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  1. Just wondering, but what video editor do ya'll use to edit your videos?
  2. Nice video! Really like the music!
  3. Could someone do Lt Charles d. Mohrle's skin for me?
  4. I am very new to IL 2, and I'm looking for a group that is willing to teach me the basics to flying. I'm in the eastern time zone if that effects any thing.
  5. Is there a spread sheet with all the controls laid out, so you can just look and see what controls are needed for a specific action? I'm having trouble finding the keys for various controls in the manual, because they are all spread out.
  6. Found this very interesting video while looking around on YouTube.
  7. Here is one of the flights that I made when multiplayer was full, 12 people on one server!
  8. Great video! Love the music!
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