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  1. Great to hear that this has been fixed! Now I just have to wait for work to be over for the day.
  2. Sorry, I meant for my comment to mean that the common thread with the people having this problem appears to be that some (? most? all? I don't know.) of the players seeing "rainbow squares" have AMD video cards . I did not mean it to seem like I thought that AMD was to blame, (since all of my other games are working just fine as well). I just meant that the issue is somehow AMD related. Hopefully the devs will be able to sort this bug out soon. Thank you.
  3. Just wanted to post here as well as in the main update thread. I too am having a issue with "rainbow sparkles" showing up on my screen. It was funny to experience at first, especially since when I pulled the trigger I was firing rainbow colored squares at my enemies, but it grew tiresome quickly. I guess it is an AMD issue as I am running a Radeon RX 480 (i7-4790K, ASUS Z97-A, 16GB RAM, Windows 7 64-bit). My current Radeon Software version is 16.11.5 Crimson, so version 16.12.1 does not seem to be the cause.
  4. Looks like a great update, but I too am having a issue with "rainbow sparkles" showing up on my screen. It was funny to experience at first, especially since when I pulled the trigger I was firing rainbow colored squares at my enemies, but it grew tiresome quickly. I guess it is an AMD issue as I am running a Radeon RX 480 (i7-4790K, ASUS Z97-A, 16GB RAM, Windows 7 64-bit).
  5. Already pre-ordered. Looking forward to the release of the next patch, the next collectors' planes, BoK, and the next theater.
  6. What I took away from it was that Jason is a die hard historical SIM fan like most of us, and so is his team, but money is a big issue (and understandably so by anyone that has ever tried to tackle a project half as ambitious as an accurate WWII flight and combat SIM) and so that money, and thus time and effort, will be focused on expanding the game in the most advantageous of ways. Logically. So not everyone will get what they want, but we will all get something better with each iteration. This makes me happy to have spent money on this SIM, and I will be happy to do so in the future with a Dev as open and straight forward as Jason. It was a very educational and sometimes funny look into the life of a Dev of a genre that I have come to love.
  7. I just played War Thunder for the first time in almost two (I think) years. (A little background info) I evolved into a Full Real Battles/Sim Battles (strictly air) snob very quickly after first finding out about the game. A couple of months in Arcade, 6 months in Realistic, and I then I couldn't buy SIMming gear fast enough to get myself into "playing the real game". Well, Gaijin went and pissed me off too many times so I dropped the game like the bad coke habit that it had become (I spent a lot of money on it too I am now ashamed to admit). I moved onto much better SIMs (BoS/BoM/RoF/DCS/BMS/CLoD). So my findings today after trying WT SB (Enduring Battles, I think SB is now called)... pretty much the same as when I left the game. A little silly but addictive fun mixed in with tons of frustration. It can be pretty (some of the cockpits are "rough" though, and most bomber cockpits still do not exist), and it has a lot of planes, but it is no where near what BoS/BoM has to offer as far as quality and FM/DM. Also, I found it interesting how (thanks to real SIMs) I was able to quickly and easily dispatch the 360 degree god and wonder woman view bombers that used to be the bane of my SB existence. Learn to fly in combat in a quality SIM and WT opponents don't have nearly the advantage that they used to.
  8. Can a non squad member, mostly causal pilot apply? If so, Ghostline06 would like to join the VVS. I cannot say how often I will get to join in, but I would really like to. Thank you.
  9. Please excuse my lack of knowledge, but what do I need "to do" to attack towns like Verh. Tsaritsinsky? The town already appears destroyed in game (no structures) but http://taw.stg2.de/index.php shows that it is undamaged (although it shows that it has been attacked been attacked). Thank you.
  10. Well then, that explains that. Thank you for your answers. I guess I will be online in a 109 or my 110 shortly.
  11. Quick (possibly off topic) question. Why would I get kicked/dumped out of the server as soon as I got into my IL-2 1941 (multiple times)? All I can think off is maybe it was due to me having played as Germany in the past. I usually try to play on the side with less numbers and this afternoon it was the Allies. Anyway I tried the IL-2 three times and then i gave up as there were three Axis players and only one player on the Allies side. I didn't want to play if it was going to be 4 to 1. Thank you.
