here follows some entertainment and self-educational tips in these self-quarantine times - documentaries, book tips, and more.The manuscript of ”Black Cross/Red Star, Volume 5” is soon completed. So for those of you who have pre-ordered or promised crowdfunding, I would like you now to send in your payment, if you haven’t done it yet. Please transfer your payment to my Paypal account: vaktelforlag@gmail.comWith canceled (postponed) lectures and battlefield tours this spring, I have time like never before to write my book "Black Cross / Red Star", Volume 5. See:https://vaktelforlag.se/produkt/black-cross-red-star-air-war-eastern-front-volume-5-great-air-battles-kuban-kursk-april-july-1943/All the chapters that deal with the events during the air war have now been written. What remains to be done is to edit those chapters, write the introduction chapter and the ”conclusions” chapter, and then select photos and write the photo captions.In ”Black Cross/Red Star, Volume 5”, I describe the dramatic turning point in the Eastern Front air war, how it became much tougher the Luftwaffe pilots in the encounters with Soviet pilots. But there are also depictions of incredible successes for the German fighter pilots - where, for example, the fighter group III./JG 52 achieved 126 air victories without a single loss in April 1943. Although the Germans overestimated their success by close to 200%, it testifies to a huge superiority in the air battles.And then the turn came suddenly. The chapter where I describe this is not without reason called "The Russian Air Force is doing whatever it wants over Krymskaya" – which is a quotation from a German report.When Alfred Grislawski found out that an old recruit buddy had retrained himself into a fighter pilots and came to JG 52 at the Kuban Bridgehead in April 1943, he was very concerned. “You stand with one leg in the grave, Helmut!” he said to him. A few weeks later, Helmut Kabisch was dead.In the first chapters of "Black Cross / Red Star", Volume 5 I describe the well-known but hitherto completely undocumented air battle over the Kuban Bridgehead in April-May 1943 as detailed as the best books on the Battle of Britain. I have full access to all German AND all Soviet primary sources on that air battle, and I have interviewed many of the pilots from both sides who survived the air battle.If you haven’t done it yet, you can pre-order a personally signed copy of the book for USD 60 or crowdfund it with USD 100.If you do not have "Black Cross / Red Star", Volume 4, it can be ordered here:https://vaktelforlag.se/produkt/black-cross-red-star-air-war-eastern-front-volume-4-stalingrad-kuban-1942-1943/Would you like to order a personally signed copy of Vol. 4, so send me an email at:forlag@vaktelforlag.seFor those of you who have it, I have index in pdf that I can email if you wish. Just email me at forlag@vaktelforlag.se and I will send. Vol. 4 was published last fall, vol. 5 is coming this summer, and this winter will follow the very updated new edition of Vol. 1. Then comes much updated new editions of Vol. 2 and Vol. 3 in 2021, so that we are "catching up". Then the series continues. I expect it to be eight volumes.Please check out my other books in English here: https://vaktelforlag.se/produkt-kategori/english/Have you noticed my book ”Operation Barbarossa 1941 : Hitler against Stalin”, for instance? See:https://vaktelforlag.se/produkt/operation-barbarossa-1941/To order the book:For a personally signed copy of the hardcover edition:Transfer US $ 59 (or 53 EUR) to my Paypal account vaktelforlag@gmail.comand send your address to Christer at vaktelforlag@gmail.comPlus postage:25 USD or 23 EURFinally, I have put together links to some documentaries about World War II on Youtube. Fill a glass with beer (or similar), sink down in your sofa, and watch the documentaries on your flat screen TV and enjoy:Unique archival Video of Russian Air Forces WW2 1939 - 1945https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRC6yUFcoPYIlyushin IL-2 Sturmovik - Soviet ground-attack aircrafthttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbZkVjdTTEAThe Battle of Kurskhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXSh0JFwDq06th Army’s Rations at Stalingradhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=occOOTk6OKYSoviet Defensive Tactics - Kursk 43https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxGKhGLUpNI91st BG B-17F Miss Ouachita shot down by Heinz Bär & Dame Satanhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BS7SU0MXuDgFritz Ungar, JG 54, JG 26 shot down B-17 Flying Fortresshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUbC99Tik88Fritz Ungar, Fw 190 D-9 vs. Typhoon IBhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8adflxejGkFlying Fortress Crash Landing (1944)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fHPFQffwmYAir Force Aerial Combat Footagehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJooYDwvWw0Get Going - The US Mission to Capture Hitler's No. 2https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkC7fTVbWck2 SS Panthers vs. 21 US Shermanshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86K0ncTkAkAThe Monster of Raseiniaihttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zxNg-81m_QRussian WW2 Women Snipershttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_qnd839mQsNuremberg Executions 1946 - What Happened to the Bodies?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=At7IA19fXHc12 Most Amazing Unexpected Military Findshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRSZplGKaMcOperation Mincemeat WWII deception prior to invading Italyby Ian Fleming Fullhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBk3sSUB5X4Sex And The Swastika (World War 2 Documentary)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNCIGl1OpMsThe REAL Reason why Hitler HAD to start WW2https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQGMjDQ-TJ8&t=43sThe MAIN Reason Why Germany Lost WW2 - OILhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVo5I0xNRhgTake care, everyone!All the best,” Christer Bergström Vaktel Förlag Box 3027 S-630 03 Eskilstuna Sweden
  10. Brilliant! Many thanks to the team for all their efforts at this difficult time....
  11. Very generous gesture Tzigy..... Top Man!!
  12. Lovely gesture, very generous...... Top man!!
  13. Likewise - crowdfunded vol 4 and 5. Just gotta support Christer and his incredible work!
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