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  1. I got BoK first, because I wanted to have a mixture of bombers and fighters so I could experience the game with all the different parts, bombing, heavy fighters, dive bombers, fighters, and that sort of thing, and then once I decided that I really liked the game I bought BoBp because I liked a lot of the aircraft that were in it...It really depends on what you want to do, if you want to get a feel for every part of the game including the two free tanks (that is if your interested in tanks) or if you want just to experience fighters with a bit of bombing (P-38) then get BoBp Salute! -Gerald
  2. The only factor that I know of, is when you are recording it, using the IL2 sturmovik thing for doing that, you can't speed it up while you're creating a track record of what ever is happening, but if you're not doing the recording thing, you can speed it up. Hopefully that explains it! Salute! -Gerald
  3. I must apologize, my dad who shares the thumb drives that I use for IL 2 stuff accidentally deleted the track records while he was trying to move them off the thumb drive. Sorry...
  4. I'm running IL2 on my school computer which isn't very good, so I have the bare minimum of graphics possible so that it doesn't lag a bunch, I run mine in 1920x1080, and I have 4k textures disabled most of the time so that it runs better.
  5. My apologies, I had moved them to a thumb drive, so as to free up space on my computer, I''ll have to look for the thumb drive as soon as I'm not booked for the whole day
  6. I've tried this with all of the sections, career missions, quick missions, missions, campaigns, multiplayer missions, when I want to start/join the server I click on what ever the respective button is, start, join multiplayer server, start mission, and then that screen shows up like the screenshot above, and that's basically all I can tell you, it wasn't doing this before the update at all though, hope that helps. Salute!
  7. it sure is, we were hoping in our dreams for like a zeppelin or something (not that we ever expected to get it though), and all we get is a 275megabite update for the privacy policy, it's been messing a bunch of people up. Really wish they could have told us about it, but nothing we can do about it. S!
  8. Makes for a very neat screenshot though! Salute!
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