  12. How about a "hot-key" to give a quick "external view" (a view outside of the VR device) by using a cellphone like camera... with a transparency level slider like must games have for HUDs and such (only the game would be what becomes more transparent). I don't know if that would increase the nausea factor or in some other way mess with our brains, but other then that I can't see a reason why it couldn't be done. It wouldn't even need to interact with the PC at all (so no GPU processing hit). Again just have it work like looking through a cell phone when shooting a video and (maybe) problem solved.
  13. I do not want to seem to be in any way attacking you here Freycinet, but I don't see how anyone could consider WT's maps as "luscious-looking" in comparison to BoS. Maybe WT has more maps where a number of them take place in different seasons, but nothing about WT's maps stand out to me over BoS. In fact just the other day I attempted to "unwind" by playing some arcade Sim Battles in WT and I ended up on the Operation Uranus map. The map is Stalingrad in winter and I commented in game on how it felt so much worse to me then BoS. It just didn't feel as "alive" even in a 7v7 game. I will admit that WT got me back into simming over the past 2 years, basically until WT I had forgotten how much I enjoyed WWII era flying specifically and really flight sims in general. I still play SB WT because it is quick, convenient, and thoughtless. But its (persistent) issues, especially in sim battles, make the game so frustrating that I am more then happy to drop "serious" money on a game of quality vs playing a F2P game that simply focuses on quantity. WT got me to buy my simming gear as I climbed my way up from playing mouse aim arcade battles (and quickly getting bored), to mouse aim "realistic battles" (and quickly getting bored) to mouse aim "simulator battles", where I will still play from time to time but the issues (like the continuing problem of AB/RB bomber/gunship spam in SB mode) just make me feel like I wasted money on "professional level" gear for a "consumer level" project at best. And WT might have nice graphics for what it is, but with the horrible spotting system the game uses I have had to modify my graphic settings in such a way that in game it really doesn't matter at all. But WT does offer players with variety and a feeling of accomplishment all of which are designed to benefit a company that uses the F2P model for game design. It is also primarily focused on being accessible to the largest number of people as possible. And I think that is the issue with the low popularity of true sims these days. People today do not want to have to "work" for their entertainment, they want everything handed to them ready to go out of the gate. PC gamers in general and simmers in particular seem to be a rare breed of tinkerers and tweakers in a time where everything electronics related seems to require being dumbed down before the majority of people even consider using it. Anyway I love BoS, DCS, CloD, and RoF even if I don't get to play them as often as I would like to. And I look forward to BoM.
  14. Well good to know I am not the only one experiencing this and that it appears to be something specifically wrong with my hardware. I have known that my sound card has been considered as an "odd" or rare one when it comes to gaming rigs, but I decided on it years ago after reviewing many different options that were available for my needs at the time, and it has never failed me in any game up to this point (and it sounds so damn sweet in combination with good headphones). I know people have spoken of "sound bubbles" being used in this game, and unfortunately I have yet to research the sound engine being used (FMod EX I believe it is called), but it seems like pretty odd behavior if the "sound bubble" created by the destruction of these ground vehicles overpowers and removes the "sound bubble" that my plane is traveling in instead of augmenting/adding to it. Other then this issue (and the whole known issue of not hearing enemy hits on my plane but hearing my hits on enemy planes "far" ahead of me) I have thought that the sound design was pretty damn awesome, especially when observing (after an all to common instance of me having to bail out) my plane crashing and exploding on the ground and then hearing the boom of the explosion after a short delay based on distance. But the issue I came here to discuss is just annoying enough to have prompted me to ask in this general discussion area if others are experiencing this before I make an attempt at creating a bug report (I have yet to do so in any game and I have to look up the steps required). I was hoping I could find a log of some sort that would show what sounds were being send to my sound-card in order to see if all the sounds were being sent and my system was just dropping them or if the game itself was not sending the whole "sound picture" at the time of my fly-over.
  15. Awesome, I will give that a try tonight. EDIT: Darn it, I couldn't wait so I decided to remote into my rig at home and I saw the following has been already set in my startup.cfg. [KEY = sound] count = 128 debug_radio = 0 interface = 1 quality = 2 speedenable = true volume = 1.00000 [END] Does anyone know if I can go up to "quality = 3"? I am guessing "debug_radio" won't provide me with any actual debug info related to my issue.
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