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  1. added it here so people can see it
  2. No.10/J18 squadrons now recruiting!! Calling all pilots and flight simmers! -A joint squadron based on the No.10 RNAS squadron from the Entente side. and the Jasta 18 squadron on the Central side -All pilots are welcome to fly with us (primarily European and USA time zones) -We will use our own custom skins in the future -Fly as the daring Great War pilots did, with no vocal communication, only flares and hand signals -We attempt to do a squadron flight once a week on the Wargrounds serve
  3. IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad - YouTube I know you said not in cockpit videos, but these are hilarious and show how enjoyable IL2 can be with some friends. S! -Gerald
  4. Yes, you have to manually put it into the startup.cfg file for it to work, nothing else fixes it. doesn't take quite that long in my opinion, but everyone has a different opinion on how long "long" is Salute! -Gerald
  5. Thank you so much for doing this! Really helps because now I have a place to go when it starts rejecting me because my ping is too high when the first one starts getting full. Salute! -Gerald
  6. That would be amazing for cinematic videos! Salute! -Gerald
  7. No it isn't a mistake, the Me 262 has the option to carry either one or two bombs, so that aircraft was only carrying one while the other two carried two bombs, at least from what I could tell. Salute! -Gerald
  8. Nice to know! Thank you sir for the information! Didn't know that before. Salute! -Gerald
  9. In this video I attempt to play the part of an anti-aircraft gun with my panzer IV, I manage to hit this Po2 with some machine gun fire, but end up mission all my shots with the main gun. This occurred on the Finnish Virtual Pilots Server
  10. I was flying once in RoF in a captured Spad 7 180hp skin and was shot down by a friendly, I wasn't the happiest pilot after that, but I still like to fly using that skin just because it is a very well done skin. So I would say that if you plan on using it to just be careful and warn your teammates in chat that you'll be flying using that skin if they have it downloaded. Salute! -Gerald
  11. When ever I try to use a city block I get this error Any help would be greatly appreciated. Salute! -Gerald
  12. Ah, thank you for the analysis, I was just really confused because I've run it for longer on that high of a throttle for longer, but I'll check and make sure I was managing the engine settings correctly, hadn't flown them in a bit, must have forgotten what I needed to do. Sorry for bringing up something that wasn't a bug. Salute -Gerald
  13. First, then second flights in order as with first video.
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