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  1. Yeah, I just got tank crew yesterday, so I'll wait before participating in an event like this.
  2. Just wondering, but have there been an missions made for these skins?
  3. Tank crew is long bouts of boring driving, and then short spurts of action that get your adrenaline going. Highly recommend getting it!
  4. When ever I go to record a video using the track record, the aircraft always appear with their landing gear covers down. Like this This has occurred in aircraft such as the Tempest, The P-51 as shown, and the Me 262
  5. Thank you! The second bomb was relatively easy to avoid, since I know from experience that once you choose a dive path to bomb a tank it is hard to correct, so I just turned away from where I thought it was going to hit. But that was the first time that it actually worked. I was surprised when I saw him coming back at me without a bomb, that was the first time I saw someone do that, or have had it happen to me.
  6. This has happened while I was in a Tiger tank, and Ferdinand, and possibly in a Panther. The only way it was resolved was when I exited that position, and then went back. It began when I was trying to switch my ammo from a Heat shell to a Armor Piercing High Explosive round. I would hear the repeated sound of the round being loaded, then the round being loaded........
  7. Where should I do that? (Resolved)
  8. I just recently had the same problem with the tiger, and the panther, and the ferdinand
  9. Whenever I try to load the 1CGS Server, IL 2 immediately crashes and I have to start the whole program up again, Does anyone know why this is happening? -FF Disregard, after waiting until the map changed, I am able to get in now.
  10. I don't believe that you can change what aircraft your squadron fly, so you should probably start a new squadron. Salute!
  11. No, that was me, I wanted to see whether I could fly in a tank, and what would happen when I landed.
  12. I experimented with this, you have to aim at the hatch on the right rear side of the tiger's turret, that was the only place I could blow up a tiger, with a t34
  13. Just wondering, where do you go to change your picture?
  14. Bristol Beaufighter, P-61 Black Widow Do-17 or Do-217
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